The school was opened as a Provincial School in May 1894, John Armstrong being the first teacher. It was raised to Public School status on 1st October, 1894. A vested site of 2 acres, with a reserve of 2 acres, was acquired by Government Grant, gazetted 28th December, 1894.
The school was made Half-Time with Rocky Hall in June 1925 and on Rocky Hall becoming a Provincial School, Burragate became Half-Time with Pericoe in January 1926. The school was made a Provincial School on 1st May 1926. It was closed in February 1945 and re-opened in September 1947.

Burragate school bus 1918.
Jack Keevers driver.
Photo courtesy of Jean Williams

Name - Date Appointed
John Armstrong - May 1894
John O'Brien - January 1898
Robert McLean - August 1900
Hugh Campbell - January 1903
Arthur Davies - May 1906
Nicholas Hutchinson - September 1910
Pearl Mitchell - May 1917
William Woolley - August 1917
Cecil Browne - August 1923
William Luff - June 1925
Carolus Storey - January 1926
Harold Cornford - January 1928
Octarvius Anderson - January 1932

William Thurgate - April 1938
Closed February 1945
Eric Carle - September 1947
Leslie Davey - January 1953
Byron Moss - January 1959

'Pambula Voice' October 13, 1893
* A petition has been handed around and numerously signed for the purpose of obtaining a school for the children who are many miles from the nearest public school.

Burragate school pupils and teacher, Mr. McLean. 1898

****The newspaper excerpts below from 'The History of Wyndham Fourth Edition 2003'

Feb 23, 1894.
Burragate School

Messrs. Power Bros. of Rocky Hall are the successful tenderers for the erection of the new Provisional School building at Burragate. The school will be situated on the old school ground on Burragate Reserve, not far from Mr. Samuel Shipway's residence.

June 8, 1894.
Burragate School.
The new provisional school at Burragate has been completed and passed by the Inspector. The building is furnished and ready for use, and the arrival of a teacher is daily expected. It is anticipated that the school attendance roll will total about 25.

Burragate primary School. No date.
Courtesy, Valma Douch-Hick

July 5, 1895.
Mr. T. Waterson, our local contractor and carpenter, will have the additions to the Burragate Public School completed within contract time.

Jan 28, 1898.
Mr. O'Brien has been appointed teacher of the Burragate Public School in lieu of Mr. J. J. Armstrong.

September 23, 1898
* Considerable amount of sickness is prevalent just now, including both influenza and measles.... our worthy school teacher, Mr. O'Brien, is among the victims.

'Pambula Voice' March 23, 1900
Mr. R. McLean appointed teacher Burragate Public School.

'Pambula Voice' February 8, 1901
* The Burragate Public School reopened on Monday week with an increase of about ten scholars. Owing to the Queen's death, the annual school picnic usually held on the 26th of January was postponed to the 22nd of February.

****The newspaper excerpts below from 'The History of Wyndham Fourth Edition 2003'

Feb 6, 1903

.....Annual school picnic... our late teacher Mr. McLean effected an exchange with Mr. Campbell of the Richmond River District. Mr. Campbell, who commenced duties here this week, considers our climate comfortable. We think it very hot.

Mar 27, 1903
A teacher's residence is to be erected at Burragate Public School, which will be a great boon to the teacher (Mr. H. Campbell), he being a married man with two children.

Nov 27, 1903

A contractor, Mr. E.J. Martin, has completed the new school residence and the teacher (Mr. H. Campbell) has taken possession.

Apr 27, 1906

Mr. Nolan, our relieving teacher, is to take charge of two half time schools near Cobargo viz. Coolagalite and Cuttagee. I am not yet informed as to who is Mr. Nolan's successor at Burragate. Mr. Campbell, late school teacher at Burragate, has been appointed to Minto, near Campbelltown.

Mar 1, 1907

A ball in aid of the school fund was held on Friday night... On Sat. afternoon a meeting of parents was held in the public school to arrange for a supply of horses and vehicles to enable our teacher to take the pupils to Pambula on Sat. 2nd March. The object of the visit is to give the children a better idea of our district industries. We all wish the venture will prove as successful as the excursion to Eden in January last.

Apr 12, 1907

On Friday 5th inst. Mr. Davies took a party of school children to the Jingera bismuth mine.

'Magnet' June 1929.
* Mr. C. P. Brown - school teacher at Towamba
* Mr. McMullan - school teacher at Pericoe
* Mr. Cornford - school teacher at Burragate

'Magnet' November 1929
Teachers: Mr. Luff - Rocky Hall
Mr. Cornford - Burragate
Mr. Browne - Towamba Mr. Tyson - Kiah
Mr. Bissell - Wyndham

'Magnet' July 4, 1931
* Mr. C. Harrold, Inspector of Schools, inspected the local school during the week.

'Magnet' December 26, 1931
The following scholars gained prizes at the end of the year examinations held at the local school.
Highest pass in school, Harold Farrell.
Highest pass in Class 3, Nita Keys.
Highest pass in Class 4, Harold Farrell.
Highest pass in Class 5, Leo Ryan.
Highest pass in Class 6, Aub Ryan.
Highest pass in Class 7, Bob Sawers.
Sewing prize, Joan Umback.
Prizes for the best attendance throughout the year, Bill Sawers.

'Magnet' January 16, 1932
* Mr. Cornford - Burragate teacher transferred.

'Magnet' January 23, 1932
* Mr. Cornford's send off. Very popular teacher and Mrs. Cornford.

'Magnet' December 15, 1934
* The annual school picnic and presentation of prizes was held yesterday, the 14th.

'Magnet' March 9, 1935
* The P & C Association has decided to hold the annual school picnic and dance this month.

'Magnet' August 17, 1935
Government Subsidy Rates
As mentioned in the 'Magnet' last week children who travel to school on horseback or by vehicle are to be granted subsidy in future by the Department of Education.
The rates of subsidy as specified in the Education Gazette, the official journal of the Department, are as follows: - for one child conveyed to school either by vehicle or on horseback, 4 pence; for two children of one family conveyed by vehicle or on two horses, 8 pence; for three children by vehicle or using three horses, 9 pence; this is the maximum daily rate for any one family group. In cases where more than one child rides to school on the one horse only the rate for one child will be paid. The new conditions will come into operation on September 10th.

Burragate School Pupils.
Photo courtesy Leo Farrell.

'Magnet-Voice' August 22, 1963
Mr V. Hart of Merimbula has purchased the school residence at Burragate and is having it transported in sections to its new site on the Pambula Beach Rd.