A Public School was opened at Yambulla in September 1901. The school was closed in May 1905.
A vested site of over 3 ½ acres was obtained by Government Grant dated 12th July 1911. The school was reopened in October 1912. The school was closed in July 1916, reopened in May 1917, and closed in April 1918.

Yambulla Public School
4th March, 1910.
Teacher - Alf Richards
1906 - 1912

List of Teachers
Name - Date Appointed
James Smith - September 1901
Austin O'Hara - January 1902-03
Closed May 1905
Alf Richards 1906-12

P. H. Bond - October 1912
George Colditz - May 1913
Emil Agst - April 1915
Closed July 1916
W. J. Downes - May 1917
Closed April 1918
Compiled by Unknown

July 14, 1906
'The Bega Budget '

* Mr. Frost who has been in charge of Yambulla public school for some time has been transferred to Glenbog.

February 16, 1910
'The Sydney Morning Herald'

* The new school building at Yambulla has been completed about a month, but so far no teacher has arrived, and parents' complaints are becoming loud.

'Magnet' June 1929.
* Mr. C. P. Brown - school teacher at Towamba
* Mr. McMullan - school teacher at Pericoe
* Mr. Cornford - school teacher at Burragate

'Magnet' November 1929
Teachers: Mr. Luff - Rocky Hall
Mr. Cornford - Burragate
Mr. Browne - Towamba Mr. Tyson - Kiah
Mr. Bissell - Wyndham

'Magnet' August 17, 1935
Government Subsidy Rates
As mentioned in the 'Magnet' last week children who travel to school on horseback or by vehicle are to be granted subsidy in future by the Department of Education.
The rates of subsidy as specified in the Education Gazette, the official journal of the Department, are as follows: - for one child conveyed to school either by vehicle or on horseback, 4 pence; for two children of one family conveyed by vehicle or on two horses, 8 pence; for three children by vehicle or using three horses, 9 pence; this is the maximum daily rate for any one family group. In cases where more than one child rides to school on the one horse only the rate for one child will be paid. The new conditions will come into operation on September 10th.