GLORIA. You know, going back to Grandmother McLeod. When the sports ground was still up over from Jack's, (near the old race course) she always did the catering for all the sports days. They did have a tennis court too, but it was mainly for cricket. I don't remember footy ever being played up there. There was never any cars, like they didn't have a car or anything so she'd get the slide and these huge wash tubs and she'd have to put everything in there so neatly and beautiful. And you know, she used to take everything up on the slide....
Horse drawn?
GLORIA. Yes. And she had the beautiful white damask cloths. You've never seen anything like it. And then she'd have a full plum pudding for them and meats and vegies and all this. Put on a real spread. And everything was taken on that slide.
Would she sell it?
GLORIA. I'm not sure whether they paid her so much to put it on. She did it all herself. Marvelous! And she did exactly the same for the rifle shoots. See, they had the rifle shoots. Did you know where they used to shoot the rifles?
Yes. At the back of where Ede's are now.
GLORIA. Yes. Well, it was exactly the same thing. She used to take it up there.
Did she pull the horse?
GLORIA. No. Grandfather would do that part of the job. When you think of it now........ goodness me. What a lot of work.
SHIRLEY. You know what amazes me? We've got washing machines, steam irons, electric irons and we wouldn't think of starching a white table cloth and standing there for six hours ironing the blessed thing.
GLORIA. That's right. Well, Granny, she had the job.....this was before your Mum, and they'd pay her thirty shillings to do all those table cloths.
SHIRLEY. And they were all cloth.
GLORIA. With a flat iron, mind you. In the old fireplace. Look, I don't know how she did it. And not a mark on it! They were just perfect.
*** Excerpt from Gloria Grant and Shirley Sproats' interview in 'The Forgotten Corner Interviews'

After a full weeks' work either in the bush, cutting sleepers, carting produce by horse or bullock team between the Monaro and the coast or juggling the milking, washing and household chores, to most everyone Sunday was a day to socialise. Football, tennis, rifle shooting, cricket or the races were all good excuses to get out and do something different.
For most denominations a church service was held after which sport was played. It was a day for everyone to take a break.

'The Bega Gazette and Eden District or Southern Coast Advertiser'
3 May 1882
Towamba v. Panbula.

A match between the above Clubs was played in Eden on Saturday, 8th April, and resulted in a victory for Panbula, in one innings and 28 runs to spare. The ground was very dead indeed, consequent upon the late heavy rains. The batting of the Panbulaites was very good, especially that of H. Clarke, J. Martin, J. Doherty, and A. Clarke, the former playing very steady cricket; but A. Clarke gave the Towambaites a "merry time of it," hitting everything; his judgment upon a treacherous wicket was some thing grand indeed. All the "professor" complained of was that he did not "top the century" Sherwin, J. Slattery and Beasley batted very well for Towamba. The fielding and bowling throughout on both sides was fair.

'The Bega Gazette and Eden District or Southern Coast Advertiser'
7 January 1885
,- Our Correspondent says: -" Our annual race meeting on Boxing Day proved a great success. There were four principal events. The Maiden Plate, won by Mr. Darragh's "Goldfinder"; The Towamba Handicap, won by Mr. Randall's "Yellow - Gal"; The Ladies Purse, won by Mr. Laing's "Civility"; and the Hack Race, by Mr. Rzynski's "Butterfly." The races were well contested, and the visitants seemed tho roughly to enjoy themselves. On New Year Day the teachers of our public school with the aid of the parents and other friends, treated the school children to a picnic, when all the usual games were indulged in, till the inevitable 'cow-time' approached. The youngsters were well attended to and gave every outward sign of enjoying themselves immensely. There is a possibility of a Progress Committee being formed here, and no doubt when established, if well conducted, it will prove greatly beneficial to the community. Something needs to be formed, as we are certainly some years behind the times. With a population of 200 or 300 we are about as little advanced as any locality of the same magnitude in N. S. Wales. A money order office was applied for some time ago, but refused on the grounds that "there were not sufficient receipts to pay expenses." What expenses there are to defray I cannot make out. Tenders have twice been called for the erection of the School teacher's residence, and though several parties have tendered, they have, as yet, received no replies to their applications. The Government seems to ignore us completely; it derives as much from us as it possibly can in the form of taxes, etc., but will not in return expend a single sixpence save a few pounds to repair the road.

'Pambula Voice'
October 20, 1893

* Nominations are rolling in for the Towamba rifle match which is to be held on the Prince of Wales' birthday and entries close on Thursday 26th instant. The event this year promises to be as big a success as usual.

'Pambula Voice' November 3, 1893
The following are the handicaps for the Towamba rifle match to be shot off on Thursday next: W. Haywood, J. Grant, T. Robinson, L. H. Beck, A. H. Haywood, G. Coombs, W. Mansfield, L. Diversi, D. Grant, M. C. Beck, J. Stevens, G. Brotherton, H. Kraanstyver, B. Beasley, W. D. Pfeiffer, J. N. Small, L. Bucknel, S. Chamberlain, W. Beasley, H. Whittaker, W. McCarthy, A. Greig, P. McCloy, J. Kelly, D. C. Allen, W. Collins, F. Shields, T. H. Dorron, G. Holtzhauser, H. Strangewidge, E. Robertson, J. Smith, James Dickie, W. Hickie, James Hickie, W. Haddigaddie, S. Parker, John Hickie, J. Robinson Jnr., R. McCloy, G. Hite, W. E. Campion, John Hartneady, T. Dawson, W. Jess, R. Rixon, T. Holtzhauser, F. Falkner, H. Greer, J. Dickie, W. Targett, J. Silk, P. Geraghty, R. Pearson, Medlin.

Rifle shooters and hunting dogs. Towamba. (Note small kangaroo in the lefthand corner)
No date.

May 25, 1894
Wyndham Athletic Club
* Acceptance for Grand Handicap included C. Robertson, C.J. Robinson, H. De Coster, W. Love, E. Robertson, T. Robertson, W. Rixon, W. Robertson, Edye Robertson, A. Binnie, W. Love, J. Boyland.

August 10, 1894

* Meeting held for the purpose of inaugurating a Cricket Club. Committee included J. Robinson, J. Binnie, T. Robinson, A. Binnie and Arthur Binnie.

August 30, 1895

* The District Surveyor from Cooma visited us a short time ago for the purpose of selecting a portion of the Village Reserve to be set apart for a Public Recreation Ground

'Pambula Voice' September 1895
* Catering for the Cricketer's Ball on 30th August was done by Mrs. (Eva) Arnold of the Towamba Hotel in a manner that showed the lady is no novice in the field.

'Australian Town and Country Journal'
21 September 1895
Towamba Cricketers' Ball.

The Towamba cricketers held their annual ball in the Lyceum Hall on August 31. The evergreen decorations and trophies displayed made the hall look very bright, and the guests enjoyed themselves thoroughly. These included the: Misses Hite, Ryan, Sutherland, Roberts, Greer, Turbet, and Pearson.

'Pambula Voice' January 8, 1896
* Mr. Joe Arnold had a publican's booth at the New Year's Day races and he did a good trade.

'Pambula Voice' April 8, 1898

* The members of the Towamba Athletic Club met on Saturday night and decided to hold their sports on the 20th of May. The principal event is the Grand Handicap of 15.

'Pambula Voice' May 27, 1898

* The annual meeting of the athletic club came off on Friday and some very fine sprinting was shown. Montgomery, who was penalised three yards for his win at Kiah, could have won the 15 handicap easily enough only he was made to sign a declaration as to his identity and performances which seemed to slow him down a lot and made him contented with third place. The event being won by Mr. W. R. Johnson of Boggy Creek. Mr. S. Chamberlain was starter and Messers W. Beasley and G. Young acted as judges.

'Pambula Voice' July 25, 1898
* The annual rifle match to take place at Towamba on Monday next, 1st August, closed with 45 nominations.
* The trustees of the Towamba Recreation Ground met on Friday last and decided to expend the vote of 20 recently procured (through Mr. W. H. Wood MP) in enclosing same by a wire fence.

'The Sydney Morning Herald'
7 August 1899


At a rifle match at Towamba the first prize was won by A. Brown, with F. Falkner second. There were 98 nominations.

June 21, 1901
* A friendly game of cricket was played on Sat. 15 inst. between Towamba and Burragate.

July 27, 1901
'Southern Star'

* A 20 rifle match is to be shot off at Towamba on the 1st of August (Bank holiday), for which 79 entries have been received. The ranges are short, being 100, 200 and 500 yards. The handicap limit has been fixed at 14, and four Bega men- Messrs. A. J. Disher, J. A. Under hill, E J. and A. Meaker - are, with Messrs. W. J. Haywood and H. Tasker, on scratch.

'The Sydney Morning Herald'
October 1901

, Tuesday.
* A rifle match was held here on Friday and Saturday. H. Allan, of Genoa, won the first prize, G. Hite, of Yambulla, the second; and A.Lindwall the third. H. Tasker secured two special prizes for the most bull's-eyes.

Feb 19, 1904
Local and General
* Mr. Chas. Robertson of Honeysuckle, Wyndham, has again been asked to act as a judge in the horse section at Bega Show.

'The Bega Budget'
11 October 1905

* A BURRAGATE correspondent writes: The Towamba cricketers visited Burragate on Saturday and were defeated by 42 runs. Scores:
Towamba 20, Burragate 70. A. Hogg, with 21, was top scorer for the winners, and he also took four wickets for 13 runs. T. Dawson (who won last year's bowling average), bagged four for 11. P. Alexander bowled best for the losers.

Towamba rifle match 1908
Courtesy Jill Miller
Marksman's Certificates awarded to E.J.Beasley, 1905 - 12
Courtesy J. Love
TOWAMBA HOTEL. Publican Mr. Joseph McKee. c 1905.
(Note men holding what look like certificates and men sitting on steps have rifles and men standing in front of steps
aiming rifles.
Possibly after Towamba Rifle Club won an event.)

McKee fell foul of Constable R. Dunn and lost his licence in about 1910 when the hotel was taken over by A. Robinson.
Jean McPaul Collection, Eden Killer Whale Museum

'The Bega Budget'
25 November 1905

A ladies' cricket match was played here on Saturday last between the ladies of Lower Towamba and Towamba. There was a large number of spectators present, and a very enjoyable day was spent. No doubt the novelty of the game - as it was expected to be played - was the attraction, for no one expected to see a 'Trumper,' though the 'Graces' were conspicuous. Among the visitors was Mr. Morgan, editor of the Eden "Observer.'' While it is claimed that the novel features of the game attracted the great gathering of spectators, yet I venture to think that if the game were a little more appropriate to the fair sex, their enthusiasm would outdo that, displayed by the mere men. No doubt it is an injustice to our beautiful Australian ladies to expect them to risk their complexions in the broiling sun in order to uphold the grand old national game. The visitors gained the laurels of the day, winning by some 80 runs. For the occasion, a sumptuous dinner was supplied by Mrs. McKee, to which the visitors were entertained by the home team.
A picnic to celebrate the anniversary of the Co-operative Butter Factory is to take place to-day (Saturday, 25th inst.)
The Towamba District Jockey Club has decided to hold a race meeting on Wednesday. 7th Feb.

The Bega Budget

13 January 1906

September 11, 1907
'The Bega Budget'
* Reported that Alf. Alexander, of Towamba has issued a challenge to run any South Coast ped. a distance of 150 yards for a 1 a yard. Now then, torchlight runners, is there not one can run 150?

February 12, 1908
'The Bega Budget '

From Our Correspondents.

Since the recent welcome rain the country around here is looking nice and green, and maize crops are remarkably good, considering the dry spell experienced. Major O'Grady, of Bega, visited here on Friday, and inspected the local range in connection with the Rifle Club, and was very well pleased with the situation. The club now has 80 members en rolled. On Thursday, the Jockey Club held their annual race meeting, which was a great success, both for attendance and the financial results. The day was a trifle on the hot side, but as shady trees are plentiful on the course, one did not feel the heat so bad. Visitors were present from Victoria, Eden, Wyndham, Nimitybelle, Candelo, Rocky Hall, and Burragate.
The various officials were: Judge - Mr. R. Doyle; starter- M. Doyle; clerk of scales - J. W. Dickie; clerk of course - W. F. Kennedy; time keeper - H. Richards; treasurer - J. W. Dickie; secretary J. T. Dickie; stewards - H. Cunnington, G. Young, Wm. Beasley, J. Slattery, J. McKee; handicapper - Mr. Jas. Underhill, Rocky Hall. A merry go-round was on the ground, and being the first to visit here, did a roaring biz, being patronised by both old and young. The first event of the day was the Opening Handicap, for which there were 6 nominations, but only two faced the flag, Ballyrogan, and Miss Patron. This seemed to be a waiting race, Ballyrogan won. The hack race brought out 4 starters. Lady Esther led from the fall of the flag to half way round, when Mona shot up and led to with 1 furlongs, when Lady Esther came again and won without a whip. The Towomba Handicap was a good race from start to finish, and caused much excitement. There were only two starters, Ballyrogan, and Woodvine, the latter winning by about a length. The owner of Ballyrogan entered a protest for boring, and after a lengthy inquiry the committee awarded the race to Ballyrogan. The Town Plate brought out 3 starters. Miss Patron took the lead from the fall of the flag, and maintained her position to within 3 furlongs of home, when Lady Esther moved up and won easily. The Flying Handicap was a good race being won by Ballyrogan. At night a ball was held in the hall, and was a great success. The attendance was about 60 couples. The night was rather sultry, but nevertheless, all present seemed to enjoy themselves. The music was supplied by Messrs W. Ryan (piano), and D. McDonald, (violin). Extras were played by Mrs. Hartneady (piano) and H. Fairweather of Wongrabelle (violin). The playing of the latter was much appreciated. Mr. H. Richards as M.C., carried out his duties in a very creditable manner. The catering for the supper was in the hands of Mrs. Kennedy, and was all that could be desired. The gross takings amounted to 17, and after expenses were paid the club benefits to the amount of 6 1s 6d.

February 15, 1908
'The Bega Budget'

A Wangrabelle team played the local cricketers on Saturday, the visitors winning easily. Following are the scores: -
TOWAMBA.-lst innings.
P. Alexander c R. Switzer b W. Switzer..2
A. B. O'Hara run out ...31
J. Ryan b W. Switzer ...16
R. Alexander h.o.w b W Switzer ..2
H. Richards c R. Switzer b W. Switzer ..0
W. Slattery b Martin ...0
H. Beasley b Martin . 1
G. Parker not out ..0
G. Arnold b Martin .9
J. KcKee b W. Switzer .0
Merry-go-Round' b R. Switzer .1
... 68
WANGRABELLE. - 1st innings.
W. Switzer b Slattery ..74
R. Switzer b Alexander ..15
G. Martin b Alexander ...8
H. Fairweather b Alexander ..3
C. Fairweather b Alexander ..2
D. McNaughton not out ..3
H. Cotton c O'Hara b Ryan ..0
G. McDonald not out ...0
Byes ..11
..... 116

'The Sydney Morning Herald'
30 December 1909


* The Yambulla cricketers journeyed to Towamba and played a match on the 28th, and were beaten by 50 runs - Towamba 143, Yambulla 93. E. Quigg, for Yambulla, scored 52.

December 25, 1912
'The Bega Budget'

Towamba Races.

The Towamba picnic races were held on the racecourse on Thursday last, when there was a very fair attendance. The weather was fine and a delightful day for an outing. In the Opening Handicap, the local mare Eulalie bolted off the course and jumped over a bank about 40 feet down into a creek, and unseated her rider, Eddie Young, who was rendered unconscious, and received a bruising, but nothing serious. The various officials were Messrs. Jas. Dickie, secretary; Ben Beasley, judge;. J. Sawers, starter; John Wickie, clerk of scales; R. Alexander, referee, and T. Beasley, clerk of course. Host Chas. Mc Coy, of Towamba Hotel, seemed to receive a fair share of patronage at his bar and eating booth. During the interval between events, a game under the management of Mr. Hall, of Eden, received good patronage. Visitors were present from Eden, Candelo, Rocky Hall, Wyndham, Kiah, Rockton, and other centres.

March 14, 1914
'The Bega Budget'

* A rifle match is to be shot off at Towamba on the 3rd April and a social will be held in the evening. As this will be the first shoot since the range has been done up a good day is expected.

April 30, 1914
'Delegate Argus'

General News.

* Arthur Clements' (Towamba) Kitty won the double at Wangrabelle races.

Visit to Boydtown
Courtesy Dickie Family
Group of bathers, Connie (Dickie) & Ron McPherson in centre
Courtesy Dickie Family
Boating on the river
Courtesy dickie family

October 17, 1917
'The Bega Budget'

* Mr. J. W. Beasley has purchased King Lotus (8), a beautiful dark brown son of Prudent King (Imp.) from Lotus by Gaulus (Melbourne Cup winner). King Lotus is a young horse with any amount of substance, and should prove an acquisition to breeders of this class of animal. His brothers, Pilbarra and Pillotos, are classic winners in West Australia. He will do stud duty at Towamba this season.

June 16, 1923
'Southern Star'

* Towamba footballers defeated Pambula last Saturday by 3 to 0, and carried off tho Crimmins Cup.

June 6, 1924
'The Bombala Times'

Towamba again visited Cathcart on Saturday last to try and wrest the Crimmins Cup from the holders, and again had to return home unsuccessful. The game was a much better exposition of football than the previous match played by the two teams, and was evidently enjoyed by the spectators, though it is to be regretted that the game started late in the afternoon, and had to be finished in semi-darkness. A misunderstanding between the rival teams on the matter of a Referee caused some delay in starting the match. Finally both teams agreed upon Mr. B. Stewart to act as referee, and his rulings throughout the game gave every satisfaction. Towamba kicked off about 3.35 p.m. and immediately carried play into the Cathcart 25, and Rutherford was called upon several times to relieve, which he did, though his kicking was not strong enough to rest his forwards. Play now became confined to the forwards of both teams in midfield with the Grier brothers most prominent for Towamba, and Burnet and Hammond for Cathcart. G. Stewart securing possession from a scrum got his three-quarters moving nicely and much ground was gained though the players were inclined to run across field and not straight when opportunity offered. From loose play in the Towamba 25 C. McCoy secured and started goalwards; when tackled he passed to J. Crotty, who sent along pass to V. Crotty, the latter player racing for the line outdistanced all opponents and scored. Burnett's kick at goal was a poor one. Cathcart 3-0. Towamba immediately rushed play into the Cathcart 25, and looked like scoring on several occasions, and Cath cart was compelled to force twice within two or three minutes. Towamba was not to be denied, and kept on pressing, the two Griers and Robinson being prominent, calling upon the Cathcart backs to do their utmost in defence. From an opening occasioned by the quick breaking up of the Towamba pack J. H. Beasley secured and raced over for a try. Grier's kick at goal failed, though the angle was not a difficult one. Scores 3 all. For the balance of the first half Towamba had much the better of the game, and Cathcart were kept penned in their own 25 until the whistle sounded. Soon after the commencement of the second half, the tit-bit of the match took place, incidentally the best piece of play seen on the Cathcart ground this season. A splendid passing movement in which all the Cathcart backs handled, and passed when tackled, saw the ball carried right across the field to V. Crotty. This player being close to touch, after drawing the defence, cut in and made an excellent diagonal run for the corner, warding off three opponents before grounding the ball for a try. This splendid individual effort, following the combined movement, should have been capped by a goal. Williams' kick appeared to go between the posts, though one of the touch judges ruled otherwise. Cath cart 6, Towamba 3. Towamba from the drop out again carried the ball into Cathcart territory, and though keeping it there, could not find an opening in the defence. On several occasions the Towamba for wards looked dangerous, and likely to carry the ball over and score at any minute. After passing for some time the inevitable happened, Towamba being awarded a free kick, for interference by a Cathcart forward, between the 25 and half-way right in front. Grier took the kick, and the fate of the game hung in the balance. The kick was a good one, straight, but fell short and went under the bar. Darkness was now falling rapidly, the play becoming confined to the forwards with Cathcart keeping the game as close as possible in anticipation of full time. After some minutes of uninteresting play in which one player was hardly discernible from another, no side sounded leaving Cathcart victors by 6 points to 3. Towamba has not yet given up hope of regaining the Cup, and has challenged Cathcart to a third game to be played at Cathcart on either the 7th or 14th June.

'Magnet' January 19, 1929
* A crowd on 'the hill' to watch cricket and tennis matches. 'Aub' local enthusiast went to Sydney to see the test.

Towamba Cricket Team 1900/02
Rear L - R: Tom Stevens, Dick Beasley, George Dickie, Ben Beasley,
Billy Young (killed in action WW1),
Ted Beasley (killed in action WW1),
Charlie McCoy, Ted Burns.

Front L - R: Bill Arnold, George Martin, Pierre Johnson,
Austin O'Hara (Yambulla teacher 1902-3), Roger Doyle.

Believed to be a Towamba cricket team. No date
Photo courtesy Eden Killer Whale Museum. (em268)
Courtesy Jenny Love (Aileen tasker Photo Collection)
Courtesy J. Love
After the war they played cricket at the old racecourse, from there they moved the games to
Darcys (the old wine saloon) and then to the sports ground. James remembers
going to the racecourse games with his Dad, George and he played at Darcys and the sports ground.
Courtesy Dickie family
The Towamba B Grade cricket team which defeated Eden Colts.
Back Row L-R: R. Umback, P. McPaul, T. Duggan, B. Schumann, M. Overend, P. Knight.
Front Row: R. Knight, R. Love, C. McPaul, J. Matthews, R. Mason. ('70s.)
Courtesy J. Love

'Magnet' January 19, 1929
Tragedy of dropped catches.
Towamba cricketers having no fixture for last Sunday decided to play a scratch match for a dinner. The result was that one team got a good dinner and the other indigestion. The writer was one of the team who got indigestion. The fielding on both sides was overripe, every man on the field dropping a catch or two. In fact, it was well below international standard.
The "Wild Man from Pericoe" was bowling but not up to his usual form. Ivan Roberts top scored for the day with 45, got by hurricane hitting - all bowlers were treated with contempt. Alf Tasker played a good knock for 44. J. W. Dickie had a good knock on the ankle off the "Pericoe Express". Ivan Roberts tried to wipe out the local police force, bowled a fast full toss and hit Duckworth in the neck. Don McLeod parked on the boundary for half an hour waiting for a catch. One came at last but sad to relate, he dropped it. Ira Parker is thinking of joining Chung Ling Sue as a juggler. The way he handled two balls in slips gives the impression that he would make an apt pupil. Jack Beasley in a fit of absentmindedness left his crease and forgot to get back. W. Gleeson thought he could field better with a motor inner tube for a glove but the rest of the team thought and said otherwise when he dropped a catch. Gordon Morton as an umpire is a dismal failure but as a barracker shows distinct promise. Towamba is far from satisfied with the two wins that Eden holds over it and is asking, "When is Eden going to risk that unbeaten record or is she content to rest on her laurels?" The players here are strongly of the opinion that they can put a mark on Eden's clean record.

'Magnet' February 1929
* Towamba races still going.

'Magnet' June 22, 1929.
Perhaps the greatest interest ever taken in a foot race at Towamba, was one held many years ago between Mr. Alf Alexander from Pericoe and Mr. W. (Bill) Bennett, then of Towamba. The distance was 150 yards and Mr. Alexander was trained by Mr. Jack Hartneady and that Mr. S. Chamberlin, formerly of Towamba and Wangrabelle and now of Eden, was starter. There was a great crowd to see the race. Most people thought that Bennett, who was a very fast runner, would win. But Alexander, who had trained for all he was worth, won comfortably. There was great jubilation.
At one time, the Far South Coast and Southern Monaro Tablelands were noted for big foot races and torch light races were common. Candelo held a lot of athletic meetings, as did Bombala, Bega and Cooma. Every town or village could boast of one or two foot runners, perhaps more, and they trained rigorously. They were hardy, were these old time runners. As an instance, Mr. Tom Hayes Snr., of Eden, probably the best runner of his day, which is saying a great deal, once left work at Candelo in the morning, walked all the way to Bombala that day and next morning competed in a big foot race there and he won it too! The Eden district alone has had a lot of fast runners at various times and the 'Magnet' hopes to publish at a later date reminiscences of some of them. Meanwhile it would be highly gratifying to a lot of old timers and to some of the younger generation whose interest has not been wholly alienated by other sport, to see a big revival of foot running.

'Magnet' July 13, 1929
* At a meeting of the Towamba Race Club recently it was decided to hold a days' races in a few months time. Big improvements have been effected at the course in the meantime as the club is in a financial position. Horse owners can expect good prize money.

'Magnet' September 14, 1929
* Local cricketers will hold a meeting on Saturday night to reform the club.

'Magnet' September 14, 1929
* Towamba Race Club is endeavouring to make the next races a huge success and is taking steps to have plenty of accommodation for visiting horses. Every loose box available will be made comfortable and good bedding provided for the horses so owners will have no cause to worry.

'Magnet' October 12, 1929
* 'The Pines' tennis club at Towamba also the 'Barney Street' club.

Members of Pericoe/Towamba tennis team.
L - R. Jim Brownlie,Geoff Umback,
Stan Umback, Frank Arnold.
No date.
Towamba tennis players (maybe)
Courtesy Dickie Family

'Magnet' February 22, 1930
* Many residents are indignant and rightly so at the non appearance of the travelling show on Friday night last. This show was billed for Eden and Burragate on the same night and people came for miles to see the show at Burragate, yet showmen growl because they cannot get a 'house' here.

'Magnet' April 12, 1930
* A meeting is to be held in the local hall on Saturday night, the object being to reform the football club. Mr. Ivan Roberts, convenor, expect this meeting to be one of the most enthusiastic held here, (and so say all of us!) Towamba, in the past, could hold their own with any team around the district and could do so now, there being some very promising young colts who only need a little tuition and practice.

'Magnet' July 5, 1930
A tennis match, Pericoe versus Towamba, was played on the local court last Saturday. What looked like certain defeat to us changed to an overwhelming defeat for Towamba. Before dinner 'The Pines' led by four sets and at the close of the match Pericoe led by four sets and fourteen games. At night a very enjoyable social was held and owing to the scarcity of ladies, some young men formed a set by themselves in the Lancers and Quadrilles. Songs were rendered by Mr. Laurie Watson of Wyndham. The tennis club will not have a very great credit balance but small though it is, we have the satisfaction of knowing it is not a debit. Much credit is due to Mrs. Alexander and Arnold for the delicious dinner, tea and supper and the capable manner in which the catering was carried out. Mr. George Farrell was club secretary and contrary to certain rumours, has proved himself an able and reliable person to hold that position.

'Magnet' September 30, 1930
On 31st August the return match between Wog Wog and Pericoe teams was played on the latter's court. The day was superbly fine yet narrowly missed the smart shower of rain that fell just at dusk. Play opened with Wog Wog having first serve. Pericoe won the first two sets and Wog Wog looked glum until the score altered to four sets Wog Wog, two sets Pericoe. Wog Wog won four sets following. We can safely say that had a certain party played the game we would have won the day. Visitors were delighted at the brilliant play and there were many stiff fights and with a few notable exceptions, players were evenly matched. Below is the score:- Wog Wog players first.
Men's doubles: K. Spuckman and F. Umback V F. Arnold and A. Harris
A. Umback and P. Sawers, V G. Morton and S. Sawers.
F. Umback and A. Trevanion, V A. Love and J. Love
K. Spackman and A. Trevanion, V A. Love and J. Love
Ladies doubles: Mrs. Umback and Mrs. Skipper V Mrs. Brownlie and Miss Alexander Mrs. Umback and Mrs. Skipper V Mrs. Brownlie and Miss Arnold
Mixed doubles: Mrs. F. Umback and A. Umback V Mrs. Brownlie and G. Morton. Mrs. Skipper and K. Spackman V Miss Arnold and A. Harris.
Mrs. Umback and F. Umback V Mrs. Brownlie and J. Love. Mrs. Skipper and P. Sawers V Miss Alexander and S. Sawers. Wog Wog seven sets, 96 games, Pericoe three sets, 55 games. Wog Wog won by four sets, 21 games.

Back Row: Jim Walters, Wal Green, Alf Beasley, Ron
McPherson, Dick Beasley, Des Shaefer, B. (Brickie) Smith,
Jack Beasley, Hampden Beasley.

Second Row: Jim Parker, Jack Slattery, Arthur Beasley,
Don McLeod, George Dickie, Herb Beasley.
Front: Ben Beasley.

Photo courtesy M. Mitchell.
Towamba footbal team. No date
Photo courtesy Elaine Delaney
Towamba Football Team, c.1938-39.
Back: Norm Carragher, Verner Clements, Alf Tasker, Roy Roberts, Greg Whelan, Ron Clements, Laurie Beasley,
Front: Mick Payne, Kevin Mexin, Norm Miligan, & Jim Love.
Photo courtesy Angela George and Kathy Ballantyne.

'Magnet' October 11, 1930
The reference in a recent issue to the practice cricket match, Pericoe V Towamba on the 21st ultimo is slightly in need of amendment and supplementation. The scores were Towamba 134 including 19 byes and 1 wide as against the stated 150. Pericoe's scores were, 1st innings, 11, 2nd innings, 38 , a total of 49. The Victory Cup went to Towamba. An additional innings was an informal extra in which some Towamba men batted with Pericoe and was no part of the match.
The return tennis match between Pericoe and Barney Street, Towamba, tennis clubs, was played on the latter's court on Saturday last. The day opened fine and pleasantly hot and the ladies almost melted as they waited for the home team to turn up. The wind which sprang up later was very misleading. It would blow for one serve and next time when the server would put ginger into his or her drives the wind would drop and let the ball go yards beyond the line. Then if one tried to be gentle the wind would spring up with fresh energy and blow the ball back. Choking dust swept the court in clouds but Barney Street players didn't seem to mind that. They were confident that they would win, and so they did by a fairly good margin, 6 sets and 34 games. Towamba had their best team out to meet us but we did not cede a good tennis such as that seen at Pericoe when Wog Wog came to play. The best tennis and prettiest play of the day was when Miss Alexander and George Farrell played Miss Parker and H. Beasley. Jim Love played a good game when playing with the renowned Mr. Farrell and with Mrs. Brownlie. We all enjoyed the spread given by the Towamba ladies and cordially appreciated the kind and homely manner in which the catering was carried out.

'Magnet' November 22, 1930
* Burragate boys and girls play cricket and tennis in Towamba.
* Tennis court on Barney St., Towamba.
* Pericoe boys team: Lionel Love Towamba team G. Love
J. Brownlie Molly McLeod
J. Tasker R. Roberts
A. Love

Annie Nixon (nee Farrell).
Jumping because she wanted to.

Note skirt and shoes. Christy Farrell on right.
Photo courtesy Harold Farrell. No date.
Cricket game at Darcy Parker's wine saloon paddock. Church and Hartneady's Store across the river. c1960s
Courtesy Dickie family
Tug of war at Towamba sports ground c.1950s
Courtesy Dickie family
Eily Farrell in front on left. Mavis Beasley on right with Clare Love in white next to her. The best view from any local sportsground.
At far end: David Stock, Ron Love, Peter Knight, Ray Love, Butch Boller,
Ronnie McPaul and Chris McPaul

'Magnet' June 6, 1931
* The school picnic held on the 11th instant proved a great day out for the children while the large gathering of grown ups found plenty of amusement. The following events resulted.
Ladies foot race, Miss M. Arnold.
Stepping distance, Mrs. W. Love.
Nail driving, Miss M. Arnold.
Stepping distance, F. Umback.
Throwing at wicket, A. Sawers, J. Arnold.
* The dance at night attracted a fair crowd. Miss Joan Dickie was at the piano and Mr. Alexander, M. C. A Monte Carlo was won by Miss Sidebottom and Mr. Jim Love, while Miss Eileen Love and Mr. F. Umback were the lucky couple to win a spot waltz. During the evening Mrs. O. Love, Mr. M. Payne rendered a duet.

'Magnet' January 31, 1931
* At a recent meeting of the local tennis club, it was decided to form a working bee to carry out repairs to the court before playing the return matches with Towamba and Burragate. The work will be done during this weekend.
* Frank, our local cricketer, keeps us in the public eye in this noble sport playing with Towamba versus Bombala last weekend, top scored with 35 runs.

'Magnet' June 6, 1931
* Unemployment relief work was also at a discount as the clearing of 'The Pines' tennis court was available to anyone seeking a job but there were no applicants. And now two local lads Cecil Clements and Stan Sawers are engaged on the work of court improvement.
* An open to all tournament will eventuate on 'The Pines' court at the end of the month.

'Magnet' July 4, 1931
* Congratulations too to Mrs. Cliff Sawers on once again carrying off the Towamba tennis tourney, this time sharing the honour with Mrs. R. McPherson.

'Magnet' July 25, 1931
New rifle range. "They report the range as being very well lighted, with a dark background of timber, but the presence of a gully on either side tends to make the wind rather tricky."

'Magnet' September 12, 1931
* A Few members of our tennis club journeyed to Eden to take part in the recent tennis tournament and although we did not bring home the prize, Frank Arnold played well to reach the semi final of the men's section.
* One of our local lads is keen to form a hockey team out here, however, he is meeting with some opposition from would-be golfing enthusiasts. In fact some vowed tennis players are so wrapped up in golf that they even use golfing terms on the tennis court to the disgust of "hocky one, hockey two, hockey three!"

'Magnet' December 26, 1931
* A prize shoot is to be held at the rifle range here on January 30th.

'Magnet' February 27, 1932
Towamba Cricket team.
T. Parker A. Tasker G. Love R. Clements
C. Laing R. Roberts V. Clements A. Beasley
L. Beasley H. Roberts D. Parker

to raise money for bushfire losses.
Back Row: L - R. Ged Arnold, Walter Kennedy, Geo. McDonald,
Bob Kennedy, Sam Parker, Phil Medlin, Joe Ryan, Arthur Binnie,
Herb Greer, Chris Roberts, Harry Richards, Jim Dickie, Jack Dickie.
Front Row: Wal Parker, Ernie Hogg, Jim Hogg, Percy Alexander,
Aust. O'Hara, Geo. Falkner, Bill Target.

Photo courtesy M. Mitchell
Back Row: Jack Dickie, ? Goward,
Albert Power, Ernie Hogg, Not Known, Jack Shelley, Alf Alexander,
Not Known, Jack Martin, Gomer Martin, Bill Rutherford.
Front Row: Joe McKee, Bill Laing, Bill Kennedy, Jim Hogg,
Fred Ballman (Bollman?), Jack Arnold, Harry Richards.

Photo courtesy M. Mitchell
Towamba football Team.
Courtesy Susan Love (Enie Love Photo Collection)

'Magnet' July 2, 1932
* A tennis ball at Towamba.

'Magnet' July 16, 1932
* Barney Street tennis ball is on 15th July and promises to be a success.
* Owing to the weather the married V singles match has been put off.

'Magnet' October 29, 1932
* Farms are flourishing with crops and pastures green largely due to the brilliant play of Ivan Roberts. Towamba captured the T & G Cup from Pambula on a recent Saturday. Exuberantly fine weather.

'Magnet' January 21, 1933
* Tennis tournament on New Year's Eve at Barney Street.
Miss Heather Beasley. Tom Parker
Mrs. F. Umback. F. Umback
Miss Rene Greer. F. Arnold

'Magnet' July 15, 1933
* Barney Street tennis club, Towamba V Pericoe.
Towamba team: Miss T. Hartneady, H. Beasley, Mrs. M. J. McLeod, Miss McLeod, S. Mair, D. McLeod, T. Parker,
Pericoe team: Mrs. Brownlie and Miss M. Arnold, Misses E. Love, J. Love, F. Arnold, A. Love, J. Brownlie, E. Arnold.
This game was played for the newly acquired cup called the 'Boomerang Cup' and Towamba won.

'Magnet' October 14, 1933.
* Tennis cups: Boomerang Cup and the Bert Grant Cup both in possession of Barney Street tennis club Towamba.

'Magnet' May 12, 1934
* The tennis cups are displayed in Mr. J. Hartneady's shop.

'The Southern Record and Advertiser'
15 June 1934


Towamba Rifle Club's recent 30 prize shoot was a splendid success in every respect except the financial side, the club incurring a slight loss on the day. Towamba, Eden, Bombala and Genoa clubs were represented. There is plenty of grass to carry stock over the winter, and they are in great condition. With wise foresight, farmers have put many tons of green stuff underground in pit silos. The late Mr. Jack McLeod, who died last week aged 42, left a widow (formerly Miss Inez Dickie) and two young daughters. Deceased enlisted in the A.I.F. in 1915, and at Bullecourt in 1917 received a severe head wound. He was invalided home, but despite the most skilful treatment his injury caused him considerable suffering at intervals up to the time of his death.

'Magnet' November 17, 1934
* Rain interfered with play but the match was very enjoyable. Each team possesses some promising talent among the younger players which only require practice and perseverance for its proper development. Scores: 1st innings, Wyndham 53, Burragate 30. 2nd innings, Wyndham 69, Burragate 64.
* Burragate cricketers journeyed to Wyndham last weekend and suffered defeat at the hands of the local team.
* The trustees have carried out much needed repair work to the local recreation ground.

'Magnet' December 15, 1934
* The annual meeting of the local tennis club was held last week and officers for the current year were elected. It was also decided to hold a tournament on New Year's day.
* The Robbie Burns Cup is now safely installed at Wyndham.

'Magnet' February 2, 1935
* The Park tennis club team was successful in gaining the 'Kookaburra Cup' from Burragate last Saturday and the 'Boomerang Cup' from Towamba the following day.

'Magnet' March 2, 1935
* At a well attended meeting recently it was decided to form a social club covering various recreational activities. The need for such a body has been keenly felt here.

'Magnet' March 16, 1935
The sports here which owing to heavy rain were postponed from February the 6th and finally held on the 1st instant, were very well attended considering the great amount of sickness in neighbouring centres - a circumstance that prevented quite a number form attending. The programme was varied and created a great deal of interest, especially the horse events. Mr. Herbert Binnie was judge and his decisions gave all-round satisfaction. Mr. Arthur Binnie also assisted in his usual capable manner. Messers James Dickie and E. Clements gave their services as gate keepers. Following are the winners of the various events:
Open Horse Jump: T. Doyle and E. Love. 1st and 2nd
Maiden Hunt: Alf Beasley 1, D. Morton 2.
Open Hunt: E. Love 1, J. Williams 2.
Pony Hunt: J. Williams and Lionel Love, divide 1 and 2.
Consolation Hunt: D. McLeod 1 and 2.
Flag Race: V. Clements and Allan Roberts 1 and 2.
Serving Tennis Ball: (Men): A. Binnie 1, D. Parker 2.
Guessing Height of Pole: R. Doyle and Mrs. O. Love divide 1 and 2.
Ladies Nail Driving: Mrs. J. Williams 1, Mrs O. Love 2.
Mens Nail Driving: D. McLeod and J. Love divide 1 and 2.
Throwing at Wicket: C. Greer and O. Love divide 1 and 2.
Kicking Football Through Hoop: I. Roberts and Herb Beasley divide 1 and 2.
Ladies Serving Tennis Balls Through Hoop: Miss M. McDonald 1, Miss Merle McLeod 2.

The dance at night was likewise very well attended. Mrs. J. H. Beasley and Mr. J. McLeod supplied the music and Mr. Don McLeod as M. C. kept the dancers busy. Messers Jim Dickie and Roger Doyle acted as door keepers. A novelty dance was won by Mr. Harold Roberts and Miss Ruby Roberts. After all expenditure is met the hospital fund should benefit by about 9. The secretary Mr. Wal Green on behalf of the committee wishes to thank all those who so ably assisted to make the function a success.

'Magnet' March 30, 1935
* Wyndham footballers recently visited Burragate for the kick off for the season and defeated the local lads by 9 to 6 after a well fought contest. The veteran 'Stem' Tasker was a tower of strength for Wyndham.
* Last weekend the local players visited Wyndham for a return match and secured a victory by 16 to 8 points. The play of Ted and Darcy Ryan was outstanding.
* Burragate tennis team visited Pericoe last weekend and were successful in defeating the home players by three rubbers to one.

'Magnet' June 1, 1935
Cricketers Presentation Social
A most enjoyable evening was spent in the local hall on Saturday, May 18, when caps were presented to the cricketers responsible for Towamba Club's winning of the district competition premiership for the season recently concluded. The attendance was good. Door takings with tickets at the low price of 1/6, were 7/9/-, plus proceeds of the spot waltz, nineteen shillings. Total 8/8/-. The club will benefit to the extent of about 6/15/-. Seventeen club members received caps and Mr. Arthur Binnie who made the presentations, gave an excellent speech in the course of which he paid a glowing tribute to the cricketers for their first competition win. He complimented the club as a whole and said that the combined efforts of the members had brought about a thoroughly deserved success.
He also referred to individual efforts by the stars of the team commencing with the club captain Ivan Roberts. His batting, said Mr. Binnie, was a boon to the team throughout the year. His fielding was excellent and his assistance with the ball and his value as captain must not be forgotten. The wicket keeping of Jim Anderson classed him as nothing short of a second Oldfield as well as an opening batsman. Mr. Boller was a spin bowler who had puzzled the best of the opposition batsmen and deserved the success he achieved. Will Greer, alias 'Bumper Bill' had with his 'wild bodyline' caused the sensation of the season, not forgetting his help with the bat. Then there were the babies of the team, Roy Roberts and Verner Clements. Roy had been a great success throughout the year and as a bowler was certain to reach greater heights. Verner had helped with bat and ball and was a star fieldsman as well. Both these lads were due to shine in seasons to come. Mr. Binnie regretted that time did not permit him to mention every member of the team and concluded his address amid loud cheers and applause.

'Magnet' June 1, 1935
* Wyndham footballers again visited Burragate recently and secured a win over the local players, scores being 6 - 3. At the conclusion of the match a meeting was held after which the ladies provided tea.

'Magnet' June 15, 1935
* Towamba Rifle Club is having big additions made to its range.

'Magnet' June 22, 1935.
* Towamba and Bega rifle clubs have completed improvements to their ranges. It is now up to Eden, Pambula and neighbouring clubs to do their share of range improvement.

'Magnet' June 22, 1935
* Football has aroused more than usual local interest this season. Pericoe has accepted a challenge to play Burragate next Sunday.

'Magnet' June 22, 1935
* Arrangements will be made shortly for the annual Hall Ball. It is hoped that improvements will be effected to the hall building in the near future.

'Magnet' September 21, 1935
Owing to rainy conditions the Burragate - Pericoe tennis match for the Bert Grant Cup (at present held by the Pericoe team) was deferred last Saturday. Weather permitting the match will be played on the 21st instant.
*On Friday night last an enjoyable tennis dance was held at the local hall. Extreme wet weather, however, prevented many people from attending the function. Mrs. H. Beasley and Mr. J. McLeod contributed excellent music and a good supper was provided by the Pericoe ladies.

'Magnet' October 19, 1935
Riflemen are invited to keep in mind that Towamba Club's 60 prize shoot on November 2. The programme comprises of 14 matches at 600 yards, a 15 handicap aggregate and a 17 scratch aggregate. Luncheon will be available on the range. Nominations for the shoot will close on October 31. The shoot will be followed by a social at night. Programmes are available from the club secretary, Mr. Ira Parker.

'Magnet' October 19, 1935
*Towamba cricket club has been reformed and a new set of "gear" has been ordered. Much interest is being taken by the local lads and a busy season is being looked forward to.
* Towamba rifle club's forthcoming shoot with 60 prize money promises to be a great success. Many marksmen from district clubs have expressed their intention of attending.
*Mr. Lionel Love has gone to Sydney to seek medical treatment for an eye injury received during a recent football match.

'Magnet' November 9, 1935

Big Rifle Shoot
Nearly fifty marksmen participated in the Towamba Rifle Club's 60 prize shoot last Saturday. Mr. Don McLeod was range officer and had everything well in hand. An excellent luncheon provided by Mrs. Tasker was done full justice to by the shooters. Bombala riflemen are now the owners of the Towamba Challenge Cup, having won three times and defeating Bega by the narrow margin of one point. The scores were Bombala - 383, Bega - 382, Towamba - 330. A social held at night was most successful, 7 being taken at the door. Mrs. H. Beasley - piano and Mr. J. McLeod - drums provided music for the dancing. A guessing competition, the prize for which was a travelling rug, donated by Mrs. Tasker, realised the sum of 3/12/- for the club funds.

'The Southern Record and Advertiser'
15 November 1935

Nearly fifty marksmen participated in the Towamba Rifle Club's recent 60 prize shoot. Bombala riflemen are now the owners of the Towamba Challenge Cup, having won it three times, defeating Bega on this occasion by the narrow margin of one point. Scores were : Bombala 383, Bega 382, Towamba 330.

'Magnet' November 30, 1935
*Four Towamba marksmen made the journey to Mallacoota for the big opening shoot and though winning only a small percentage of the prize money they report having had a good time. Mr. Jack Dickie who also made the trip had a very enjoyable day on the beautiful lake hooking skipjack and was loathe to leave the sport to come home.

'Magnet' December 21, 1935
Visitors Victorious

On Sunday last, Towamba cricketers journeyed to Mila and inflicting on their opponents a crushing defeat scored the first McGoldrick Cup victory they have had in six years of hard trying. Towamba batted first although R. Roberts, bowled in the second over, it was soon evident that the visiting batsmen had the upper hand. Alf Tasker, Towamba's sixteen year old batsman gave a brilliant display to make 47, though at that stage he had the misfortune to be run out. T. Parker with 22 not out, J. H. Beasley 18 and A Greer 17, were the best bats for Towamba whose 9 for 166 took one hour 35 minutes. Of Towamba's bowlers, V. Clements and R. Roberts were outstanding, taking between them in the last four overs, seven wickets. Of the Mila batsmen W. Roberts was the only one to make double figures although they pluckily did their best till the last wicket had fallen. Knightly and J. Trevanian were Mila's best bowlers. The home teams 47 took one hour 5 minutes to compile. The fielding on both sides was particularly keen.

February 8, 1936
The rodeo at Burragate held in conjunction with the Anniversary Day Sports was the most popular sporting event ever held here and the bucking and riding were the best ever seen on the South Coast. A big contingent of riders faced the judges, Messers Arthur and Herbert Binnie and shared the honours with the bullocks generously loaned for the occasion by Messers R. Shelley, J Farrell, E. Ryan, H. Binnie and N. Ryan. A noteworthy performance was put up by the mayor of Burragate, Mr. I. W. Ryan but when he bit the dust in the final he joined in the merriment of the crowd. We understand that Councillor Lee, who was present, was particularly pleased with everything. Mr. Ted Ryan who was riding particularly well was unfortunate in that his bullock fell before the bell rang. Four riders, D. Ryan, W. Cochrane, D. Morton and I. Ryan rode their mounts at their worst and qualified for the final which resulted in the elimination of the last named. The remaining trio having an equal performance divided the honours and were loudly applauded by the crowd. Exhibition rides were then given by W. Cochrane and B. Wiles. The event was conducted by Mr. R. McKay and a band of helpers who earned the gratitude of the spectators by giving a wonderful entertainment without a single hitch. It was a great day for Burragate and one that will live long in the memory of those present.

February 15, 1936

The recent sports and ball were very successful. Mr. H. Wiles was judge of the sporting events and officiated with satisfaction to all. In the maiden hunting contest some very good jumping was witnessed. The pillow fight caused much amusement, Mr. C. Brodie proving himself a champion. The steer riding, judged by Messers Arthur and Herbert Binnie proved the highlight of the day. Mr. Reg McKay had yards etc., erected in a very convenient way which caused no delay in getting the riders away. Some very good riding was witnessed. Messers D. Ryan, W. Cochrane, D. Morton and I. Ryan did well to get into the final. The ladies had a busy day in running the luncheon booth, fruit stall and jumble stall. Mrs. J. Whitby and Mrs. C. Roberts had charge of the luncheon booth, Mrs. C. S. Logan and Mrs. J. D. Keys conducted the fruit and jumble stalls respectively and Mrs. J. F. Farrell dispensed hot water to patrons. For the ball the hall was decorated by Sister Lord and helpers and the supper tables by Mrs. J. Farrell. Mr. Arthur Binnie was M.C. Music was provided by Mrs. H. Beasley (piano) and Mr. J. McLeod (drums). A novelty dance was won by Mr. J. B. Whitby and partner. It is expected that 50 will be cleared in all.
The B.N.A. sports committee wished to thank all those who helped in any way to make the event a success. Following is a list of winners in the different events:
Maiden Hunt: E. Love - 1, L. Beasley and D. Morton - divide 2.
Open Hunt: L. Beasley - 1, J. Williams and E. Love - divide 2.
Pony Hunt: D. Morton, J. Williams, L. Beasley - divide 1 & 2.
Flag Race: D. Ryan - 1. A. Ryan - 2.
Bending Race: J. Williams - 1, D. Ryan - 2.
Pillow Fight: C. Brodie.
Musical Chairs: H. Binnie - 1, R. Luff - 2.
Throwing at Wicket: A. Byers, G. Umback and Robertson- divide.
Nail Driving: Mesdames A. and H. Tasker - divide.
Serving Tennis Ball (Ladies): Mrs. Byers -1, Mrs Brodie - 2.
(Gents): H. Beasley -1, D. Parker - 2.
Kicking Football: L. Robinson.
Stepping the Distance: A. Sawers.
Guessing Height of Pole: A. Goldberg.
Steer Riding: D. Morton, W. Cochrane, D. Ryan - divide.

October 7, 1938
'The Bombala Times'

(By 'Cover')
Last Sunday, in glorious weather, Towamba retained the McGoldrick Cup against the challengers, Bombala. At one period of the game Bombala had a wonderful chance of victory, but bad fielding spoilt the chance of success. Towamba lost the toss, and were sent in to the bowling of Allen and Goldberg. Snappy catches by Hodgins, Reed and Trad accounted for 3 wickets for 15. After Allen had bowled 5 overs for 12 runs and 2 wickets, and Goldberg 4 overs for 5 runs and 2 wickets, they were relieved by Fitzgerald and Hodgins. At this point of the game Bombala was definitely on top, but the fielding became shocking. A. Roberts, who went on to make the great score of 170, was twice dropped before he reached double figures. The score mounted slowly, with Hodgins bowling with bad luck. When the score registered 65 Allen was brought back just before lunch, and succeeded in getting R. Roberts caught by Cuthel at 23, in the making of which he was definitely lucky. 4 for 72. Carragher came in and played very gingerly to Goldberg, who was now bowling slow, and the score at lunch stood at 89. Continuing after the luncheon adjournment, Towamba's score mounted up slowly, with the luck of the game on Roberts' side, and Carragher giving a couple of lolly-pop catches and getting away with it. When the score. was at 129, Carragher's leg stump was uprooted by Goldberg, having compiled 35. 5-129. Bombala still had a chance, but nothing seemed to go right for them. Enemy No. 1, Clements, came to the wicket. This batsman I class as Towamba's best bar Ivan Roberts, who was not playing. Meanwhile A. Roberts reached his century - in the writer's memory the first scored against Bombala in the last ten years' Bowlers and fieldsmen were now tiring, though , frequent overs only yielded one or two runs. Cuthel and Ellis were' given a j trial with the ball without success. At last Clements was smartly stumped by Reed, who shortly afterwards twisted a knee and was carried off. He had given j a great display behind the wicket, allowing only 10 sundries. Trad took the gloves. A. Roberts passed his 150, when Gowing was given a trial. At long last he skied one and was safely held. I am afraid, Arthur, I cannot enthuse over your innings. It was certainly a great score, but if a bats man is dropped often enough he must get runs in the long run. However, you deserved the plaudits of the crowd you received. Of the remaining bats Beasley scored 41 rather slowly arid patchily. The last man eventually got himself out, with Towamba's total at 353. What was a wonderful start for Bombala became a great finish for Towamba, Clements being, in my opinion, the best batsman. With an hour and a half to bat, and very tired, Bombala opened, with Hodgins and Trad, to the bowling of R. Roberts and Arnold. Neither were happy facing Roberts, and eventually, after both had performed all kinds of antics trying to play him, he skittled them both. Yes, he's fast, Allan, as maybe you know! Ellis batted quietly, though he hit one lovely 6. He was out to a beautiful catch by Carragher for 16. Cuthel found the bowling too fast for him, and Allen did not stay. Bedingfield seemed to be enjoying himself, and Gowing was showing nice form until he spooned one in the slips, and' 6 were down for 63. Goldberg joined Bedingfield, and both batsmen were quite at home, the latter being satisfied with batting practice. Taking his partner's cue he now played steadily, but in going for a big hit was clean bowled by Arnold for the very creditable score of 54. His innings was definitely good, and as he now intends to play seriously he looks sure to get runs, and get them quickly. Ron Fitzgerald came in, and the game fizzled out at 6.15, with 7 of Bombala's wickets down for 121.
Let me congratulate the Towamba bowlers, especially Roberts. Though they were bowling to a team whose batting order was disturbed on account of their tiredness the bowling was very hostile - so much so that most of our players could not time it at all. The Towamba team also showed how fielding should be done. For the 'best all-rounder cup' the Towamba players selected Goldberg and Ellis 1st and 2nd respectively as Bombala's best fieldsman. I have heard many comments during the week as to how the match might have been won, but I still think that our bowling was good enough to have got Towamba out for under 100. We missed Goodsell, who was unable to come on account of his injury, but Allen (3 for 58 off 15 overs) Hodgins (0 for 60 off 12 overs), and Goldlberg (5 for 106 off 24 overs) should all have had far better figures with belter luck - in the field. I want to correct an opinion I expressed last week, that Bombala looked on paper to have the strongest team for years. It has a long way to go- to equal the team that played here in 1930-31.
The scores were: -
TOWAMBA.- A. Roberts, c Goldberg, b Gowing, 170; C. Greer, c Hodgins, b Goldberg, 0; G. Love, c Reed, b Allen, 1; W. Greer, c Trad, b Allen, 3; R. Roberts, c Cuthel, b Allen, 23; M. Carragher, b Goldberg, 35; V. Clements, std. Reed, b Goldberg, 43; F. Arnold, c Gowing, b Goldberg, 9; J. Beasley, c Fitzgerald, b Ellis, 41; A. Tasker, std. Trad, b Goldberg, 12; L. Beasley, not out, 4; sundries 12; Total 353. Bowling.- S. Allen 3 for 58, H. Gold berg 5 for 106, R. Fitzgerald 0 for 49, A. Hodgins 0. for 60, E. Cuthel 0 for 50, D. Gowing 1 for 26, D. Bedingfield 0 for 15, G. Ellis 1 for 18.
BOMBALA.; - A. Hodgins, b R. Rob erts, 5; P. Trad, b R. Roberts, 1; G. Ellis, c Carragher, b Tasker, 16; E. Cuthel, b R. Roberts, 2; D. Beding field, b Arnold, 54; S. Allen, c Beasley, b R. Roberts, 0; D. Gowing, c Roberts, b Clements, 9; R. Fitzgerald, not out, 6; H. Goldberg, not out, 16; sundries 12; 7 wickets for 121. 1 Bowling.- R. Roberts 4 for 21, F. Arnold 1 for 14, A. Tasker 1 for 26, L. Beasley 0 for 25, V. Clements 1 for 21, ! J. H. Beasley 0 for 2. Towamba have challenged Bombala for the Kerr Cup at Bombala on Sun day, 15th, and I can assure anyone who enjoys watching a game of cricket will enjoy this game, as Towamba are a very well balanced side and full of color.

March 25, 1952
'Bega District News'
Council will assist volunteer workers

Imlay Shire Council agreed at its meeting on Friday to do all it can to assist Towamba community in obtaining a new recreation ground.
Local volunteers, with the use of some of Council's equipment, will endeavour to clear a selected site, but it is feared that an area of rock will cause some difficulties in levelling the surface.
Cr. Butcher told Council that the committee already had 400 available for the work but required more. Council agreed to apply for a loan of 1000 so as the ground can be levelled and thus allow carnivals and sports to be held to pay for the erection of tennis courts and dressing sheds.
The President (Cr. Hart): 'No doubt we will be a long time getting any loan money for the ground, therefore, the voluntary labour will be a practical method of getting the work started.'
Cr. Clare congratulated the Towamba people on endeavouring to obtain recreational facilities for their community and added that they should be assisted as much as possible by Council.

Ray Love. Towamba Gymkhana. Early 70s
Photo courtesy J. Love