Pericoe Public School was dedicated in 1883 after many petitions from local farmers.
The school was opened as a Provisional School in September 1884. A vested site of 2 acres, with a reserve of 13¼ acres, had been acquired by Government Grant dated 12th December 1883.

The school was raised to Public School status on 30th September 1888 but was closed in October 1889 until a daily average of 12 could be maintained. The school was reopened in May 1896. It was temporarily closed after being burnt down in January 1899 but was rebuilt and reopened in July 1899.
The records are rather obscure but it seems to have been closed in November 1899 and only reopened in May 1905 when it was made a Half-Time school with Lett's Creek.
It was made a Provisional school in August 1910.
The school was made Half-Time with Burragate in January 1926 and was made Provisional in May 1926.
The school was closed at the end of 1937.
The reserve was given up on 27th October 1958 and the grant of the site revoked on 4th December 1959.
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Records tell of complaints from teachers, of children who would not attend classes and of parents who would not pay fees or send children to school and of teachers who took regular sick leave for stress. Parents complained of child abuse by teachers.
The Pericoe school burnt down in 1899, was rebuilt and opened on October 2, 1902. The new teacher being Mr. Austin B. O'Hara, who later married Veronie Alexander (second youngest child of John and Elizabeth Alexander. The school was destroyed again in 1904, reopening in 1905. At some stage, Mr. Horace Eden Alexander, known as Eden Alexander, allowed the use of one of his buildings for the Pericoe School which was burnt down again in March 1916.
(This above information given by Kathy Airton, decendent of the Alexander family of Pericoe.)

'Eden Free Press and Eden District Advertiser'
8 March 1899

Mr. H. Bridle, of Towamba, has secure the contract for building the provisional school at Pericoe.

November 10, 1917
'The Cobargo Chronicle '

* Mr P E Sicard, after four years in charge of Verona school, has been transferred to Pericoe school, 17 miles west of Eden. Mr Sicard came to Verona from Cooma district, and during his residence amongst us has actively accepted his responsibilities as a citizen, being particularly keen in patriotic work, and in other directions helping local public movements. He is an enthusiastic athlete, having prominently identified himself with the local football and tennis clubs. Pericoe school has an attendance of between 20 and 30 scholars, and Mr Sicard leaves next week to take charge. We wish Mr. and Mrs Sicard prosperity in their new home, and commend them to the good offices of our southern neighbors.

'Magnet' June 1929.
* Mr. C. P. Brown - school teacher at Towamba
* Mr. McMullan - school teacher at Pericoe
* Mr. Cornford - school teacher at Burragate

'Magnet' November 1929
Teachers: Mr. Luff - Rocky Hall
Mr. Cornford - Burragate
Mr. Browne - Towamba Mr. Tyson - Kiah
Mr. Bissell - Wyndham

'Magnet' December 6, 1930
* Mr. A. R. McMullen - teacher at Pericoe....followed by Mr. Kenneth Scott?

'Magnet' February 7, 1931
* The teacher and pupils of Pericoe School have commenced making a large ground map of Australia. The children are very interested in the work.

'Magnet' June 6, 1931
* The school picnic held on the 11th instant proved a great day out for the children while the large gathering of grown-ups found plenty of amusement. The following events resulted.
Ladies foot race, Miss M. Arnold.
Stepping distance, Mrs. W. Love.
Nail driving, Miss M. Arnold.
Stepping distance, F. Umback.
Throwing at wicket, A. Sawers, J. Arnold.
The dance at night attracted a fair crowd. Miss Joan Dickie was at the piano and Mr. Alexander, M. C. A Monte Carlo was won by Miss Sidebottom and Mr. Jim Love, while Miss Eileen Love and Mr. F. Umback were the lucky couple to win a spot waltz. During the evening Mrs. O. Love, Mr. M. Payne rendered a duet.

'Magnet' October 3, 1931
* On Monday last the local school held its annual egg day and thanks to the cooperation of the parents, citizens and pupils a nice case of eggs was sent over to the Pambula District Hospital.

'Magnet' December 26, 1931
* Mr. J. Cook, our teacher, left last weekend for his home in the Tamworth district where he intends to spend his vacation. Lionel Love, a pupil of the Pericoe School was successful in the recent Primary Final Examination.

'Magnet' July 2, 1932
* Mr. Cook - teacher at Pericoe for the last eighteen months was farewelled.
Mr. A. E. Alexander was in the chair and Mr. Allmond and Mr. Morton. During the evening songs were rendered by Messers Payne, Hanson, Rixon and excellent music provided by Mrs. Keys and Mr. Hanson, assisted by Messers Alexander and Smith.

'Magnet' September 10, 1932
* Pericoe School re opened as a provisional school.

September 14, 1932
'The Sydney Morning Herald'


J. Williams. Flemington to Pericoe;

'Magnet' September 17, 1932
* Mr. J. Williams was appointed teacher on 13th September.

'Magnet' November 17, 1934
* Congratulations to Miss Isobel May, East Boyd and Miss Amelia Brownlie upon their success in the recent primary final examination.

'Magnet' August 17, 1935
Government Subsidy Rates
As mentioned in the 'Magnet' last week children who travel to school on horseback or by vehicle are to be granted subsidy in future by the Department of Education.
The rates of subsidy as specified in the Education Gazette, the official journal of the Department, are as follows: - for one child conveyed to school either by vehicle or on horseback, 4 pence; for two children of one family conveyed by vehicle or on two horses, 8 pence; for three children by vehicle or using three horses, 9 pence; this is the maximum daily rate for any one family group. In cases where more than one child rides to school on the one horse only the rate for one child will be paid. The new conditions will come into operation on September 10th.