Molly and Rufus Lucas' Wedding at Towamba about 1942 Hazel Turnbull [Love] is one of the flower girls. St Pauls Church.
This photo courtesy Pamela Dickie

These images below are with kind permission of Julie Lucas

Mum and Dad's fondest memories were around that community. I remember them laughing about a Towamba tradition that cutlery would be tied to the springs
of a wedding night bed and as the couple sat on the bed there would be clang of cutlery that rang out all over and people would sneak outside to hear the noise.

Here are the beautiful couple, my Mum and Dad,
Rufus and Molly (nee Tasker) Lucas
Rufus and Molly Lucas re-enacting their wedding day outside
the Towamba church in about 1966
Lizzie Tasker (nee Love) with her daughter Molly in front of tank From left: Edward Love, Granny Love and Lionel Love
Harry Tasker (adult) with Jack Tasker behind him Alfie and Harry Tasker, I think the baby is Gail Pritchard (nee Lucas).
I am thinking the older lady is Granny Tasker.
Garry and Gail Lucas in school uniform outside the house Dad built, "Daisy Hill". Horse and sulky at the Towamba School Centenary parade in 1962.
Photo from Einie Love's photo collection
Mavis Beasley, my Mum Molly Lucas (nee Tasker).
The woman on the right is unknown
Margaret Love, Hazel Tasker (nee Love), Lizzie Tasker (nee Love),
& Maggie Foster from Wyndam
Rufus & Molly Lucas with Mavis & Alf Beasley A meeting of Tasker/Love women in about 1980.
Aileen Tasker, Maureen Tasker, Molly Lucas (nee Tasker),
Moya Love, KayTasker, Gail Pritchard (nee Lucas) and Robyn Love
Garry Lucas, Molly Lucas (nee Tasker) and Gail Pritchard (nee Lucas) at the Towamba School Reunion, I think 1997