September 5, 1883
The Bega Gazette and Eden District or Southern Coast Advertiser
Eden Land Office,
* JAMES SMITH, P. Pericoe, 40 acres starting from southeast corner of James Albert Love's 40 acres, taken 21st June last, east south west and north to point of commencement.
* John Thomas Alexander, P. Pericoe, 40 acres, on Towamba run commencing at south west corner of 160 acres, taken by Franz Thelen, 30th Nov. 1876, running east south west and north to point of commencement.

'Pambula Voice' February 25, 1898
It is with deep regret that I have to report the continued illness of the Pioneer of Pericoe, Mr. John Alexander who will be remembered went to Sydney a short time ago to seek medical aid. Many acts of kindness and sympathy performed by Mr. and Mrs. Alexander in times of sickness and trouble remain fresh in the minds of many in this locality and they now feel very grieved for him in his sore affliction. It is worthy of mention that Mrs. Alexander has set two broken arms of boys aged 13 and 12 years respectively, belonging to this neighbourhood and to say the least, they both got on splendidly.

'Pambula Voice' April 29, 1898

* Mr. Donald McDonald, I am sorry to say, still remains in a serious condition and shows little or no sign of improvement.

'Pambula Voice' June 10, 1898
* During the month of May, 2 inches 70 points of rain fell here although coming at the eleventh hour it has done much good but the weather has since been exceptionally cold. However, the outlook is now more cheering.
* I am pleased to be able to report that Mr. Donald McDonald shows signs of improvement. There is now good hope of his permanent recovery which I consider the most remarkable recovery that has come under my notice during a residence in the district of over fourteen years.

6 October 1899
'Evening News'
* A surprise party was tendered to Mr. and Mrs. Weatherhead at their residence, Nungatta Station, on September 29, by some of the residents of Towamba, Perico, Wongrabel, Buldah, Bombala, and Bondi. There were about 50 people present, and they were heartily welcomed by Mr. and Mrs. Weatherhead. Tea was at once set, and served by the promoters, and then the party adjourned to the music-room, where dancing held sway till midnight, when the party adjourned to the dining-room, where supper was served.
The toast of the evening, 'Mr. and Mrs. Weather head,' was drunk with musical honors. The merry party broke up by the singing of 'Auld Lang Syne.' Songs and recitations were rendered during the evening.

September 28, 1900
'Pambula Voice'

* The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson who was knocked down by a dog and had his leg broken a few weeks ago is progressing satisfactorily thus adding another successful case of bone setting to the long list accomplished by Mrs. John Alexander.
* Mr. Donald McDonald who has been in a very precarious state of health for several years and who was treated by Ah Yeck and "Doctor" Carloo is still in a serious condition and has been sent to Sydney for medical treatment. It will be remembered that about two years ago a subscription list was got up to assist Mr. McDonald and his family, having a wife and three children who were in very poor circumstances and depended upon his brothers John and James for support. I am pleased to say that these brothers have now been relieved of further obligations in that respect as the wife of the invalid has received through her lawyer a legacy of over 600 by the death of a relative in England. Never was an inheritance more welcome and more deserving.

October 4, 1902
'Illawarra Mercury'

* The residence of Mr. James Love, of Pericoe, Bega district, has been destroyed by fire.

December 13, 1902
South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus

* On Tuesday Mr. James A. Love sen., of Pericoe, was married to Miss Matilda Newlyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Newlyn of Nethercote.

September 26, 1903
'South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus'

* A very scurvy trick was played upon Mr. Tom Love, at Perico recently. Some contemptible miscreant dug holes round the fruit trees of his orchard, placed dry grass in them, poured kerosene on the grass and set it alight.

14 July 1906
'Barrier Miner'

* The daughter of William Ryan, Pericoe, near Towamba, aged 12 years, has been fatally burned to death.

August 16, 1906
'The Sydney Morning Herald'


* Mr. James Love, of Pericoe, one of the earliest settlers in this district, died at Pambula yesterday, aged 77 years. Deceased arrived at Twofold Bay early in the forties.

January 15,1908
'The Bega Budget'

* The marriage of Miss Patience Alexander, daughter of Mrs. E. Alexander, of Pericoe, with Mr. Clive Stewart, of Cathcart is announced to take place at Pericoe to-day.

May 9, 1908
'The Bega Budget'

* Mr. Thos. Love is in a very low state in Bega Hospital, suffering from blood poisoning. Much sympathy is felt for poor Tom, he being well respected in the locality. Mr. and Mrs. Ryan have also been taken to Pambula Hospital, suffering from pleurisy and rheumatic fever combined. Both patients are in a serious condition. Their case is particularly pitiful, a large family of young children being left to the care of others.

October 29, 1910
'The Sydney Morning Herald'

* ALEXANDER.- October 27, 1910 at Lister Private Hospital Margaret, the dearly loved wife of Percy V. W. Alexander of Pericoe, Eden and daughter of Archibald Stewart of Fairview, Cathcart.

July 2, 1915
'South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus'

* Mr. W. J. Moorhead, having disposed of his Wog Wog property, in tends stocking his home farm Wanatta, Wolumla, with sheep. Miss Lizzie Love, of Pericoe, had her arm broken while skating in the Bega rink the other evening.

September 28 , 1917
'The Bombala Times'

* At the Presbyterian Church, Bombala, on September'' 5th Miss Jessie Love, daughter of the late Mr. James Love, of Pericoe, was united in holy matrimony to Arthur Linden Platts, third son of Mr. Wm. Platts, of Mountain Top. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. W. H. Marshall. The bride, who entered the church on her brother's arm, was tastefully dressed in a dainty gown of white crepe de chine over silk ninon, trimmings of pearls and silk lace. She wore the usual wreath and veil, and carried a beautiful bouquet of hyacinths, snow drops, and maidenhair fern. The bride's gift to the bridegroom was a silver mounted shaving output, and the bridegroom's gift to the bride was a silver-backed hair brush and comb in case. Miss Beatrice Platts was bridesmaid, and wore a cream silk-lined pinafore dress over shadow net and wore a beautiful gold brooch, the gift of the bridegroom. Mr. Gilbert Platts acted as best man. During the signing of the registrar Miss Head sang 'O Perfect Day.'' Miss B. Moore presided at the organ, and as the happy couple left the church she played the Wedding March. The beautiful wedding cake and wine were partaken of at Miss Scott's, and there were about twenty guests present. Subsequently the happy couple left for Sydney, where the honeymoon is being spent, the bride travelling in a navy coat frock with hat to match. The bride was the recipient of many beautiful presents. On their return Mr. and Mrs. Platts will reside at Maharatta.

December 6, 1918
'The Bombala Times'
Coaching Accident near Eden.

On Saturday, Nov. 23rd, a coaching accident happened near Eden, and as a result one of the victims now lies in Pambula Hospital. Miss Lizzie Love, of Towamba, was driving a pair of horses in a coach to Eden, and was accompanied by Mrs. E. Love and two children, of Towamba, one child four years of age and the other an infant in arms. All went well until when within a quarter of a mile of Eden, when one of the jack-clips broke and the pole dropped on to the horses' heels, and they became excited and made off. After the clip broke the coach swung away from the horses, the pole only holding by one clip. Miss Love became excited and endeavored to get clear of the trap, but her clothing evidently became entangled in the brake, with the result that she was thrown across the front wheel and dragged some distance, being severely injured about the lower part of the body. Mrs. Love was thrown forward out of the trap on to the pole, and was carried on until the horses, having turned on to a side road, crashed into a tree, when they broke away with part of the pole and harness. Mrs. Love was pinned beneath the broken pole and axle, and was unable to move until help arrived and the wheel of the coach was removed. She was found to be considerably bruised about the face and body, and after an examination by Dr.Harris, who was summoned, he pronounced her to be suffering from three broken ribs and many bruises. The infant child, when its mother was thrown from the coach, fell clear of the vehicle and horses, and escaped with a few bruises on the face. The other child clung to the seat and received a sprained wrist and bruises on the face. When the coach struck the tree it was badly broken. Miss Love was conveyed to Pambula on Monday morning. The Love family are having a run of bad luck, as Mr. Love died recently, and Mrs. Love has been ill in Pambula Hospital for some weeks, and now Miss Love is severely injured. - Pambula 'Voice.'

February 19, 1926
'The Bombala Times '

* Miss Mary Love (41), daughter of the late Mr. James A. Love, of Pericoe, and sister of Mrs. A. L. Platts, of Mountain Top, died on Sunday last in Omrah Hospital, Darlinghurst. Miss Love had been operated on for appendicitis the previous Wednesday and was progressing satisfactorily. She died suddenly on Sunday morning, the cause of death being heart failure. The coffin was brought to Bombala by train and interred in the Presbyterian cemetery on Tuesday, the Rev. W. G. Bradley reading the burial service.

'Magnet' June 22, 1929
* Mr. J. T. Mitchell of 'Hayfield' Pericoe

September 27, 1929
'The Bombala Times'

(From Our Own Correspondent)
* Ethel Coraline, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Sawers, of Burragate, died suddenly on Thursday of last week, in the Pambula Hospital. She had been staying with her sister, Mrs. W. Love, at Pericoe, for some time. She had an attack of 'flu, and was thought to be getting better, when she got a relapse, and her condition becoming worse she was hurried to the hospital, but too late to save her life. The funeral took place at Rocky Hall, the Presbyterian Minister from Bega reading the burial service. The deceased was only 21 years of age.

'Magnet' February 15, 1930.
* Mr. and Mrs. Norburn of Bondi are spending their vacation with Mr. & Mrs. G. Arnold Snr., of Pericoe.
* Much credit is due to Mr. W. H. Love who, without the aid of the Council, is erecting a new and substantial culvert over the creek at his crossing.

Magnet' January 31, 1931
* 'Daisy Hill' farm for sale.

'Magnet' July 11, 1931.
* Mrs. Love of 'Elmgrove'

'Magnet' August 8, 1931
* Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Mitchell of 'Hayfield' Pericoe are leaving there and living at Burragate.

'Magnet' September 12, 1931
* Although we have been receiving our share of wind it does not blow up the much needed rain.
* Mr. & Mrs. L. Nicholson have taken up residence at 'Hayfield' and Mr. Nicholson is putting in good work on the property. Mr. Nicholson is a grandson of the Mrs. Nicholson of 'Wollingubrah' Bombala. He quite recently celebrated a 97th birthday. We wish our neighbours a successful and happy time in our midst.
* Miss Joyce Alexander who some time ago went to Canberra to take up nursing, is, so far, pleased with her profession and in a recent communication reported to her parents, Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Alexander of Pericoe House, "all's well."

'Magnet' October 3, 1931
* Snakes are again making an appearance. Quite a number have already met their "Waterloo".
* Mrs. L. M. Love is at present in Sydney seeking further medical advice. Mrs. Brownlie is also 'doing' the big smoke.

'Magnet' April 2, 1932
* Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Love - a daughter born at 'Elmgrove'.

'Magnet' April 30, 1932
* Mr. H. Rolfe 'Hayfield'.
* Wilf Ingram's farm 'Oaklands'.

'Magnet' October 22, 1932
* Miss Ida Napier - daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T. Napier of Nungatta is nursing in Melbourne.

October 12, 1934
'The Bombala Times'

* Mrs. Will Love, of Perico, is ill in the Pambula Hospital, where she has undergone an operation. Her brother, Mr. Austy. Sawers, is also in the Pambula Hospital, where he was last week operated on for appendicitis.

'Magnet' March 9, 1935
* Mrs. F. Norburn of Bondi, Sydney, is spending a months' holiday with her parents, Mrs. & Mrs. G. Arnold. She arrived a few days ago.

'Magnet' June 22, 1935.
* The well known Sydney Detective Sergeant Mr. W. Arnold, left for the city last Monday after spending an enjoyable fortnight holiday with his parents.
* Miss J. Alexander has completed four years successful training as a nurse at the Canberra District Hospital and is at present staying at Pericoe House.
* About half the child population of the district has succumbed to the whooping cough epidemic.

'Magnet' September 21, 1935
* Mrs. A. Alexander and daughter, Miss Joy Alexander recently returned to Pericoe after an enjoyable fortnight's holiday in Sydney.

October 8, 1937
'The Southern Record and Advertiser'

* On Monday, Edwin Love, 58 years, a sleeper cutter camped on the Wog Wog road at Pericoe, was found lying on a bunk in his tent groaning. A cord suspended from the tent ridge pole was noosed round his neck and was taut, but not sufficiently to cause strangulation. There were two pea rifle bullet wounds in the head. A pea rifle and an empty cartridge shell were lying on the bunk, and a discharged shell was in the rifle. Love was conveyed to hospital at Pambula, but he died there a few hours after admission. The Coroner (Mr. A. I. Nicholson) held an inquiry, and re turned a verdict of suicide.