Extracts from the "Pambula Voice and Eden, Wyndham, Wolumla, Rocky Hall, Towamba and Merimbula Advocate"
These extracts from: 'The History of Wyndham Fourth Edition 2003' (Some extracts are incomplete)

May 18, 1894
Entertainment at Wyndham

A grand concert and dramatic entertainment is to take place in the Wyndham School of Arts this Friday evening 18 May, in aid of the Presbyterian Church. A sale of work will be held in the afternoon.

July 15, 1898
Proposed Hall at Burragate

At a meeting of residents held on 9th July it was decided to have a School of Arts. I may also state that the promoters were Messrs. H.Kraanstuyver, J.Davidson, T. Robinson and Thomas Williams.

March 9, 1900

A public meeting was held here on Saturday evening. in the School of Arts, with the view of devising some means to assist the N.S.W. Patriotic Fund.

March 8, 1907
It had been decided to present the Gov.General with an address on his arrival here (Wyndham) and entertain him at a luncheon at the local School Arts...)