GLORIA. And we had the two churches in the hall, in those days. It wasn't until later, much later, that the Anglicans said we could use their church. (St.Pauls Church) But we always had the Catholics and the Presbyterians ...that was over in the hall.
SHIRLEY. When I was there the Catholic people had theirs down at Carraghers, in the dinning room.
*** Excerpt from Gloria Grant and Shirley Sproats' interview in 'The Forgotten Corner Interviews'.

VERNER. Harold Binnie used to come to Towamba. You see in those times the Church of England were the only ones who used the church. The Catholics had church in someone's house. They wouldn't all go to the same church in the old days.
So would there be a bit of competition as to who's house Father would say mass in?
LORNA. Oh, no we were all pretty friendly. It was all a big community affair, you know, you'd all meet on a Sunday at someone's home ...
VERNER. Mr. Binnie up there, Arthur Binnie and he'd come in and the collection plate would be there and he'd put two shillings right in the middle of it. When we were kids we used to think, by gee, he must have a lot of money that feller, with two shillings on the plate. But when you think of it, Dad had four boys and Mum and we'd all have three pence each and I suppose Dad put on a shilling and sixpence so we'd probably put more on than him. But we used to think he must have been rich with this two shillings. I suppose we though it was a lot of dough in those times. Well, it was a fair bit I suppose.
Do you remember old Donny Laing? You'd go to put a penny on the plate and he'd say "Put it in your pocket." He was a marvelous man. So I'd put in back in my pocket.
*** Excerpt from Clive and Vernor Clements and Lorna Dwyer's interview in 'The Forgotten Corner Interviews'.

The church was the focal point of small remote settlements. It was the one place where members of the community were christened, wedded and mourned.
In the early days of the Towamba district, St.Pauls Church of England Church, dedicated on 24/10/1888 by Bishop Thomas of Goulburn, catered for all religious needs of that congregation. Presbyterians and Catholics held their services either in the local hall or in a resident's home. In later years St. Pauls became a community church where services of all denominations were held.
The church was originally built on private property located on the Pericoe Road, on ground donated to the Church. In later years the church was relocated to the village of Sturt (now Towamba). The church was never consecrated, only dedicated, as Bishop Thomas didn't regard churches built from wood as permanent structures.
St.Pauls Church of England is now St. Pauls Community Church. It is listed with the National Trust and is managed by the Towamba community.

Towamba Photo Collection

Molly and Rufus Lucas' Wedding at Towamba about 1942 Hazel Turnbull [Love] is one of the flower girls. St Pauls Church.
This photo courtesy Pamela Dickie.

* The first Presbyterian Minister of Twofold Bay was Rev. C. R. Greig
* The Presbyterian service was always held in Towamba Hall.

St.Pauls Community Church
National Trust Listed and restored by the Towamba community.

Photo K.Clery

September 26 , 1868
'The Bega Gazette and Eden District or Southern Coast Advertiser'
* Roman Catholic Church.-The Rev. Father Slattery will (D.V.) hold stations at the following places on the days therein specified, viz: -- At Mr M'Guiness's, Meringlo, on Monday, 12th October; at Mr Brown's, Brown Mountain, on Tuesday, 13th; at Mr Schick's, Tantawanglo, on Thursday, 15th; at Mr Collins', Candelo, on Friday, 16th; at Mrs Grealy's, Long Bridge, on Saturday, 17th ; at Mrs Love's, Wyndham, on Monday, 19th; and at Mrs Slattery's, Towamba, on Thursday, 22nd.

October 30, 1880

'Australian Town and Country Journal'

KEYS-BINNIE.-October 13, at Towamba, near Eden, by the Rev. R. Earl, Joseph, fourth son of John Keys, Esq., of Claremount Cottage, Candelo, to Annie, eldest daughter of Alexander Binnie, Esq., of Towamba, Eden, and granddaughter of the late James Binnie, Esq., M.D., of Roxburghshire, Scotland.

March 8, 1882
'The Bega Gazette and Eden District or Southern Coast Advertiser'

* Marriage: MARTIN-DUNN.-March 6th, 1882, at the Union Church, Wolumla, by the Rev. W. Baker, Samuel Martin, of Towamba, to Eliza, daughter of Mr. James Dunn, farmer, of Wolumla.

'Australian Town and Country Journal'
7 July 1888

Towamba, near Eden, lately had a social, which proved a success; the proceeds being intended for the erection of a new Anglican church in that place. Among the ladies present were a pretty brunette in cream, draped with cardinal satin ribbon; a Bega young lady, in black velvet, draped with blue satin; her sister, in white embroidered muslin, with cardinal ribbon; a brunette from Eden in net skirt, with cardinal velvet bodice; two sisters, one in net skirt and white satin bodice, the other in pale pink and black velvet bodice; a married lady from Wyndham in white, with silk bodice; and a local married lady in white.

'Goulburn Herald'
13 November 1888

On Sunday, 21st October, at the morning service in Pambula church the Bishop preached, and confirmed fourteen persons, presented by the Rev. R. Earl, and then drove to Eden, where he preached in the English church at 4 p.m. Owing to defective notice the congregation was comparatively small. On Monday morning the Bishop was occupied with correspondence and diocesan business, and in the afternoon called on several of the residents. On Tuesday at 9.15 a.m. in the Eden church seven were confirmed; after which the Bishop, Mrs. Thomas, and Rev. R. Earl drove up the beautiful mountain road twenty-two miles to Towamba, where they were met by a large number on the road, and welcomed by Mr. and Mrs. Stiles, who had driven another way from Canoona to meet them. On Wednesday St. Paul's Church was dedicated to the service of God according to the same form as that used on Friday at Wolumla. The Rev. R. Earl read the prayers and presented seven persons, who were confirmed. At a subsequent meeting the church building account was submitted (when the Bishop subscribed 5 5/, and many others) the stipend fund, the Pambula parsonage debt (three pounds being obtained), the church society, the James Manning memorial were severally considered favourably. In the afternoon Mr. Stiles drove the Bishop, Mrs. Thomas, and Mrs. Stiles down the river side for eight miles to call on Mr. Mitchell. After prayer with Mr. Mitchell, who is an invalid, they retraced their steps to the Towamba Station. On Thursday an early start was made for Wyndham, the party calling on the way at the dairy farm and at Mr. Binnie's. After dining at Turbot's the Bishop proceeded to the now hall of the mechanics' institute, preached to a large congregation and confirmed eight persons presented by the Rev. R. Earl. After meeting in the hall the Bishop and Mrs. Thomas were driven in Mr. Stiles' carriage to Rocky Hall, which they reached about six p.m., being met on the road and escorted to the homestead by Mr. Whitby and Rev. Canon Betts, who had come from Bombala to convey the Bishop to his parish. Thus ended the south coast portion of the Bishop's present visitation tour, which occupied twenty-three days of continuous travelling. The weather was favourable, though occasionally very cold, and the miles travelled 417. The number of services in churches and houses, and meetings, was forty; and the amount collected at twenty-three of the services for the Church Society, 64/15/2. Owing to the drought which has so long prevailed the district has in many places suffered severely. Nevertheless the church has been well supported in most of the parishes. The Bishop and Mrs. Thomas were most warmly, indeed enthusiastically, received wherever they travelled.

'Pambula Voice' December 8, 1893.
......After tea an entertainment was given in Mr. Hite's hall which was crowded by an attentive and appreciative audience.......

'Pambula Voice' August 4, 1893
Mr. Maxwell and family have removed from here to Kanoona after a stay of three years. Their departure is very much regretted by the residents, for a good neighbour will be gone and one who was a great help in church matters also but we have it on good authority he will be the gain of the people Candelo and Bega side.

'Pambula Voice' January 19, 1894
Arrangements have been made to hold the Presbyterian and Wesleyan church services in Towamba in future in Mr. Hite's Lyceum hall. This building has seating capacity for over one hundred people and is furnished with an excellent piano. It is on the Eden and Pambula side of the river and therefore convenient for the respective preachers while the attendants are about equally divided on either side of the stream.

'Pambula Voice' August 2, 1895

* Licensee of the Towamba Hotel has vacated the hostelry before the expiration of his lease, owing to dull times. He is now renting the Church of England grounds to start a butcher's shop. It is hoped that he won't turn the church into a butcher's shop.

'Pambula Voice' January 21, 1898

Two services were announced for Sunday afternoon at Wyndham but only one came off. No explanation was received and it is hoped nothing serious has happened to the other pastor.

'Pambula Voice' July 8, 1898
A very pretty wedding took place at the English church, Towamba on the 29th of June, the contracting parties being Mr. Robert A. Gordon, only son of Mr. Simon Gordon J.P. of Lochiel and Miss Martha Jane Clements, second daughter of Mr. William Clements of the 'Model Farm' Towamba. The ceremony which took place at 11 am was conducted by the Reverend G. Jennings. The bride was led to the alter by her brother Mr. Eddie Clements and given away by her father. She looked very pretty in a handsome gown of surah silk ( trimmed with white satin, chiffon and orange blossoms) and a wreath and veil. She also wore a gold brooch, watch and chain and carried a pretty bouquet, gifts of the bridegroom. She was attended by her two sisters as bridesmaids. Miss Becky Clements wore crushed strawberry nun's veiling trimmed with cream ribbons and flowers and hat to match. Miss Alice Clements wore steel grey crushed cashmere with crimson sash and hat to match. Mr. W. G. Booth, brother-in-law of the bridegroom acted as best man. At the conclusion of the marriage service an adjournment was made to the residence of bride's parents where about eighty sat down to a sumptuous breakfast. The health of the newly-wed pair was proposed by the Reverend Mr. Jennings and the bridegroom suitably responded. The company afterwards retired to the lawn where games were indulged in throughout the afternoon and in the evening an enjoyable dance was held. The bride's travelling dress was of formed cashmere richly trimmed with figured silk gimp, fawn hat trimmed with chiffon, ribbon and cream roses. The wedding presents were very numerous, useful and pretty.

Married at Towamba: Louis Harold Arnold (b. Bibbenluke NSW) and
Henrietta Violet Bollman of Towamba 8/1/1900

February 19, 1908
'The Bega Budget'
A very pretty wedding was celebrated at the Church of England, Towamba, on Wednesday, the contracting parties being Miss Rebecca Clements, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clements, of Towamba, and Mr. Joseph Jaggers, eldest son of Mr. George Jaggers, of Bega. Mr. Vincent Hazelgrove was best man, while Miss Elsie Clements, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid. The bride looked charming in a costume of soft white Japanese silk, trimmed with applique, net, and silk insertion. She also wore a wreath of orange blossoms and veil, also a handsome gold brooch, the gift of the bridegroom. The bride also carried a handsome bouquet, presented by Miss R. Nicholson, of Eden. The brides maid's dress was pink silk muslin, with hat to match. She also wore a handsome gold brooch, the gift of the bridegroom. The church, which was nicely decorated by the bride's admirers, was well filled with friends to witness the ceremony. The "Wedding March" was played by Miss Campion. The Rev. F. H. Champion performed the ceremony. The bride's gift to the bridegroom was a pair of gold sleeve links. After the marriage, the party, accompanied by many friends, drove to the residence of the bride's parents, where a sumptuous breakfast was partaken of, about 60 guests being present. Several toasts were proposed and suitably responded to. Many useful and valuable presents were received, among them being some cheques. The happy couple left for Eden on Thursday, and on Friday boarded the Wakatipu for their home on the Tweed River.

March 21, 1908
'The Bega Budget'

The Church of England bazaar took place on the 14th instant, the proceeds amounting to about 50. I consider this very good, the more so as money cannot be too plentiful with our pastures in their present almost grassless condition. A great deal of the success is due to the committee for the way in which they kept the ball rolling; also to the ladies who were indefatigable in their efforts to carry things to a successful issue. I will not particularise individually, as each and everyone did his or her best, and what is better still, without the least friction. Everybody came and left amicably, and well satisfied with themselves and everybody else.

September 20, 1911
'Southern Star'
Constable W. P. Jennings and Miss M. McKee were married to day at Towamba by the Rev. P. Kenny.

The Twofold Bay Magnet and South Coast and Southern Monaro Advertiser
Mon 22 Jul 1912
Mr Charles Robinson is the successful tenderer for removing and rebuilding the Towamba Church of England.
(The church was moved from where it originally stood, about 2 Kilometers from Towamba village on the Pericoe Road, to where it now stands in Towamba.) Ed.

Newspaper Unknown

October 4, 1913
The Church of England people rolled up in numbers a fortnight ago. Painting the church was the order of the day. The building now looks quite a credit to those gentlemen who gave their time to so good a service. Mr. B. Beasley supplied the timber to fence the ground, and then by arrangement erected the fence. The ladies also gave a hand and prepared a lunch for the workers, and everything passed off happily.

Newspaper unknown
March 19, 1913
Wedding bells! silver bells! What a world of melody their chimes foretells. At any rate, a nice wedding was celebrated at the local Church of England (Towamba) on 16th March, Rev. Hurst officiating. The happy couple were Edward Umback and Charlotte Kevers. May their happiness continue.

June 5, 1915
'The Southern Record and Advertiser'
(From Our Correspondent).

A very pretty wedding was celebrated in the Presbyterian Church, Eden, on Tuesday morning, the contracting parties being Mr. W. T. Beasley of 'Towamba, and Miss Daphne Eveline McCloud, of Lower Towamba. A large gathering of relatives and friends assembled at the church to witness the ceremony which was performed by the Rev. J. L. Forbes. The bride entered the church on the arm of her father who gave her away, and was charmingly gowned in a white silk crystallite dress with trimmings of lace and pearls, and wore the usual wreath and veil. The bride also carried a beautiful bouquet of camellias, daffodils and asparagus, tied with white silk streamers. The bouquet was made and presented by Miss R. Nicholson. The bride also wore a diamond brooch the gift of the bride groom. Miss Irene Tasker, cousin of the bride, was bridesmaid, and was attired in a pretty gown with guipure and point lace trimmings, and wore a hat to match, also a gold brooch the gift of the bridegroom. The bride's gift to the bridegroom was a pair of gold sleeve links. Mr. J. McCloud, brother of the bride was groomsman. As the bridal party left the church, the wedding march was played by Miss Forbes. The bridal party and friends were photographed at the church door by Mr. W. T. Hall, local photographer. After the ceremony the bridal party together with thirty relatives and friends adjourned to the Hotel Australasia, where a sumptuous wedding breakfast was partaken of. Mrs. Pike prepared the breakfast and the splendid spread provided was a credit to that lady. On the table was a handsome three decker wedding cake which was made and presented by Mrs. A. Robinson, hostess of the Towamba Hotel. Rev. J. L. Forbes in a neat little speech proposed the health of the bride and bridegroom, which was responded to by the bridegroom. Mr. W. T. Hall proposed the health of the bridesmaid, and Mr. D. McCloud responded. The health of the parents of the bride and bridegroom was proposed by Mr. W. T. Hall, Mr. J. W. Beasley, father of bridegroom, and Mr. K. McCloud, father of bride, responding. Mr. W. Beasley proposed the Press. Mr. W. T. Hall responded and created much amusement when at the conclusion of his speech, he wished the happy couple health, wealth and happiness and hoped that if troubles should come to them they would only be little ones. Mr. E. Clements proposed the health of Rev. J. L. Forbes, to which Mr. Forbes responded. After the breakfast sever al photographs were taken of the bridal party by Mr. Hall. The happy couple left in the afternoon for Towamba en route to Nangutta, where they intend to reside. The bride's travelling dress was a navy serge coat and skirt, with hat to match. The happy couple were the recipients of a beautiful lot of presents.

January 26, 1918
'The Southern Record and Advertiser'

* Mr. J. H. Beasley, son of Mr. J. W. Beasley, of Towamba, and Miss E. M. McLeod, daughter or Mr. Kenneth McLeod, of Lower Towamba, were recently married at Eden. After the ceremony the young couple left for their honey moon trip to Pambula and Tantawanglo. The bridegroom is a returned wounded soldier who has been discharged from the forces.

'Magnet' January 5, 1929
Church at Towamba 11 a.m.
Burragate 2.30 p.m.
Wyndham 7.30 p.m. Third Sunday of the month.

Handwritten family register inside 'Brown's Bible' at St.Pauls
Community Church, Towamba.

Photo K.Clery
Family register inside 'Brown's Bible' at St.Pauls Community
Church, Towamba
Photo K.Clery
Found inside 'Brown's Bible' at St.Pauls
Community Church, Towamba.

Photo K.Clery

Photo found inside 'Brown's Bible', St.Pauls Community Church,

'Magnet' May 1929.
The Euchre party and dance and Cinderella held in Towamba hall on Friday and Saturday nights in last week in aid of the Presbyterian Church and car fund were a great success. Visitors attended from Eden, Kiah, Wyndham, Pericoe and Burragate and the doorkeeper, Mr. Don Laing and ticket seller Mr. Ed. Clements, had a busy time. The takings amounting to 13/15/-. Euchre was in the hands of Mr. Ken McLeod who was kept busy making tickets. The gentlemen's prize, a tobacco pouch and cigarette maker donated by Mr. D. Laing was won by Mr. F. Arnold and the ladies prize, a nice pair of coloured glass vases was won and donated by Mrs. W. Parker. Booby prizes went to Miss McDonald and Mr. L. Roberts. Mr. Jack McLeod as M.C. Kept the dances going merrily to music supplied by Miss J. Dickie (piano) and Mr. McIntyre of Rocky Hall (violin) with extras by Mrs. H. Beasley. Music for the Cinderella was given voluntarily by Miss J. Dickie, Miss R. Greer, Mrs. J. W. Dickie and Mr. J. McLeod. The hall was nicely decorated by the committee with streamers kindly lent by Miss J. Roberts. The supper table made a most attractive picture. It was decorated with flowers and fancy paper and laden with delightful viands prepared by the ladies of Towamba. The total proceeds including donations and receipts from a guessing competition were 24/7/9. Mr. Ivan Roberts won 1 donated by Mr. Arthur Binnie by guessing the exact number of grains, 404, in a bottle. A box of chocolates donated by Mr. W. Green for a card waltz was divided between two sisters, the Misses Gait and partners and a silver and glass butter dish, given by the P. Boot Co., was won by Mr. A. Harris. Other donations were Mrs. Alex Binnie and Mrs. Banwell, 10 shillings each, Mrs. F. Ramsey, Mrs. A. Parker and Mrs. C. Roberts, 5 shillings each. Mrs. W. Roberts' box of ladies handkerchiefs was won by Miss Ruby Roberts, Mr. E. Clements' pocket knife was won by Master Lionel Love. Mr. Broomfield, Sydney, donated 18 tins of floor polish which was sold for 15 shillings. The secretary extends best thanks to all who kindly assisted to make the function such a success.

'Magnet' July 13, 1929
* Mr. And Mrs. Purcell (nee Miss Lena Dickie) married in Sydney recently, have been spending their honeymoon with the latter's parents, Mr.& Mrs. J. W. Dickie.

'Magnet' September 14, 1929
* The Church of England ball to be held here on October 4th, promises to be a success. Dancers are assured of a good time.

'Magnet' August 30, 1930
* Repairs to the C. of E. Church in Towamba were made by Mr. E. Love.

'Magnet' June 6, 1931
It rained heavily all day on Thursday in last week and all were afraid that the ball would have to be postponed but on the following morning the sun was shining giving every prospect of a fine day, so the organizers carried on and both nights proved very successful. Credit for the result is due in main to the two young secretaries Misses O. Clements and T. Beasley and a large band of willing workers. Visitors were present from Wyndham, Burragate, Pericoe, Kiah and Eden. The tables were tastefully arranged with flowers by local ladies and the hall was decorated by coloured balloons given by Miss J. Binnie. Messers D. McLeod and T. Legge had charge of the euchre tables and the ladies prize, a nice supper cloth donated by Miss J. Binnie was won by Mrs. E. Clements. Mr. A. Beasley was winner of the gents prize, half a dozen stainless steel knives donated by Mr. A. Binnie while the booby prize went to Mrs. J. McLeod and Mr. A. Greer. Donations were plentiful and in consequence there were many card and spot waltzes. A box of chocolates given by Mr. Turnbull of Eden and a box of half a dozen stainless steel knives from Mr. A. Binnie were won by Mr. & Mrs. Don McLeod. In the children's dances two books of poems given by Mrs. Banwell were won by Clive Clements and Valerie Brownlie and the same two children won five shillings and a box of chocolates donated respectively by Mr. Arthur
Clements and Mrs. Jim Beasley. Handkerchiefs and a pair of knitted socks given by Miss M. McDonald were won by Verner Clements and Molly McLeod. A prize given for a waltzing competition by Miss McDonald, Eden, was won by Mr. B. Smith and Miss May Parker. Music was supplied by our local girls Misses Jean Dickie and Rene Greer and extras by numerous volunteers. Mr. A. Clements officially carried out the duties of M. C. and kept things moving merrily along. Messers Banwell and E. Clements were doorkeeper and ticket seller respectively. In the guessing competition, the prizes, a bag of potatoes from Mr. E. Clements and bag of wheat from Mr. Lindbeck were won by Mr. H. Beasley and Mrs. A. Parker. Other donors were Mrs. F. Mitchell, 5 shillings, Mrs. A. Parker, 7 shillings and 6 pence and Cecil Clements, 4 shillings bringing the nett proceeds to 20.

Connie Dickie's wedding. St.Pauls Church of
England, Church. 1925
Photo courtesy of C. and G. Clements
Gloria Beasley's wedding. (Hampden Beasley's daughter, now Gloria Grant)
No date
Alby Love and Claire Jones were married in the Towamba Church of England, 26 Sep 1945.
Photo courtesy S. Love

'Magnet' June 6, 1931
* There was certainly no depression here last week when everybody rolled up to make the Presbyterian Euchre party, dance and Cinderella a great popular success.

'Magnet' July, 16, 1932
* The marriage of Miss Irene Sidebottom, Sydney and Mr. James C. Love, Towamba was solemnised by the Reverend H. T. Genge at Pambula on the 6th instant.

* Rev. H. T. Genge - C of E Minister.

'Magnet' October 22, 1932
The annual Church of England ball was held in Towamba hall on October 14, and despite the inclemency of the weather, was very successful. Visitors were present from Eden, Nethercote, Wyndham, Kiah and Pericoe and danced merrily to music supplied by Miss Ilene Green (piano), Mr. Jack McLeod (drums) and extras by Misses Hartneady, Dickie and McMahon, Mrs. Beasley and Mr. Stan Mair. Mr. Herb Beasley as M.C. kept things moving smoothly while the Towamba ladies served supper in their usual capable manner. During the evening a Monte Carlo dance was won by Mr. Alf Beasley and Miss Molly McLeod who shared success with Mr. Walter Harris and partner in a spot dance. The Cinderella the following night was also well attended, the children having a jolly time. Donations were received by Mrs. Alex Binnie and Mrs. L. M. Love, Messers D. Allmond, H. & L. Mitchell and D. Morton. Mr. Harry Richards won the guessing of a length of string in the bottle for prize given by Mrs. L. M. Love. The committee expects to net the sum of 20 which is indeed gratifying.

April 14, 1933
'The Bombala Times'

* At the residence of the bride's parents, on March 4th, Miss Jean Mary Parker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Parker, of Towamba, was married by the Rev. R. Maidment to Mr. Moss Brassington, of Bombala.

'Magnet' May 6, 1933
The euchre party, ball and Cinderella held here on April the 28 and 29th in aid of the Presbyterian church, funds were highly successful. The euchre prizes donated by Messers A. and E. Clements, were won by Mr. S. Mair and Mrs. H. Beasley and Mrs. R. Beasley. The euchre tables were run by Mr. W. Green and Mr. A. Clements. Music for the dance was supplied by Miss Rene Greer on the piano, Mr. J. McLeod, drums and extras were given by Mrs. H. Beasley, Miss T. Hartneady, Messers Mair, Goward, McPhee and J. McLeod senior. Mr. A Clements as M.C. kept the dancers moving. The Monty Carlo waltz was won by Mr. R. Clements and Miss E. McLeod and spot waltzes were won by Mr. A. Sawers and Mrs. G. Beasley and Mr. W. McDonald and Miss Hartneady. The hall was nicely decorated with tree ferns, cherry bushes and flowers and the supper tables which looked charming were decorated with chrysanthemums, the work of Mrs. Banwell. At the Cinderella dance the spot waltz was won by Master H. Roberts and Miss U. Parker and another by Master D. Banwell and Miss N. Clements. 1 donated by Mr. Binnie for a guessing competition was won by Mrs. D. McLeod, fifteen shillings first, and Mr. E. Clements, 5 shillings, second. During the night four gifts were awarded to Mrs. R. Brownlie's Sunday school class, the recipients being Masters D. Banwell and C. Clements and Misses Maizy Parker and Lorna Brownlie. A spot waltz for adults was won by Mr. B. Gleeson and Miss R. Roberts. Mr. E. Clements and Mr. N. Ramsey acted as door keeper and ticket seller respectively. Donations were received by Mesdames H. and F. Mitchell, Mrs. A. Parker, Mrs. W. Roberts, Miss P. Beasley, Mrs. R. Beasley and Messers A. Binnie, B. and A. Clements, Cornwell, Ramsey, Logan, D. Laing and Corey homemade lollies were donated by Mrs. D. Binnie, Mrs. H. Banwell, Miss B. Greig and Mrs. C. Logan. Gross takings amounted to 24/9/6 leaving a nett balance of 19/7/6. The organising secretaries who are to be congratulated on the success of the function were Mrs. T. Beasley and Mrs. R. Beasley.

Reverend H. T. Genge - C of E - Anglican Minister
Reverend R. Maidment - Presbyterian Minister
Reverend Father Donnelly - Catholic Priest

'Magnet' July 14, 1934

A quiet wedding was celebrated here last Saturday, July 7th, the contracting parties being Thelda, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hartneady of Towamba and John, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Ken McLeod also of Towamba. The bride was given away by her father and was attended by her cousin Mrs. Robertson of Brogo as Matron of Honour. Mr. Don McLeod, brother of the bridegroom was best man. The Rev. Mr. Maidment performed the ceremony which took place at the residence of the bride's parents.
Wine and cake were partaken of and the usual toasts honoured. Shortly afterwards, amid showers of confetti the happy couple left for their honeymoon.

'Magnet' July 28, 1934

* Malcolm John McLeod (John) married Clarinda Amelia McLeod (Nee?)
* Alfred Tasker married Jessie Ann Tasker (nee?)

'Magnet' August 18, 1934.
* Jessie Parker of Towamba. married Harry Salway of Cobargo. Bride's Aunt is Mrs. Clements, Elsie Parker her sister.

'Magnet' October 6, 1934.
Huge success with record receipts
Total receipts from all sources of 146/8/6 for the 1934 Eden Convent Ball held last Friday night created a new record for this popular local function which was also a notable social success. The result speaks of itself for the organising work of the secretaries Mr. & Mrs. J. Eurell and many willing helpers.
The popular girl and boy competitions held in connection with the ball raised no less that 60/5/3. Door takings at the ball were 68 and the Cinderella and donations etc, made up the balance.
Many present considered the ball the best of its kind they had ever attended locally. Comparisons are always more or less invidious however, and, while the financial returns they saw higher and higher, it would be difficult indeed to exceed the splendor and social pleasure of some of the functions of a few years ago. For over forty years the Convent ball has been an annual event awaited with eager anticipation by folk in all parts of the district, some of whom have been attending regularly since the earliest days and it was fitting that last week's function should be a long line of successes. The Quaama dance band which proved so popular last year was engaged on this occasion and its rendering of bright, new dance music again found great favour with the big crowd of dancers whose constant calls for encores met with a ready and cheerful response. The band comprised of Miss Una Bown (piano), Mr. Fred Bown (violin), Mr. G. J. Phillips (saxophone), Mr. R. B. Paton (cornet and trombone), Mr. Ron Dixie (drums). Mesdames Maunder and Warn and Miss Eileen McMahon contributed piano extras which were much appreciated. Hall decorations - a skillful and harmonious blending of streamers, balloons, prettily shaded electric lights, burrawang leaves and other greenery - were delightful. They represented long and patient work by Mr. Will Gandon who is due for congratulations on the effect obtained. The supper table decorations were in the expert hands of Mrs. A. I. Nicholson whose services in this respect have long been in demand and the resulting effect was the subject of unanimous praise.
Mr. I. A. Lee was M. C. carrying out the duties in his usual attentive and efficient manner.
Mr. W. J. Duffy had charge of the box office and Mr. Wes Cocks discharged the duties of doorkeeper.
A guessing competition which the current number was 294 was won by Mr. Gerald Stewart, 295, on a draw with Mrs. C. Roberts, 293. Mrs. Eurell was third with 296.
Some of the ladies present and their frocking:
Mrs. J. B. Eurell, pink flat crepe, black spots. Mrs. G. Thompson, black angel-skin lace, crystal trimming. Mrs. A. Holden, navy morocain. Mrs. Hall, blue crepe de chene. Mrs. J. P. Rodd, black georgette. Mrs. Senior, (Coogee), green floral georgette. Mrs. S. J. Snow, white crepe de chene. Mrs. A. Swires, black ring velvet, lame trimmings. Mrs. J. Drayson, crepe satin and lace. Mrs. I. Roberts, cream crepe de chene and lace. Mrs. Arnold, windswept crepe, black trimmings. Mrs. H. R. Davidson, (Bega), pink windswept satin. Mrs. A. Stone, treble crepe morocain. Mrs. C. Dowling, black morocain and silver lame. Mrs. Roy Goward, blue morocain. Mrs. I. A. Lee, black duchess satin. Mrs. L. Greer, (Towamba), brown satin. Mrs. B. Buckland, (Genoa), powder blue morocain. Mrs. Kebby, black satin. Mrs. L. Best, (Merimbula), black velvet. Mrs. R. Edwards, flame flat crepe. Mrs. Aub Newlyn, (Pambula), maize windswept crepe. Mrs. Fred Rugg, (Lower Towamba), blue morocain, orange trimmings. Mrs. P. McDonald, white petal crepe morocain. Mrs. Wilf Bobbin, orange brocaded satin. Mrs. Dickenson, black and silver. Mrs. R. M. Bobbin, old gold art silk. Mrs. C. Bobbin, white silk crepe de chene. Miss Clare Whelan, (Kiah), white morocain. Miss Cecilia Cunnane, patou pink flat crepe and silver lame trimmings. Miss Joan Nicholson, patou pink crepe. Miss Claudia Hall, green morocain, gold trimming. Miss Merle McLeod, (Towamba), white morocain, pink geisha silk coat. Miss Olive Blaxster, lipstick red with frills. Miss M. Hite, cream crepe satin and lace. Miss Una Bown, (Quaama), blue satin. Miss D. Hopkins, white mariette organdi and sequin trimmings. Miss F. McCloy, (Narrabarba), pink georgette, pink velvet coat, white fur trimming. Miss Q. Holden, printed chiffon. Miss V. Hite, black morocain, green sequin trimmings. Miss Winifred Newlyn, pale green morocain. Miss B. Greig, red morocain. Miss R. Kebby, flame satin. Miss Lorraine Hall, blue brocaded taffeta. Miss E. Maiden, pink tinsel-thread organdi. Miss Molly Connley, (Cann River), blue silk velvet, white fox coat. Miss Jess Connley, (Cann River), moss green silk velvet, silver lame trimmings. Miss Ilene Summerell, (Nimmitabel), black morocain with gold trimming. Miss M. Begely, (Cann River), red windswept crepe. Miss E. Burgess, (Pambula), mauve organdi. Miss Ilene Legge, (Pambula), pale pink crinkled organdi. Miss Edna Edwards, (Wyndham), pink satin and net. Miss Doreen Whitby, (Wyndham), lemon morocain. Miss Nell Impey, pink organdi. Miss Maggie Wood, (Merimbula), red morocain. Miss A. Lake, lemon crepe. Miss Dolly Bobbin, vivid voile. Miss E. Hopkins, blue georgette. Miss M. Milliner, flame morocain. Miss Nancy Impey, pink crinkle morocain. Miss Marjorie Lindwall, white crinkle cape and organdi ruching. Miss D. Slater, white satin. Miss Lily Harris, (Kiah), pink silk morocain. Miss B. Gait, taffeta, black frilled net. Miss M. Silver, white angel-skin, silver trimmings. Miss Ida Bobbin, Nile-green brocaded taffeta. Miss Murial Summerell, (Nimmitable), green satin. Miss Joan Newlyn, (Pambula) white satin.
At the Cinderella on Saturday night, there was again a very large attendance and the evening passed most enjoyably. Ten girls and seven boys competed for the prizes offered for fancy dress and awards were made as follows:
Girls best fancy dress, Edith Drayson. Best comic, Betty Grant. Best poster, Dell Eurell. Tiny tots, Margaret Collins.
Boys best fancy dress, M. Thompson. Special, Artie Edwards. Best Comic, K. Grant. Best Poster, Lloyd Cocks. Tiny tots, Horace Laing. Special B. Thompson.
The candidates in the popular boy and girl competition, voting figures for which were given in our last issue, were invited to the stage and introduced to the audience by Mr. Lee who referred in appreciative terms to the efforts made by them and their parents and friends. The Sisters, he understood, intended to fittingly recognise the work done by the children. The candidates were Dell Eurell, winner, Zita Fantham, Betty Impey. Keith Grant, winner, Lloyd Cocks, Jack Hayes. A spot dance was won by misses M. Milliner and Milly Lynch. The Quaama Orchestra again provided the music which was supplemented by piano extras by Mrs. E. Turnbull, misses A Greenwood and E. Hopkins. On behalf of the Sisters, the secretaries wish to express their thanks to all who donated cooking for the ball, attended it, or assisted in any other way, large or small.

'Magnet' November 17, 1934

* The Annual Presbyterian Ball to be held here next Friday promises to be an outstanding success.

'Magnet' December 1, 1934
* The annual Presbyterian Ball held here recently was an outstanding success

'Magnet' December 15, 1934
Towamba Candidate Wins
The ball held at Eden last night to finalised the Church of England Popular Lady Competition drew patrons from all parts of the district and was very successful. Miss May Parker, Towamba was declared the winner with Miss Nita Lawless, Pambula and Mrs. Pike, Eden next in order. Details in next issue.

'Magnet' December 15, 1934
* A ball held here recently in aid of the Roman Catholic Church funds was very successful despite the unfavourable weather.

'Magnet' January 12, 1935
Church of England Ball - a pleasing success.
Most district centres were represented among the dancers at the Towamba Church of England Ball on the 28th ultimo and the function was not only well attended but a social and financial success also. Mr. A.R. Binnie was his usual courteous self as M. C. and the musicians were Mrs. Gordon Beasley, piano, Mr. Os. Smith, violin, Mr. Jack Ireland Jnr., banjo/mandolin. They provided delightful music appreciated to the full by dancers.
Messers J. T. Dickie and Harry Mitchell had charge of the ticket selling and door respectively.
In the supper room where an energetic committee of ladies served a splendid repast the tables were prettily decorated with flowers and ferns and in the main hall the stage was transformed with baskets of flowers.
A novelty event, a statue dance, won by Mr. Tom Parker and Miss Heather Beasley and a guessing competition, string in a bottle, was won by Miss Alma Parker of Sydney.
During the evening Mr. Binnie, on behalf of the Reverend H. T. Genge, (who was unable to attend) tendered the usual thanks to those present for their attendance and to all those who helped in any other way.
Backed by the usual band of willing helpers, the secretaries, Mrs. Elva and Merle McLeod worked hard and well for the success of the function and their efforts are deserving of the best thanks of the Church people.
A successful Cinderella dance was held on the Saturday night.

'Magnet' March 2, 1935
* At a meeting of the Church of England congregation held last weekend it was decided to hold the annual ball on the 3rd of May next. Miss Heather Keys was appointed secretary.

'Magnet' June 1, 1935
* General regret is expressed locally at the news that Reverend R. Maidment will shortly relinquish the Eden-Bega Presbyterian charge.

* Mrs. V. Brownlie and Miss D. South worked energetically to make the recent Presbyterian dance a success. The door takings were 7.

June 29, 1935
Outstanding success was the reward of the enterprising organisers of the ball that was held at Towamba on the night of Friday the 14th instant in aid of the funds of the Presbyterian Church. There was a splendid attendance which included visitors from Eden, Kiah, Burragate, Pericoe, Wyndham and Bega and all were delighted at the welcome extended to them and the programme provided for their enjoyment. The floor of the hall was in excellent order and inspiring music was supplied by Mrs. H. Beasley (piano), Mr. J. McLeod (drums) and much appreciated extras were given by Miss E. McMahon, Kiah and Miss R. Greer. A fine selection of new and old-time dances provided a most attractive programme which ministered to the enjoyment of all alike. The hall decorations which consisted in the main of lanterns and streamers with the words 'Presbyterian Ball' displayed above the stage were much admired. The supper tables were nicely decorated with poppies, jonquils and violets and an excellent supper provided by the ladies was the subject of popular appreciation. Mrs. Ray Beasley was the energetic Hon. Sec. and Messers E. Clements and N. Ramsey capably discharged the duties of doorkeepers. At an interval between the dances a presentation was made to the Reverend R. Maidment by Mr. Arthur Binnie on behalf of Towamba Presbyterians, of a gold mounted fountain pen as a memento and token of esteem. Mr. Binnie suitably expressed his own and general regret at Mr. Maidment's departure, the church peoples' appreciation of his ministrations, their personal regard for Mr. and Mrs. Maidment and good wishes for their welfare in their new home.
Mr. Maidment in responding, tendered his thanks to all for the gift and good wishes and the ladies especially for their work for the church. He would never forget the hospitality extended to him and he and his wife would have nothing but the pleasantest memories of the sojourn among friends in that Far South Coast parish in which it had been their lot to reside during the last four years. Their good wishes for himself and Mrs. Maidment were heartily reciprocated.

'Magnet' October 26, 1935
The Presbyterian Church, Wyndham, was the scene of a popular and very pretty wedding on Wednesday, 16th October at 2.30pm when Doris Miriam, only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. V. Grant of Wyndham was united in the bonds of Holy Matrimony to Dudley Balfour, fourth son of Mrs. and the late Mr. S Goldberg of Wyndham. Reverend A.J. Barrett of Bombala was the officiating minister. The church was beautifully decorated for the occasion by friends of the bride. The bride, who looked charming, entered the church on the arm of her uncle, Mr. Wallace Grant, who subsequently gave her away. (The bride's father was unfortunately indisposed and could not attend.)
The bride was attired in a frock of ivory crepe satin and honiton lace; her cut tulle veil was showered with white daisies and held in place with a cap of lace and orange blossoms while she carried a lovely bouquet of white lilies, roses and fern, encircled with bridal tulle and streamers of ribbon. The bridesmaid Miss Merle De Costa was attired in a frock of shell pink metalesse with picture hat and shoes to match and carried a bouquet of pink sweet peas and forget-me-nots encircled in tulle. The bride's mother wore a frock of navy crepe de chene with white trimmings and carried a posy of red roses. The bridegroom's mother wore a frock of black crepe de chene and carried a posy of mauve stocks and fern. The bouquets were tastefully made and were the gift of Mrs. Hehir of Candelo who also made the frocks. Mr. Austin Goldberg was best man. As the bride entered the church Mrs. D. Robertson, at the organ, played the Bridal March and during the signing of the register, played the Wedding March.
The bridegroom's gift to the bride was a cut glass bush and comb set and to the bridesmaid, a string of crystals. The bride's gift to the bridegroom was a Morocco wallet engraved with gold initials. After the wedding ceremony a reception was held at the School of Arts. A three decker wedding cake, the work of Torpey Bros., Bombala adorned the table which was beautifully decorated by Mrs. Herbert Robertson. Reverend Barrett presided over a large gathering of relatives and friends and the usual toasts were duly honoured. A number of congratulatory telegrams were read. Among the numerous and costly presents received were many cheques. The happy couple left later, amid showers of confetti and good wishes, for Canberra and Sydney, the bride travelling in a frock of brown crepe metalesse and georgette with hat and shoes to match. Mr. & Mrs. Goldberg's future will be at Bega.

Magnet' February 1, 1936
McMahon - Ryan

At the church of Our Lady of the Princes Highway, Kiah, on December 30th, Reverend Father Donnelly solemnised at Nuptial Mass the marriage of Eileen Isabell, eldest daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. James McMahon of Kiah to Isadore William, third son of Mr. & Mrs. William Ryan, Burragate.
The bride who was escorted to the alter by her father was charmingly attired in an ankle length frock of pale green crepe satin and lace. The veil of pink cut tulle was arranged on a cap of lace encircled with orange blossoms and she carried a large floral horseshoe.
Miss Ciss. McCloy, cousin of the bride, was bridesmaid and chose a pretty shade of mauve for her ankle length frock with hat to match and carried a posy of mauve flowers. Mr Leo Ryan, brother of the bridegroom was best man.
The Nuptial Mass was served by the brothers of the bride and the wedding march was played by Miss Millie Silver. The church was beautifully decorated with pink and mauve flowers for the event by friends of the bride.
After an impressive ceremony the party repaired to the home of the bride's father where breakfast was partaken of by about thirty of the immediate relatives. In the centre of the prettily decorated table stood a beautiful pink wedding cake made by the bride. The Reverend Father Donnelly presided and the usual toasts were honoured.
Numerous valuable presents, including cheques, were received. The happy couple amid showers of confetti and good wishes left by car for Sydney where the honeymoon was spent. The bride travelled in a navy crepe armure frock with beige trimmings and navy accessories to match.


March 16, 1929

Kiah's new R.C. Church replacing the one destroyed in the bush fires of December, 1926 was opened last Sunday by the Right Reverend Dr. Barry, Bishop of Goulburn Diocese and given - at the desire of the Reverend Father Lehanne, parish priest, who has worked enthusiastically for the new building - the original and appropriate title of The Church of Our Lady of the Prince's Highway.
The church cost, apart from valuable furniture donated by adherents, close on 1,000 and would do credit to places many times the size of Kiah.

Towamba Church

October 23, 1980
(Pictured) is the elderly Church of England, Towamba where parishioners will gather on Wednesday, November 12, 1980 for a service which will be part of the centenary celebrations of the Anglican Parish of Pambula.
The first Church of England in Towamba was located above the then Police Station on the Towamba-Pericoe Road.
It was moved to its present position, we are told, in 1912 when a high level bridge was erected in the vicinity across the Towamba River. The bridge was destroyed by a record flood in 1919.
Some of the early Rectors of the church were:
R. Plenty 1905-6

H. Champion 1906-11
R. Upjohn 1913-17
W.S. Price 1918-20
W. Blackwell 1921-25
F.W. Bramble 1928-29
W. Tonge 1936-42
R.F. Clarke 1965-74
At 4.30pm on Wednesday, November 12, there will be a service of Holy Communion in the old Towamba Church and this will be followed by a barbecue tea at the nearby sports ground, (bring your own goodies.)
A special welcome is extended to former residents of Towamba and district to attend this service and barbecue after.
The centenary celebrations of the Parish will be held from November 9 through to November 16 and anyone requiring a programme should contact either Allan Gale, Elizabeth Moore or Helen Cowgill of Eden.