All photos courtesy of Dickie Family

View taken above Dickie's house on right, towards Towamba village showing original bridge.
Towamba store across bridge on left. Looking east. pre 1919

Kate Dickie
after she came to Australia
Kate Dickie before she came to Australia
Hannah Dickie with Jock McPherson James, Hannah, George and Connie Dickie with George Parker
James (Pop) Dickie James Thornborough Dickie. Died in 1964 at age 96.

George, Connie & Inda Dickie
Maud Parker with George, Inda & Connie Dickie

Mercia, Josie, Eily, Lena and Regina Dickie.
John and Alice (Ryan) Dickie's daughters
James & Hannah Dickie with George, Inda & Connie.

James and Hannah (Beasley) Dickie with their 3 children.
George born in 1896, Clarinda known as Inda born in 1899,
Clare known as Connie born in 1900 at "Honeysuckle Farm".
Now known as "Rivervale". No Date on photo maybe 1910-12.
Courtesy J. Love
Inda Dickie
Malcom (Jack) and Inda (Dickie) McLeod with Elva

Kitty McLeod with Elva McLeod Elva McLeod
Hannah Dickie (nee Beasley) Jennifer and James Dickie

Jennifer Dickie James Dickie
Connie (Dickie) & Ron McPherson, 15 june 1927
St Paul's Towamba
Don McLeod's house.
Lochiel Men in field. Dickie farm
James (Pop) Dickie rolling after ploughing on
Dickie's Flat. River directly behind in front of the hill.
Possibly at Greer's
Ploughing Dickie's flat Pop Dickie
View across the river from Dickie's farm.
John Dickie's house behind tree on right, George Love to the left
View from Dickie's place showing old butcher shop behind shed in foreground.
Hannah & Inda Dickie at the creek. Sent to George during the war. Unknown on the road to Towamba.
Old Towamba bridge - maybe 'View of old Towamba' written on the back
Doris and ? Grant James & work horse at Honeysuckle Farm
Clara Constance (Connie) Dickie and Ronald McPherson.

Vera (Hite) Beasley with Connie, Jock & Ron McPherson
Heather, Elsie & Vivian Grant, baby Janice and Doris in front

Connie Dickie with snake caught in the garden.
Hannah Dickie milking

Hannah Dickie in her garden at Wistaria Cottage
John, Hannah & James Dickie

James at Wistaria Cottage, Jan 1939
James & dad George at Honeysuckle Farm
View from Honeysuckle Farm over river to John Dickie's farm (once the old post office)

George Dickie centre & Connie & Ron McPherson on right, others unknown
Wistaria Cottage on Honeysuckel Farm, Dickie's place, Towamba

George Dickie
George Dickie, Dick & Harry Beasley

Hospital in UK where George was taken after he was shot in France
Ida, Barbara & Max Sawers Jim, Ida & Max Sawers
Barbara (Sawers) Grant At Log Farm

Towamba School. c 1923. Teacher Mr. Dalling
Inda McLeod (nee Dickie) in her garden at Towamba
Confirmation Certificate Certificate from school
Jennifer Dickie with Ester. Jennifer was reportedly the first person
to have a guide dog in NSW.
Ester was trained in WA. Jenny flew over there
and spent time learning
how to work with her.
I think it was organised through the Rotary Club of Bega.
Roy Carrol was one of the main forces behind it happening.
Jennifer and dog walking down city street.
I think this was taken in Sydney when Jenny worked
for the Blind Institute at Kirribilli
Information about Jennifer Dickie and Ester courtesy R. Dickie
The images below are a mix of miscellaneous photos from the Dickie family
Alec, son of Martha and Daniel Gillespie Script on back: "To uncle Ron (McPherson) from Nell Targett"
Lizzie Martin Sarah Parker (George Parker's mother)

Harry & Mary McDonald
"Sincerely your Bertha", written on back of postcard to Connie Dickie