August 9, 1884
'The Bega Standard and Candelo, Merimbula, Pambula, Eden, Wolumla, and General Advertiser'

Rocky Hall Bridge. - Preparations are afoot for a great ceremony on the occasion of the formal opening of the bridge. When so many people are together, steps should be taken to push for telegraphic communication in aid of the efforts of the Candelo and Pambula Progress Committees. The best idea, perhaps, would be a wire through from Candelo to Cathcart and on to Bombala.

March 16, 1900
'Bombala Times and Manaro and Coast Districts General Advertiser'

A telephone office at Kiah River will be established only upon a guarantee of a certain amount of revenue being made by residents of the locality. The matter is receiving the consideration of the persons interested, and it is hoped that as a result Kiah will be placed in direct telephonic communication with Eden and Sydney. There are now over 100 persons on the Yambulla goldfield. Over 100 acres are under lease for goldmining purposes, and an extensive tract of country has been pegged out for conversion into goldfields.

January 31, 1902
'The Sydney Morning Herald'

* Much inconvenience is felt at having no telegraph communication, and indignation is expressed at the delay in the construction of the telephone line. A public meeting was held here last night to urge the immediate attention of the Government in the matter.

November 10, 1904
'The Sydney Morning Herald'
The nearest doctor is 40 miles from here, and in case of accident or sickness the nearest telephonic or telegraphic means of communication is 17 miles away. Indignation is expressed here at the neglect by the Commonwealth of our requirements in this respect.

June 23, 1905
'Bombala Times and Manaro and Coast Districts General Advertiser'
Federal Correspondence,

The Deputy Postmaster General advises Austin Chapman as follows: - Referring to my letter of the 30th ultimo, acknowledging yours of the 26th, enclosing a communication addressed to you on the 1st item by Mr. J. Tighe, Hon. Sec. of the Yambulla Progress Association, asking for further information respecting the maintenance in connection with the proposed telephone line between Towamba and Yambulla by the guarantors, the Department paying them an amount equal to 5 per cent per annum upon the construction of the line to be mainlined. Maintenance of the line is defined as follows: To maintain the line in working order, to remove all faults on the line, to repair damage by lightning, to repair all breaks, including the supply of new poles when required owing to damage by lightning, bush fires or any other cause, including natural decay. The Department would maintain the telephone instrument and supply wire, insulators, and pins as required. The matter is now awaiting settlement of the terms of agreement, which as soon as the draft thereof has been approved of will be forwarded, as is usual in such cases, for the signature of the guarantors.

June 2, 1906

'Southern Star'
* Mr. M'Hugh, the successful tenderer for the erection of the telephone line from Towamba, via Pericoe, to Yambulla, who commenced work two weeks ago, has now been ordered to cease operations. The work was started at Pericoe instead of Towamba. The residents are anxious the line should be completed as quickly as possible.

'The Bega Budget'
July 14, 1906

* A southern correspondent writes: The telephone line between Towamba and Yambulla, via Pericoe, is being constructed, though slowly.

August 22, 1906
'Southern Star'

* The telephone between Towamba and Pericoe is now open. Mr. Chapman sent a congratulatory message to Mrs. Alexander, and the latter responded. The health of the contractor, Mr. Smith, was honored at the Pericoe Post Office. The man in the backblocks is fast coming into touch with the outside world, thanks to Austin Chapman. The residents of Wangrabelle are now moving to get telephonic connection with Yambulla.

October 12, 1907
'The Bega Budget '

* Lower Towamba, N.S.W., by Mr. J. T. Mitchell, of that place, relative to the desired establishment of telephonic communication direct between Towamba and Eden, I have the honor to inform you that as intimated to you in my letter of 21st August last, inquiry has already been made in the matter and it was reported that in view of the small amount of revenue which would probably be derived the erection of the desired line by this Department was not justified. With regard to the complaint made of delays in the transaction of telegraph business between Towamba and Eden, the following report, in which this office concurs, has been submitted by the Deputy Post master General, Sydney, viz - Only 4 messages were lodged at Towamba for Eden during the month of August, the average time of transit being 41 minutes. Seven messages were lodged at Eden for Towamba during the same period, the average time of transit of which was 35 minutes. This does not show any unreasonable delay.

October 28, 1907
'The Sydney Morning Herald'

* Mr. Austin Chapman, M.P., has advised that the Postmaster General has decided to comply with the request made by the Eden Progress Association for the establishment of a telephone exchange at Eden, with trunk line communication with Bega, Bombala, Dalgety, Kiah, Towamba, Burragate, Yambulla, Wyndham, Wolumla, Pambula, Lochiel, and Nethercote. The decision has given great satisfaction locally.

July 1, 1909
'The Sydney Morning Herald'

* To show the absolute necessity that exists for a constable to be stationed here, an incident occurred two nights ago, when police assistance had to be summoned by telephone from Towamba, a distance of 15 miles. Today the parties have gone to Wyndham, under police escort. Wyndham is the nearest court of petty sessions. It is distant 32 miles from Yambulla.

'The Southern Record and Advertiser'
4 March 1911

* The Sec. P.M.G. acknowledges a letter from Mr. Austin Chapman, complaining about a communication from T.P. Shelley, re proposed Telephone Line to Towamba and Eden, Via Kiah.

May 24, 1911
'The Bega Budget'

* The Deputy P.M.G. (Post Master General) advises the Hon. Austin Chapman as follows: In continuation of my communication of the 20th March last, relative to previous correspondence respecting desired erection of a telephone line between Eden and Towamba, including the communication submitted by you from Mr. J. W. Dickie hon. sec. to the Towamba Progress Association, I have to intimate that it has now been decided that, provided the necessary conditions are complied with by the residents concerned, the line will be erected as early as possible, probably during the present financial year. The conditions are that the residents supply and deliver, where required, 80 24ft poles, in accordance with specification; and that Mr. Mitchell of Lower Towamba, supplies and erects the poles, and erects the wire thereon for the line from Lower Towamba to the nearest point on the proposed Eden-Towamba line. The line being of a cheap type, the residents will be required to maintain it in return for 5 per cent, per annum on the cost to the Dept. of constructing the line. The cost in this case will be, 164. I may add that if the residents advise when they have the poles cut and ready for delivery, the lineman will be sent to mark out where the poles should be delivered.

August 4, 1911
'Northern Star'


* The erection of a telephone line between Towamba and Eden is at present being carried out. The residents are assisting in the work.

August 5 , 1911
'The Bega Budget'

* The telephone line direct from Eden to Towamba is now completed, and will shortly be open for business. This line will be a great advantage, as before it was necessary to ring up through Bega to speak between these places. Your scribe, speaking from experience, can tell of the great disadvantage it was as he was for two hours at one time waiting in Towamba before being connected with Eden.

August 11, 1911
'South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus'


* Mr W. A. Robertson, who had the contract for the erection of the telephone line between Eden and Towamba, has just completed the job.

September 13, 1912
'The Bombala Times'

* The letter from W. Davis, 'The Pines,' Cathcart, covering a petition from Messrs. A. T. Maher, T. Hogg, W. Stevens, and other residents of Wangrabelle, Genoa, and district, presented by Austin Chapman, for the erection of a telephone line between Rocky Hall and Cathcart, is having consideration by the Deputy P.M.G. Sydney. Also communications from G. R. Phillipps, Eden, presented by Austin Chapman re Kiah-Gabo telephone and requesting that the Eden-Towamba-Pericoe telephone line be extended to Rockton, via Poolers.

May 24, 1918
'The Bombala Times'

* The Hon. Austin Chapman has been advised by the Deputy P.M.G. in re ply to a petition presented to him by Messrs. Walters, Hobbs, F. and I. Umback, Baelcoola, and to Mr. Chapman's communication, forwarding a letter from Mr. W. Ryan, jr., P.O., Pericoe, all requesting that the route of the Pericoe-Nangutta mail service be deviated between Pericoe and Baelcoola to permit of the mailman travel ling via the main road; also that horse and sulky mode of conveyance be substituted for horseback with a view to parcels up to 11 lbs. being carried over the service. The present mail portor having tendered his resignation, approval has been given for offers to be invited for the perforfance of a service from and to Pericoe and Nangutta via Baelcoola and W. Love's by horse and sulky once a week from the 5th July next, the arrangement to be terminable at 3 months on either side.

February 27, 1920
'The Bombala Times'

* As the result of a remarkable electrical disturbance on Sunday, 15th instant, the telephone instruments at Towamba and Pericoe post offices were put completely out of action. The Wires leading into the Towamba post office were fused, and the ceilings and walls of the building were set on fire. There was a noise as of a loud explosion, but no thunder was heard. At Pericoe Mr. Pola's little boy was playing with an axe when it was struck by the electric fluid and sent flying from his hands. The lad escaped unhurt.- 'Magnet.'

November 9 , 1934
'The Southern Record and Advertiser'

* Mr. Arthur Love has secured the new contract for the Eden - Towamba -Pericoe mail service.

Modern technology emerging from the primordial mists of the Towamba Valley changing the skyline forever. June 2017.
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