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October 12, 2001.
One image added to 'Valley Schools' and one image added to 'Local Watering Holes.'
Update: October 30, 2001. Additions to 'Obituaries' page.
Update: November 2, 2001. Additions to 'Obituaries', 'Roads and Transport' and 'Church and Community' pages.
Update: November 7, 2001.Additions to 'Obituaries' page.
Update: November 10, 2001. Additions to 'Obituaries',
Update: November 10, 2001. Images added to 'Roads and Transport', 'Farming and Dairying', 'Balls and Dances', 'War and the Depression', 'Magnet Bits and Pieces' and 'Bridges'.
Update: November 13, 2001. New page 'Early Settlers'.
Update: November 18, 2001. New images added to 'Early Settlers', 'Fire' and 'Obituaries'.
Update: March 9, 2002. New images added to 'War and The Depression', 'Bridges', 'Early Settlers', 'Roads and Transport', 'Historical Articles' and 'Local Watering Holes'.
Update: March 23, 2002. New images to 'Farming and Dairying', 'Bridges', 'Roads and Transport' and 'Early Settlers'.
Update: April 12, 2002. 'Obituaries'
Update: April 14, 2002. 'Sport and Recreation'. (1952 Magnet)
Update: May 15, 2002. New images to 'Farming and Dairying', 'Gold and Mining' and 'Local Watering Holes'.
Update: May 25, 2002. New images to 'Early Settlers', 'Roads and Transport', 'Sport and Recreation' and 'Early Settlers'.
Update: May 25, 2002. Excerpts added to 'Church and Community', Sports and Recreation', 'Obituaries', 'Magnet Bits & Pieces' and 'Bridges'.
Update: June 16, 2002. Excerpts from 1936 'Magnet' added to 'Roads and Transport', 'War and the Depression', 'Farming and Dairying', 'Historical Articles', 'Valley Schools' and 'Land Leases and Electoral Rolls'.
Update: July 8, 2002. Images added to 'Early Settlers', 'War and The Depression', 'Balls and Dances' and 'Roads and Transport'.
Update: July 24, 2002. Text added from 1936 'Magnet' to 'Myths and Legends', 'Bush Nursing and Home Remedies' and 'Balls and Dances'.
Update: July 24, 2002.
New section added, 'Towamba Valley Views'.
Update: July 25, 2002. New section added, 'The General Store and Post Office'.
Update: August 20, 2002. New images added to 'Farrell Family' in 'Early Settlers' and 'Valley Schools'.
Update: August 22, 2002. Articles added to 'Church and Community' and 'Historical Articles'. (1934)
Update: August 31, 2002. Images added to 'Towamba Valley Views'.
Update: September 2, 2002. Post Office and Telegraph Office opening dates added to 'General Stores and Post Offices'.
Update: September 6, 2002. Text added to 'Myths & Legends' and 'Early Settlers'.
Update: September 9, 2002. New link added to 'Farming and Dairying' titled 'Yewen's Directory of The Landholders of New South Wales'.
Update: September 28, 2002. Links added to 'Farming and Dairying' titled: 'Wattle Bark' and 'Dairying'.
Update: September 30, 2002. Excerpts added to 'Myths & Legends' and 'Roads and Transport' (1934 and 1930)
Update: October 2, 2002. Images added to 'General Stores and Post Offices', 'Farming and Dairying' and 'Dairying' (link from 'Farming and Dairying').
Update: October 5, 2002. Images and text added to 'Gold and Mining'.
Update: October 23, 2002. Image and text added to 'Dairying' link on 'Farming and Dairying' page.
Update: October 25, 2002. Text from 1930 'Magnet' added to 'Dairying' link on 'Farming and Dairying' page, 'Bridges', 'Myths, Legends & the Unusual', 'Local Watering Holes' and 'Roads and Transport'.
Update: November 11, 2002. Obituary added.
Update: December 9, 2002. Images added to 'Dairying' and 'Wattle Bark' (link from 'Farming and Dairying') and text added to 'War and the Depression'.
Update: January 16, 2003.New pages (2) added: 'Lower Towamba School' (links from 'Valley Schools') and 'Yambulla' (gold fields).
Update: March 17, 2003. Text added to 'General Stores & Post Offices' and an image to 'War and the Depression'.
Update: March 20, 2003.'WW 1 & WW 11' has replaced 'War and the Depression' and has three new links: 'War Memorial Inscriptions', 'Towamba War Letters' and 'Beasley War Photos'.
Update: April 4, 2003. Text added to 'Myths, Legends and the Unusual'.
Update: October 18, 2003. Two new pages from 'Early Settlers'. Links to 'Alexander Family'
Update: December 2, 2003. Images added to 'Obituaries' and Alexander family (link from 'Early Settlers').
Update: April 2, 2004. Excerpt from an unknown newspaper added to 'Myths, Legends and the Unusual'.
Update: December 4, 2004. 'The Forgotten Corner Interviews' link added to index. All interviews now on the website.
Update: February, 2005. Additional information added to 'Towamba War Letters' link on WW1 & 11 page. Additional information on 'Myths, Legends and the Unusual'.
Update: March, 2005 Addition to 'Obituarys' .
Update: March, 2005 Addition to 'Dairying' page, article and image. Link from 'Farming and Dairying'.
Update: April, 2005 Images added to 'Floods', 'Balls and Dances', 'Valley Schools' and 'WW1 & 11' (War Memorial link).
Update: June, 2005 Don Mills' personal account of teaching in Towamba Public School between 1950 and 1957. Link from 'Valley Schools'
Update: September, 2005 Information added to 'War Memorial' of soldiers killed in France, Belgium, Malaya and Borneo, and where they are buried.
Update: November, 2005 New link 'Cathcart' added to 'Early Settlers' page.
Update: January, 2006 Images added to: 'Yambulla', 'Kiah School', 'Roads and Transport', 'Sport and Recreation' and 'Alexander' page in 'Early Settlers'.
Update: January, 2006 Complete article; "The Unravelling of a long kept secret" included in 'Early Settlers'.
Update: January, 2006 Images added to 'WW1 & 11' and 'Roads & Transport'.
Update: April, 2006 Burial information added to 'Obituaries'.
Update: June, 2006 Love Family History added. Link from 'Early Settlers' on homepage.
Update: December, 2006 Images added to 'Balls and Dances' and 'Bush Nursing and Home Remedies.'
Update: February, 2007 Images added to 'Early Settlers'.
Update: July, 2007, 'Laing Family' page added to 'Early Settlers'. Family history plus images and early memories.
Update: October, 2007 Information added to main image in 'WW1 & WW11'. Images and information added to 'War Memorial' page.
Update: April, 2008 Obituary added to 'Obituaries' page. Image added to 'Valley Schools'. Image and article added to 'Newspaper Bits and Pieces'
Update: January, 2009 Article and image added to 'Dairying' on 'Farming and Dairying' page.
Update: February, 2009. Newspaper articles added to 'Fire'
Update: April, 2009 Images added to 'Yambulla Gold Fields'
Update: May, 2009 New page: 'Nungatta'
Update: June, 2009 New page: 'Aborigines and White Settlement'.
Update: June, 2009 Link added to "Aborigines and White Settlement' to 'Bega Valley Region Old Pathways and Trails'.
Update: July, 2009
Additional information of internments in 'Obituaries' page.
Update: August, 2009
New link on early life on Nungatta Station added to 'Nungatta' page.
Update: August, 2009 Snippets added to: 'Newspaper Bits & Pieces', 'Early Settlers', General Stores & Post Offices', 'Local Watering Holes', 'Pericoe School' and Sport & Recreation'.
Update: August, 2009 Information added to 'Landleases and Electoral Rolls', 'Cathcart', 'Newspaper Bits & Pieces', Farming & Dairying', 'Bridges'.
Update: August, 2009 New page: 'Rockton & Wangrabelle'
Update: August, 2009 New page: "Grand People" A History of the Arnold Family of Pericoe, added to 'Early Settlers'.
Update: September, 2009 Information added to 'Roads and Transport' and 'Rockton and Wangrabell'.
Update: September 2009 Information added to 'Bridges'.
Update: September 2009 New page: 'School and Scandal in Mallacoota' - link from 'Valley Schools'.
Update: September 2009 New section 'Eucalyptus Oil' added to 'Wattlebark' page. Information added to 'Balls & Dances'.
Update: March, 2010 Image added to 'WW1 & WW11' page.
Update: March, 2010
Images added to'Rocky Hall School' page.
Update: April, 2010 Link added to 'Early Settlers' page to Bernie Cornell article.
Update: June 2010 Article added to 'Local Watering Holes'.
Update: June 2010 Images added to 'Rabbits' page and 'Local Watering Holes' page.
Update: September 2010 New page 'Wyndham' with images. Whipstick mines article plus images added to 'Gold and Mining' page. Image added to 'Aborigines and White Settlement'.
Update: October 2010 New page 'Wyndham School' linked from 'Valley Schools' page plus images. Images added to 'Wattle Page' and 'Dairy Page'.
Update: December 2010 New Page added to 'WW1&11'. Link: 'WW1 Enlisted Men 1918'.
Updates: January 2011 Images and information added to 'Rabbits'.
Updates: January 2011 Corrections made to names to images of soldiers on 'WW1 & WW11' page.
Updates: February 2011 Articles and news items added to: 'Newspaper Bits & Pieces', 'Fire', 'Yambulla', 'Historical Articles', 'Obituaries', 'Roads & Transport', 'Gold and Mining', 'Floods', 'General Stores & Post Offices' pages.
Updates: February 2011 Police gazette entries and the Towamba connection to the Ned Kelly Gang added to 'Local Constabulary'.
Updates: February 2011 Link to copies of original war letters added to 'WW1&11'.
Updates: February 2011 Link added to 'War Letters' page.
Updates: March 2011 'The Sydney Morning Herald' articles added to 'Myths', 'Gold and Mining', 'Newspaper Bits & Pieces', 'Obituariies', 'WW1 & 11', 'Valley Schools', 'Dairying'.
Updates: March 2011 Images added to 'Floods' and 'Towamba Valley Views'. Newspaper snippets and articles added to: 'Farming and Darying', 'Fire', 'Obituaries', 'Newspaper Bits & Pieces', 'Floods', ' Historical Articles', 'Towamba Valley Views'.
Updates: April 2011 'The Sydney Morning Herald' articles added to 'Historical Articles', 'Myths', 'Yambulla School' and 'Yambulla'.
Updates: April 2011 Brown family, Kilgour and Taylor families added to 'Early Settler Families' page.
Updates: October 2011 Articles added to: "Farming and Dairying', 'Floods', 'Newspaper Bits & Pieces', 'Myths' and 'Roads and Transport'.
Updates: October 2011 Doris Page obituary added to 'Obituaries' page.

Updates: January 2012
New 'Towamba Cemetery Headstones' page added. Link on Homepage.
Updates: January 2012
Second 'Towamba Cemetery Headstones' page added. Link from 'Cemetery Headstones' page.
Updates: February 2012 New links added to 'Early Settlers' page to 'Descendants of John and Maria Stephens and Richards Families'
and 'Descendants of Joseph McKee'.
Updates: March 2012
War Memorial Inscriptions added to 'War Memorial' page.
Updates: June 2012
New page "Norm Whitby's Poems" added. Link from Index.
Updates: June 2012 New images added to 'Valley Schools'. Images sent in celebration of Towamba Primary School's 150th anniversary.

Updates: June 2012
Images added to 'Floods' page.
Updates: June 2012 Alexander Family of Pericoe link added to
'Early Settlers' page.
Updates: July 2012 Images added to 'Wattlebark'.
Updates: July 2012 New pages - 'Alexander Family of Pericoe' and 'Parker/Walters Photos' links from 'Early Settlers' page.
Updates: August 2012 New page 'Walters/Parker/Plumb Family' link from 'Early Settlers' page.
Updates: August 2012 Images added to 'Alexander Family of Pericoe'. Link from 'Early settlers' page.
Updates: August 2012 New page added - 'Towamba Public School 150th Celebrations', link from 'Valley Schools'.
Updates: September 2012 New page added - 'Roberts Family Photos'. Link from 'Early Settlers' page.
Updates: September 2012 Images added to Love Family History. Link from 'Early Settlers' - Love Family History - Photos.
Updates: October 2012 'Lucas Brothers of Towamba' page added to 'WW1 & 11'.
Updates: November 2012 Images added: 'Church and Community' and 'Bridges'.
Updates: December 2012 Towamba Primary School Register added - link from 'Valley Schools'.
Updates: December 2012 Information on Heritage listing of Bundian Way Project added to 'Aborigines' page.
Updates: January 2013 Image added to 'Sport and Recreation'.
Updates: January 2013 'Towamba Bridge Resurfaced' page added. Link from 'Bridges' page.
Updates: March 2013 Images added to 'Alexander' page. Link from 'Early Settlers' page.
Updates: March 2013 Images added to 'Love Photos'. Link from 'Early Settlers' page.
Updates: April 2013 'Parker Family History' page added, also images. Link from 'Early Settlers' page.
Updates: April 2013 New page added - 'Kiss family History'. Link from 'Early Setters' page.
Updates: October/November 2013 Bega Budget and 'The Bega Gazette & Eden District or Southern Coast Advertiser' newspaper items added to: 'Early Settlers', 'Bush Nursing', 'Local Constabulary', 'Pericoe School' , 'Land Leases', 'Roads & Transport', 'Yambulla', 'Farming & Dairying', 'Dairying', 'Depression', 'General Stores & Post Offices', 'Valley Schools', 'Bridges', 'Historical Articles', 'Gold & Mining', 'Wattle', 'Obituaries', 'Lower Towamba School', 'Rabbits', 'Floods', 'Local Watering Holes'. Images added to 'Historical Articles' and 'Land Leases'.
Updates: February 2014 Image added to 'WW1 & 11' and article to 'Myths'
Updates: March 2014. Map of Towamba village (Sturt) added to 'Landleases and Electoral Rolls'.
Updates: April 2014 Images added to: 'Bridges', 'Valley Schools', 'Sport and Recreation'.
Updates: July 2014 Newspaper items added to 'Newspaper Bits & Pieces'
Updates: August 2014 Newspaper articles added to 'Rabbits' and 'Newspaper Bits & Pieces', 'War Memorial', 'Valley Schools', 'Yambulla' and 'Bridges'.
Udates: August 2014 New paged added: 'Valley Communications'. Link from 'General Stores and Post Offices'.
Updates: August 2014 Articles and news items added to: 'Rabbits', 'WW1 & 11', 'Roads & Transport', 'Newspaper Bits & Pieces', 'Church and Community', 'Sport & Recreation', 'Farming & Dairying', 'General Stores & Post Offices', 'Obituaries', 'Yambulla' and 'Bridges'.
Updates: August 2014 New pages added: 'Pericoe News', 'Burragate News' and 'Rocky Hall News'. Links from 'Newspaper Bits & Pieces'.
Updates: September 2014: Articles added to: 'Landleases', 'Wattlebark', 'General Stores & Post Offices', 'Obituaries', 'Balls & Dances' and 'Pericoe School'.
Updates: October 2014 Newspaper articles added to: 'Newspaper Bits & Pieces', 'Yambulla', 'WW1&11', 'Obituaries', 'Valley Schools', 'Sport & Recreation', 'Floods', 'Historical Articles', 'Farming & Dairying', 'General Stores & Post Offices', 'Myths', 'War Memorial', 'Pericoe News', 'Nangutta'.
Updates: October 2014 Image added to 'Newspaper Bits & Pieces, article added to 'Historical Articles', 'Beasley War Photos', 'Bush Nursing', 'Myths', 'Bridges', 'Obituaries', 'Landleases and Electoral rolls' and Local Constabulary'.
Updates: April 2015 Images and information added to 'WW1&11' and 'Beasley War Photos'
Updates: May 2015 Images added to 'WW1&11', 'Sport & Recreation', 'War Beasley' and new page added - 'Dickie Family', link from 'Early Settlers' page. Images added to 'Bridges' and 'Sport and Recreation'.
Updates: May 2015 Images added to 'Beasley Family'. Link from 'Early Settlers' page.
Updates: May 2015 New page added 'Lucas/Tasker Families'. Link from 'Early Settlers' page.
Updates: June 2015 New page added 'Towamba ANZACs' Link from 'WW1&11'. New images added to 'WW1&11', 'Sport & Recreation', 'War Memorial', 'Dickie Family' and 'Beasley Family'.
Updates: July 2015 Images added to 'Sport & Recreation'.
Updates: August 2015 Images added to 'Dickie Family', 'Local Watering Holes', 'WW1&11', and 'Parker Ancestry'.
Updates: September 2015 Image and obituary added to 'Obituaries'.
Updates: October 2015 Images added to 'Beasley War Photos', 'Church and Community', Laing Page', 'Love Photos' and 'Local Watering Holes'.
Updates: June 2016 Images of 1971 flood added to 'Floods' page.
Updates: Feb. 2017 Brotherton-Hunt page added to 'Early Settlers'.
Updates: April 2017 Image of Arthur Beasley added to 'Beasley War Photos'. Link from WW1&11.
Updates: June 2017 Images added to 'Bridges', Roads & Transport', 'Rocky Hall News', General Store & Post Offices', 'Wyndham' and 'Valley Communication' pages.
Updates: Sept. 2017 Article added to 'Bridges'. Images added to 'Valley Schools' and 'Roads and Transport'.
Updates: Oct. 2017 Soldiers who were born in Towamba and served in WW1 & WW11 listed in 'Towamba War Memorial Inscriptions' page. Link from WW1&11 page.
Updates: Nov. 2017 Image added to WW1 Beasley page.
Updates: Dec. 2017 Image of Harry Richards added to 'Local Constabulary' and 'Obituaries' pages.
Updates: Dec. 2017 Images added to 'Beasley Family' page.
Updates: Jan. 2018 Image added to 'Sport & Recreation' page.
Updates: Aug. 2018 Article and image about David Gilpin, Towamba School teacher 1884/5.
Updates: Sept. 2018 Article added to 'Wyndham School' page. Link from 'Valley Schools'.
Updates: Jan.2019 Article added to 'Roads and Transport' (sealing of the Towamba road) and two images added to 'Towamba War Memorial'.
Updates: Jan. 2020 Images added to 'Balls and Dances'.
Updates: Oct. 2020 Image added to 'Lower Towamba School' link on 'Valley Schools' page.
Updates: Feb. 2021
Images added to 'Local Constabulary'