Eden Magnet, November 1918

Below are the names of the soldiers who were born at Towamba and served in WW1 & WW2.
Two soldiers served in both wars - Arthur Beasley and George Dickie.

World War 1 Soldiers born at Towamba, NSW

Beasley, Arthur Charles

Beasley, Ben
Beasley, Edward
Beasley, John Hampden
Campion, Edward Wilfred
Campion, James Forster
Campion, Welsley Roy
Dickie, George Thornborough
Hogg, Ernest Ebenezer
Johnston, Harry
Laing, Charles Henry
Mcdonald, Walter Archie
Reed, Ernest
Roberts, John Charles
Ryan, Leo
Solomon, Henry Earle
Young, William

World War II Soldiers born at Towamba, NSW

Beasley, Alfred Ray

Beasley, Arthur Charles
Beasley, Benjamin Daniel
Beasley, Edward
Beasley, Gordon Benjamin
Beasley, John Hampden
Beasley, Kevin Adolphas
Beasley, Lawrence Edward
Clements, Cecil William
Clements, Ronald Ernest
De Costa, Roy Arthur George
Dickie, George Thornborough
Doyle, Roger Vincent
Greer, Albert Thomas
Hazelgrove, Vincent Tom
Kennedy, Ophir Cragie Taunson
Laing, Arthur Charles
Legge, Thomas Arthur
Love, Oscar Dudley
Martin, Frederick Weston
Martin, James Raymond