GLORIA. Mum used to do a lot of my sewing and so did Mrs. Greer who lived in Towamba. She sewed lots and lots of frocks for me.
SHIRLEY. She was a beautiful dressmaker. She did dressmaking for a lot of people. She made my first school uniform when I went away to school. Because you couldn't buy them. You could buy those retched tunics but all the rest you had to have made. Like your sports uniform and all that. You couldn't buy them.
GLORIA. I'd see something on a biscuit tin or a beautiful frock and I'd think, gee! I'd like that so I'd nick up to her and show it to her and she'd say, 'Oh, yes.' She'd do that for me.
SHIRLEY. Winn's catalogue was the greatest! You mightn't be able to afford anything but you could copy it.
That was Towamba hall? They had the balls and dances.
GLORIA. Yes. Wonderful! And we didn't get to the balls. We weren't allowed. Kids weren't allowed to the balls. We had to go to the Cinderella the next night.
SHIRLEY. That was the kids night out. ....And they ate all the goodies left over from the night before, see. That was the way to clean it up.
Who provided the music for the Cinderella dances?
GLORIA. Same people.
SHIRLEY. Jean Beasley and Terry Goward in my day. I don't know about your day.
GLORIA. Well, Mum and her brother and his wife.
Can you give me their names?
GLORIA. That would be Maud Beasley and Jack McLeod and Thelda McLeod. (nee Hartneady) Well, they played for years for mere nothing
What did they play?
GLORIA. Maud Beasley played the piano and Uncle Jack played the violin and Aunty Thelda played the drums.
*** Excerpt from Shirley Sproats and Gloria Beasley's interview in 'The Forgotten Corner Interviews'

In remote areas of the Towamba Valley, dances, euchre parties and balls to raise money for the upkeep of local churches, hospitals and other community projects were the main entertainment attractions. Baking, decorations, preparation of the venue, the creation of ball gowns and fancy dress began days in advance. These functions were always well attended.
Music was supplied by those in the community or from elsewhere in the district. They danced to the piano, violin and drums. There were spot dances, lucky door prizes, guessing competitions. Prizes were donated and the function was talked about for weeks after.
On the night after the ball there was what they called a Cinderella.This was the young people's ball given to them by the parents. Left-overs from the previous night were finished off or replenished and usually it was a fancy dress function.

TOWAMBA BRASS BAND. 1902 - 1903.
Back Row. L - R: Bob Kennedy, Hughie Rankin,
Walter Roberts, Bill Johnston, Bill Target.

Middle Row:
Walter Kennedy, Charlie Roberts,
Harry Beileiter
, Albert Power, George Martin,
Jim Dickie.

First Row:
Billy Arnold, Ves Kennedy, Ernie Hogg,
Walter Power, Phil Medelin.

Jack Arnold.

Short article by Wilfred Ingram
Country dances, tennis, cricket and football matches were the chief forms of amusement in my early days.
Wherever there was a school room or a School of Arts or a large two-room structure where one room could be used for dancing, with a stage for the band or for staging a show, and the other room for the table of food and also for a ladies' dressing room. Some of these smaller rooms had a fireplace for boiling the kettles or a water fountain of ten gallons capacity.
A 10 gallon water fountain that would hang from a hook over the open fire or sit on top of a fuel stove.

These buildings were at Towamba, Burragate, Wyndham and Pericoe in 1926.
I well remember the first dance I attended at Pericoe. It was to raise funds for a school picnic to be held in the spring.
The dance was in early July, on a night of the full moon. This was to make it easy for the horses to see the tracks while pulling buggies or sulkies. There were also many riding horses tethered to the fence posts outside the building.
The mums and dads cooked and prepared the food, supplied the water and wood, and the fire would be lit and the water put on to boil while the youngsters ran and played and danced about in the moonlight.
Young couples and parents got out on the floor and began to dance to the music of the concertina, accordion, violin and piano, played by the gifted local band with the accompaniment of the foot drum and cymbals.
The dances were the jazz ones of the Foxtrot, to slow time, one step and two step, in fast rhythm and the Modern Waltz. The old-time favourites were the Progressive Barn Dance, Varsoviana, Polka and Mazurka, all in a circle around the hall. Old-time waltz such as the Spot Waltz and Jolly Miller were popular, where one person in the centre waited to claim a partner. The Tango was a dance of much stepping and turning about.
The square dances, The Lancers, Alberts and the Quadrilles were all done in a square around the room - advance and retreat and swing in the corners - and in figures around the circular ladies' chain where the lady dancers faced the men and swung and advanced and changed partners.
The functions were regular events on our social calendar. The three main religious groups holding dances to help raise funds for their local churches were Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and Church of England.
The football, cricket and tennis clubs held balls and victory presentation night at the end of the playing season.
The kids never referred to their parents as the 'oldies' as they do now. The cooking was all freely donated and voluntary, and showed a fine community spirit.
A fee of £1 for the hall was charged and sometimes the music was given as a voluntary effort. Everyone on the musical instruments was an accomplished dancer and could play to time and beat of the music of rhythm. The price of admission to the function at the hall was 1/6 or 2/- or in today's money 16 or 20 cents per head for adults, children free.
The tea was brewed in four gallon buckets, the tea leaves being put in a little linen bag in the bucket and boiling water poured in to infuse the water with the tea. All the ladies were great cooks of sponge cakes and lamingtons, and made meat sandwiches with mustard and anchovy fish pastes and salmon fish from tins, on the bread. The highlight of the supper at 12 o'clock at Pericoe was puff pastry jam tarts made by Mr George Arnold, who had been a trained cook and pastry maker before taking on share dairy farming at Pericoe for the owner, Alf Alexander.
The events went on until 2 am or 3 am when everyone started home to milk the cows for the next day.

July 31, 1896

Successful ball held in Mr. Martin's factory at "Lyndhurst".....

August 24, 1900
Ball at Burragate

* The recent ball at Lyndhurst, Burragate, in aid of the Indian Famine Fund, passed off most successfully.....

September 20, 1901
* A ball and supper is to take place at Burragate tonight, to celebrate the opening of the new School of Arts.

November 15, 1901
* Picnic and dance in connection with Lett's halftime school....

September 18, 1903

* A Cinderella was held in the School of Arts on Saturday and passed off very well.

September 22, 1905
Burragate Ball

* The annual effort to augment the fund of the Burragate School of Arts was held on Friday evening last... The hall is free of debt.... the building provides ample accommodation for present day requirements and comprises hall, stage, and library and anterooms.

May 11, 1907
'The Bega Budget'

* The Towamba Hospital sports and ball which came off on 26th April were a great success and the committee has 20 10s in hand to divide between the Bega and Pambula Hospitals. This is very gratifying and reflects the greatest credit on the management and the charitable disposition of the people. Special praise is clue to Mr. A. Porter, the honorary secretary, who all through worked energetically for the success of both events.

February 1, 1913
'The Southern Record and Advertiser'


At night a ball was held in the Wyndham School of Arts and was largely attended. Good music was supplied by Messrs E. Meares, (piano), F. Meares, (cornet) and Len Power (violin). Mr A. Power filled the position of M. C. in a satisfactory manner. The catering for the supper was supplied by the Wyndham ladies and the tables were laden with eatables of the very best quality. The ladies in charge of the tables were Mesdames R Booth, Fell, Nelson and Moore. The following ladies ware present: - Mesdames E. Meares (Pambula), W. T. Hall (Eden), J. Connelly (Rocky Hall), Jennings (Melbourne), Fell, L. Power, R. Booth, T. Bray, S. Robert son, F. Nelson, Geo. Moore. R. Reid, Siddle and Reed. Misses Clements (Towamba), Lindwall (Nethercote), Armstrong (Greigs Flat), Meares 2 (Pambula), Booth, Reed, Kraanstuyver, Nelson, Love, Grant, Johnson (Bombala), G. Grant, Irene Grant, Molly Shelly, Violet Robertson, Turbett (Sydney), Heather Grant, Love (Pericoe) and Young (Towamba.)

January 10, 1920
'The Southern Record and Advertiser'

* On the night of the Peace Day sports at Towamba (19th ultimo), a highly successful concert took place, and the programme was supplied entirely by the Misses Alcock of 'Hilltop,' and Mrs. G. Alcock, with a solo each from Mr. Walter Godfrey and Rev. Price. The Alcock sisters con tributed 19 items and five encores, and Mrs Alcock rendered violin selections. The performance was regarded as highly creditable to these accomplished young ladies. A correspondent to the Eden paper says the audience demonstrated their appreciation with almost unrestrained exuberance. The proceeds, which were in aid of the Church of England renovation fund, amounted to about 17.

'Magnet' August 3, 1929

On Wednesday last, 24th instant, a farewell dance and presentation were given Mrs. Andrew Binnie and her son Bruce who are leaving for Sydney in the near future. The hall which was very tastefully decorated by the Misses Ryan and other helpers, was filled with local residents and visitors from outlying centres. At about 11 o'clock a halt was called in the dancing and Mr. Gilbert Ryan, chairman, on behalf of those present, wished the guests of the evening a long and prosperous life in the city ensuring them that they took with them the good wishes of everybody with whom they had come in contact. Mr. Cliff Sawers then presented Mrs. Binnie with an inscribed cake stand and Mr. Bruce Binnie with a monogrammed set of gold sleeve links and studs. Other speakers were Messers. W. Ryan, J. Dickie, H. Cornford and E. Ryan. Mr. Keys responded on behalf of the guests thanking those present for the beautiful presents and issued a general invitation to anyone going to Sydney to call on Mrs. Binnie in her new home. After supper kindly supplied by the local ladies, dancing was again indulged in till the small hours of the morning. Miss Jean Dickie assisted by Mr. Donald McIntyre supplied the music. Extras were given by Mesdames Cornford and Dickie, Miss McMahon and Mr. Rixon. Mr. Ted Ryan acted in his usual efficient manner as M. C. and Mr. Keys was door keeper.

'Magnet' February 15, 1930
* A dance in aid of the hall and Pambula hospital was held here on the 7th instant.

'Magnet' January 10, 1931
The Cricket Ball and Euchre Party organised by the club secretary Mr. Ira Parker and held on the 23rd ultimo was well patronised. The door takings amounted to 10. The music supplied by Miss Jean Dickie was excellent and there were many extras. Mr. A. Clements successfully managed the euchre. Mr. Athol Parker was winner of the ladies prize, a box of handkerchiefs and the booby was won by Mrs. M. McDonald. The men's prize, a necktie and handkerchief was won by Mr. A. Beasley and the booby by Mr. A. Holden. Mr. A. R. Binnie donated 10 shillings for the waltzing competition which turned in 17 shillings. The first prize of 7 shillings and 6 pence was won by Mr. A. Clements and partner Miss B. Gait and the second 5 shillings was won by Mr. B. Smith and partner. A Don Bradman photo donated by Mrs. A. Parker brought in 2/3/-. The winner was Frankie McMaster. The dance continued till 3 a.m. under the M.C-ship of Mr. R. Beasley who kept the dancers moving merrily. The gross takings of the ball which was one of the best of the year, were 14. The club extends to all, particularly the ladies, its wholehearted thanks for generous assistance rendered in making the function so great a success. On New Year's Day, Towamba cricket team journeyed to Bombala with the object of annexing the McGoldrick Cup and after an exciting contest was beaten by the winning run. Our local Don Bradman, Don McLeod, played a wonderful game. He was last man in and made 23 runs and was stumped on the last run. Towamba boys are not satisfied with their defeat and are going back next Sunday to seek compensation in hope for success.
Kelva Beasley. No date. Alexander Weatherheads's granddaughters.
Photo inscribed "to James Albert Love

from Mr & Mrs William Weatherhead". No date
Photo courtesy Elaine Delaney

'Magnet' October 1931
Towamba dance music supplied by Miss Dickie and Miss Greer and extras by Mrs. Hartneady. Novelty dances were: Spot Waltz, Monte Carlo. Supper tables were beautifully decorated by Miss T. Hartneady.

Jean McPaul Collection, Eden Killer Whale Museum
No date

'Magnet' November 7, 1931
* For Eden dances and district:
Des Hall - piano
A Peebles - banjo
J. Drayson - violin
J. Chapman - drums
Mrs. E. Turnbull and Miss Elma Davidson extras.

'Magnet' December 26, 1931
* Lennon Brothers Circus showed here last week and despite rain had a good attendance.

Unknown group somewhere in the valley.
Jean McPaul Collection, Eden Killer Whale Museum
No date.

'Magnet' January 23, 1932
Music for local dances supplied by Mrs. W. Keys - piano
Mr. H. Hanson - drums
Mr. Ted Ryan - M. C.
Mr. Dave Martin
Mr. Cliff Sawers

'Magnet' March 19, 1932
* Mr. Alexander - M.C. at C of E Ball at Pericoe.

'Magnet' July 16, 1932
The annual R. C. Ball and Cinderella on the 17th and 18th of June were recorded successes. The first accounted to 37/3/6. The hall was tastefully decorated with greenery and streamers. The supper table was decorated by Miss Thelda Hartneady who gave willing assistance throughout. The poultry supper, much enjoyed by all, was supplied by the willing workers. Mr. Jack McLeod was M. C. and the music which was full of pep was supplied by Miss Jean Dickie (piano) and Messers O. Smith (violin) H. Hansen (drums) extras were supplied by Misses E. McMahon, R. Greer, T. Hartneady and Messers S. Mair and P. McCloy. Spot waltz was won by Miss May Parker and Mr. Jim Love and Mr. & Mrs. Jim Sawers were fortunate in winning the pair of white leg horns donated by Mr. E. Clements. A gents wallet was won by Mr. B. Rixon who guessed the correct number of needles in the bottle (300). A 1 note was won by Mr. T. Doyle who guessed the correct length of a piece of ribbon ( 15 feet 1 inches).

Boxing day picnic. Merimbula. 1908
Photo Mary Mitchell Collection, Eden Killer Whale Musuem

'Magnet' July 15, 1933
The Hall ball held in Pericoe hall on Friday night in the last week was well patronised and very successful. Master H. Love and Miss D. South were the youthful winners of a special spot waltz arranged for school children by the ever thoughtful Miss Binnie and Mr. A. Binnie, Towamba. Miss M. Arnold and Mrs. C. Brownlie were the lucky winners of the other dances. A most enjoyable evening was mainly due to the splendid music contributed by Mrs. H. Beasley and Mr. J. McLeod, Towamba, and to the excellent supper provided by the attentive Pericoe ladies. Mr. A. E. Alexander was a good M. C. and the general assistance of Mr. A. Binnie was deeply appreciated. The takings were 7/18/9.

Pericoe Falls. A popular local picnic spot.
Photo courtesy Kath Strickland

'Magnet' September 2, 1933
As advertised in this issue an aeroplane ball given by Mrs. E. I. Parker, winner of the 5000 prize in the 146th State lottery will be held at Towamba on Friday, September 22nd. Residents of Burragate, Pericoe, Towamba and Lower Towamba are publicly invited and friends from other towns will be asked by special invitation. It is understood that the dance is tended in acknowledgement of complimentary congratulations and in appreciation of the business support accorded to Mrs. Parker in the past from the districts named.

It is desired to contradict the rumour that drink will be supplied. The dance will be for tea totalers only and a good time to all present will be assured. By the way the hall has lately been lined and ceiled (ceilinged?) and is now recognised as one of the best around.


Photo K.Clery

'Magnet' September 30, 1933
Big Function at Towamba
Towamba hall, was on Friday night of last week, the mecca of the largest gathering of people Towamba has seen for many years. The occasion being the big invitation ball tended to us by Mrs. Ambrose Parker to the public of the surrounding district and to friends from further afield to mark her winning of first prize, 5000 in the 146th State lottery.
Upward of thirty cars were parked in the street adjacent to the hall and two hundred guests were seated at the supper tables. Mr. J. W. Dickie in welcoming the guests on behalf of Mrs. Parker and declaring the ball open, said that everyone knew she had won 5000 but, though under no obligation to give it away, she was giving the ball to the public, which had supported her in business and to friends from other centres, and it was her one wish that all present would enjoy every moment of it, which they did.
The hall which was recently renovated, newly lined throughout, new seats and stage appointments has a wonderful floor, perhaps the best in the district. Suspended from the ceiling in the centre of the ballroom was a model aeroplane ten feet in length, inside which was a battery driven contrivance which gave at intervals the noise of a plane taking off. The plane built by Mr. Ira Parker was coloured red and white, and was complete even to the pilot and on both sides was painted 'Lift Me Up', the name of Mrs. Parker's lottery ticket. The number of the ticket, 72822 and it's initials, UNA which, by the way, form the name of one of Mrs. Parker's nieces who was present at the ball.
The stage decorations, the work of Miss T. Hartneady, were floral and were very attractive. Ten miniature aeroplanes adorned the walls around the stage. Mr. I. A. Lee as master of ceremonies was in his element with the old-time dances, barn dance, waltzes, mazurka, etc., Miss R. Greer on piano and Mr. Jack McLeod with drums provided delightful music and were ably assisted by Misses B. McMahon and T. Hartneady, Mesdames Hampden Beasley and Byers.
Dancing commenced early and continued until 3 am. Towards the ball's conclusion, Mr. A. L. Mitchell, on behalf of the gathering thanked Mrs. Parker for her hospitality and remarked that although he had attended most dances in the district had not heard any music to come up to that to which he had danced that night. Following a few words of reply by Mrs. Parker, the gathering joined hands in a circle around her and sang, 'For she's a jolly good fellow.' This brought a night of nights' enjoyment to a close.
Not a hitch occurred to mar the enjoyment of the function, and the hostess, smiling, happy and popularity, itself was congratulated on all sides on her good fortune and success attending the ball which her generosity had inspired.
Supper arrangements, which were in the hands of Mrs. Walter Parker, left nothing to be desired. The best ever, said everyone who sat down to supper. Mrs. Parker and her band of helpers had a long tiring task as the first supper table filled at eleventh thirty and queues were still awaiting their turn when the writer left at 1.10 am. Iceland poppies furnished the very effective table decorations carried out by Miss T. Hartneady.
Although the ball was styled a dry party to counteract the rumour that drink would be supplied, it very nearly proved a wet one. Threatening looking clouds yielding showers during the afternoon preceded the function. Fortunately however, the falls were not heavy and as young and old alike hopped in for their cut, to use the vernacular, there was created a very friendly atmosphere that showery weather conditions could not damp. The big gathering, to which, by the way, the bright frocking of the ladies lent an added note of gaiety, included three car loads of Eden guests, a car load from Candelo and visitors from Kiah, Nethercote and Nullica supplemented the big throng from Towamba, Pericoe, Burragate and Wyndham. Mrs. Parker expressed gratitude for assistance given in connection with the function and particularly to Miss T. Hartneady and Mrs. W. Parker.

'Magnet' March 17, 1934
* Towamba Orchestra: Mrs. H. Beasley - piano, Mr. O. Smith - violin, Mr. Jack McLeod - drums.

Mrs. Lizzie Tasker. 1962

'Magnet' September 29, 1934
* Great interest is being taken in B. N. A. Ball to be held here in October.
* District-wide support is anticipated for the sport and ball at Burragate on October 1, in aid of local Bush Nursing Association's funds. Mr. W. R. Luff and Mrs. J. Keys are honorable secretaries.

'Magnet' October 20, 1934
A car load of Eden folk gave Mr. R. Edwards' new Cadillac sedan a try out on a trip to the B. N. A. Ball at Towamba on Wednesday night and were very pleased with its comfortable riding qualities and the entire absence of road shock.

A gathering at Burragate Hall between 1910 & 1920.
"The hall was built in two sections. I do not know who built the first part but my
grandfather Charles Robinson built the second part of the hall. I have an idea that a chap by the name of Bill Targett may be the person who built the first part."
Photo courtesy B. Ryan

'Magnet' October 6, 1934
Despite the unpleasant weather conditions which were worse at surrounding centres than at Burragate itself, a very successful B. N. A. Ball was held at Burragate on Monday last (8 hour day) in aid of the candidature of Miss May Parker in the Church of England Popular Lady competition. Mrs. J. Keys and Mr. W. R. Luff were the organisers and the results both social and financial were most pleasing to all concerned.
Monday's sports were patronised by the residents from all surrounding centres who thoroughly enjoyed the attractive program which in the willing hands of a capable band of stewards was kept moving with a swing.
All the events were keenly contested and as many as seventeen horses competed in some of the events. Following are the results in the horse section:
Maiden Hunt. S. Umback, J. Williams, N. Ramsey, L. Love, divided.
Open Hunt. Doyle 1st., F. Silver and J. Williams. 2nd.
Consolation Hunt. L. Beasley, 1, F. Silver, 2.
Maiden Flag Race. D. Morton, 1, Clements, 2.
Open Flag Race. D. Morton, 1, J. Rixon, 2.
Bending Race. G. Morton, 1, D. Ryan, 2.
Tilting The Ring. G. Morton, 1, and 2.
Coat Race. F. Silver, 1 J. Rixon, 2.

Mrs. J. Keys and her willing band of helpers did a profitable trade with the luncheon booth and sweets stall. The day generally was such a success that it promises to become and annual affair and as Burragate has one of the best sports grounds in the district we can recommend readers to attend any sports held there in future. The ball at night was certainly not effected by the weather as the hall was packed to overflowing. Excellent music was supplied by the Wyndham Orchestra while Mr. Ted Ryan as Director of Ceremonies kept the crowd of dancers in good cheer until the wee small hours of the morning. During the evening the Reverend Mr. Genge thanked all who had helped to rate the function such a success and said he was particularly pleased to again witness the hearty cooperation of all members of all religious denominations which always marked functions held at Burragate. The secretaries wish to thank all those who in any way, helped to make the day and night such a big success.

Possibly Edith Dorron nee Maxwell
No date

'Magnet' October 20, 1934
B.N.A. BALL (Bush Nursing Association)
A big crowd attended the B.N.A. Ball at Towamba on Wednesday night. Car loads coming from surrounding centres and all present thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Excellent dance music was supplied by Mrs. H. Beasley (piano), Mr. O. Smith (violin), Mr. J. McLeod (drums), Mr. Arthur Binnie as M.C. kept proceedings going merrily to an early hour. Greenery and streamers in the hall and supper hall were artistically arranged by Mr. C. Logan assisted by Mrs. Roberts and the two secretaries.
On the stage an interesting tableau had been arranged by Mr. C. Logan and Mrs. Littley working in collaboration. The former had designed a very realistic slab and bark hut and this took up a central position on the stage. A bearded figure representing the owner of the property lay beside a log which he had been chopping while blood appeared to flow from a severe gash in his leg caused by a false hit with the axe. A glimpse of the man's wife was obtained through a window in the hut. Over the chimney hovered an ancient stork bearing in its beak the usual bundle. The figure of the bush nurse was seen hastening toward the hut through a background of hills and valleys covered with tall timber while above all was a placard advising all and sundry to send for the bush nurse when trouble comes. The stage scenery painted by Mrs. Littley together with the hut and figures arranged by Mr. Logan were remarkable well done and created a great deal of interest.
A guessing competition, the number of peas in a bottle, was won by Mr. J. Beasley whose guess of 368 was nearest the correct number. The prize was a tea set donated by Mrs. E. I. Parker, second prize was a pair of fowls donated by Mrs. C. Roberts was won by Mr. D. Henderson of Alexandria and third prize, a Christmas cake donated by Mrs. C. Logan went to Mr. W. Grant.
Following is a list of the ladies present and their frocking: Mrs. Ernest Beveridge, flame satin. Mrs. C. Logan, silver and pink brocade georgette. Mrs. N. Ryan, black morocain, green georgette trimmings. Mrs. G. Parker, black morocain. Mrs. J. McLeod, brown morocain. Mrs. E. Clements, tweed costume. Mrs. Ray Beasley, green morocain. Mrs. H. Myers, (Eden) burgundy flat crepe. Mrs. Arnold, pink windswept morocain. Mrs. H. Beasley, pink morocain. Mrs. Anderson, mauve satin. Mrs. B. D. Beasley, navy angel skin, silver lame trimmings. Mrs. L. Greer, green wool de chene. Mrs. W. Harris, blue angel skin. Mrs. V. Ryan, apple green georgette. Mrs. V. Brownlie, green morocain. Mrs. Keys, black satin de chene, gold lace. Mrs. O. Raw, mauve georgette, lame trimmings. Mrs. A. Swires, black ring velvet, lame trimmings. Mrs. J. C. Love, apricot satin. Mrs. I. Roberts, cream crepe de chene and lace. Mrs. A. Clements, black crepe de chene. Mrs. C. Roberts, floral morocain and cream trimming. Mrs. W. E. Lawless, black georgette. Miss May Parker, green morocain, gold trimmings. Miss B. V. Gait, frilled black silk net. Miss M. Cameron, wine coloured krinkle crepe. Miss Merle McLeod, white morocain. Miss F. Day, soft blue georgette. Miss Elva McLeod, pink morocain. Miss M. McLeod, geisha silk. Miss Kelva Keys, pink georgette. Miss Heather Keys, white flat crepe, silver belt. Miss Ruby Roberts, pink geisha silk with lace trimmings. Miss M. Ryan, black angel skin lace, red spray. Miss A. Bruce, pink satin. Miss Una Parker, green angel skin. Miss Lydia McDonald, black satin.

'Magnet' October 20, 1934
Among the list of dress-cards purporting to describe the dresses worn by those who visited the Towamba B.N.A. ball was one that showed that a prominent member of the royal family had attended wearing a green chiffon frock. A local gentleman had gone prepared for the fray in bullet-proof shirt and hard-boiled tie while another's negligible neglige was more suited for beach wear in the tropics - that is, if the beach were not too crowded.

'Magnet' December 22, 1934
Farewell to Mrs. J. E. Gait and family.
A farewell social at which Mrs. J. E. Gait and family were the guests of honour was held in the Towamba Hall on the night of the 7th instant and was a most successful function. There was a big attendance of Towamba residents and friends from many districts were present to bid farewell to the guests of the evening. Dancing started at an early hour to music supplied by Mrs. H. Beasley. Mrs. Purcell, Mrs. P. Beasley and Mr. O. Smith and continued throughout with zest under the capable M. C.-ship of Mr. Arthur Binnie.
Mr. Binnie in a pleasing speech conveyed to Mrs. Gait and family the general good wishes of their future welfare and presented them with a wallet of notes wherein they could purchase something as a token of the respect and esteem of their many friends and as a memento of their stay among them during the last few years.
Speeches couched in most appreciative and eulogistic terms were made by Messers H. Wiles, J. Collins and T. R. Shelley, all of Candelo and Mr. J. Williams of Pericoe.
Mrs. Gait feelingly responded expressing her thanks for the kindness and respect extended to herself and family during their stay in Towamba during the last six years. Also their thanks for the gift which would be used to purchase something to remind them of their good and trusted friends in this district to whom she extended the very best of good wishes and hopes for their future prosperity and happiness. She would be pleased to welcome any of her friends to her home in Sydney. (Applause) Master Jack Gait, in the course of an excellent speech, ably supplemented his mother's remarks expressing his pleasure at the very kind references to his mother and sister. Their esteem and good wishes were cordially reciprocated and their gifts duly appreciated. He hoped to meet many of his friends at the test match. (Applause)
Mr. Binnie added few valedictory remarks paying tribute to the fine personalities and neighbourly good qualities of the guests for whom everyone wished the best of good fortune and happiness. The formal portion of the proceedings closed with the large assemblage joining hands and uniting in the singing of Auld Lang Syne. Supper was then partaken of and dancing continued till an early hour a.m.
The financial part of the function was efficiently attended to by Mr. J. T. Dickie officiating as ticket seller and Mr. R. Doyle as keeper of the door.
The secretarial arrangements for the function were carried out by Miss Ruby Roberts.

'Magnet' January 5, 1935
Euchre Party and Dance
The euchre party and dance held here on December 21 proved most enjoyable although there was not a large crowd.

The card fans were a jolly lot and thoroughly enjoyed their game. The ladies' prize, a silver mounted sweet dish, donated by Mrs. Dorron was won by Mrs. R.J. Goward and the gentlemen's prize, a smoker's outfit, was won by Mr. W. McMahon. Fred Harris, playing as (lady) and Colin Switzer unearthed the two opposite prizes. Another novelty prize was won by Mrs. Shelley.
At the conclusion of the card tournament dancing was resumed and continued into the small hours of the morning to enjoyable music supplied by Mrs. Goward, Mr. George Whelan and Misses Ilene McMahon and Millie Silver. Mr. James McMahon Jnr., was M.C., and capably handled the duties of the position.
The ladies had in their usual good style prepared refreshments for a large crowd and it grieved us to see them carrying home many of the good things provided. Opportunities unavailed of!
The Hon. Sec. (Mr. J. C. McCloy) and committee wish to thank for their patronage all who attended: the donors of prizes and all those who helped in any way: and to extend to everybody their wishes for a prosperous New Year.

'Magnet' February 9, 1935
B.N.A. Sports and Ball
Outstanding Success
The district sports held at Burragate sports ground on Anniversary Day in aid of the local Bush Nursing Association were an outstanding success as also was the ball at night. The sports were favoured with perfect weather and a large attendance and the program was full and varied.
Mr. H. Wiles of Candelo judged the events. Messers D. H. Binnie and N. Ryan acted as stewards for the horse events and Messers W. Luff and C. Logan for the minor events. The luncheon booth arrangements were in the hands of Mrs. Keys, Mrs. Whitby and Mrs. Ryan and the proceeds went to the funds as did those from the fruit and sweets stall conducted by Mrs. Logan. All these people and secretaries, D. Morton and E. Ryan had an extremely busy day and acquitted themselves most credibly.
The ball at night was one of the most successful held at Burragate for some time and visitors were noticed from many surrounding places. The hall was very prettily decorated (the skillful work of Mrs. W. A. Keys and Sister Rogers) with red and green streamers and flowers and ferns. The artificial flowers made by Miss Tasker of Wyndham were a prominent feature and came in for special admiring comment. Mr. Arthur Binnie had charge of the dance and in his usual efficient manner kept dancers busy to the music of Mrs. G. Beasley (piano), Mr. Os Smith (violin). Among the several novelty prizes distributed during the evening was a walking stick made and donated by Mr. Ben Beasley and won by Mr. Walter Turbet. A number dance was won by Mrs. Ethel Grant and Mr. Darcy Parker and a statue barn dance, by Miss Heather Keys and Mr. Ross McKay.
On behalf of the Bush Nursing Association which has benefited by about 36, the secretary thanked all those who had in any way helped to make the function such a success and in particular the joint secretaries Messers. D. Morton and E. Ryan to whom the success was mainly due. Names of the winners of some sports events are not available but the principal results are as follows:
Open Hunt. J. Williams
Maiden Hunt. L. Beasley and E. Love
Pony Hunt. L. Beasley 1st, J. Williams and D. Morton 2nd.
Tilting the Ring. P. Sawers 1st, V. Clements and N. Ryan 2nd.
Flag Race. D. Ryan 1st, N. Ryan 2nd.
Bending Race. D. Ryan 1st, R. Kraanstuyver 2nd.
Coat Race. D. Morton.
Musical Chairs. Mr. & Mrs. F. Kewin.
Serving Tennis Ball.
Gents. Jeff Umback and F. Umback.
Ladies. Mrs. McMahon 1st. Miss Tasker 2nd.
Throwing at Wicket. J. Keevers 1st, E. Ryan 2nd.
Men's Handicap. E. Ryan 1st, E. Hall 2nd.
Kicking Football. Mr. Leverque.
Wheeling Barrow. J. Anderson.
Guessing Height of Pole. I. Ryan
High Jump. I. Kraanstuyver and E. Love. (5ft. 3in.)
Ladies Nail Driving. Mrs. P. Sawers.

'Magnet' February 16, 1935
Ball for District Hospital - Big Success
Though torrential rain on Friday last week caused the indefinite postponement of the sports intended to be held at Towamba in aid of Pambula District Hospital funds, the committee went ahead with the ball at night and registered a splendid success.
Some rain had fallen during the night and the morning broke cloudy. At about nine o'clock a terrific downpour set in resulting in three inches being registered in Eden in a very short time. Many creeks were flooded and the waters reached the decking of the Kiah River bridge. While the rain did much good its arrival was most inopportune for the sports committee who, having every assurance that their preparations were to be rewarded by a highly successful event, were keenly disappointed men. However, not withstanding, the rain continued at intervals during the day and misty rain through Friday night, they held the ball and a splendid success it was in spite of the unfavourable conditions.
Eden, Kiah, Burragate, Pericoe and other centres were well represented in the big crowd present and the function lacked nothing in enjoyment. The Towamba Orchestra (Mrs. Hampden Beasley, piano, Mr. Os. Smith, violin, Mr. Jack McLeod, drums,) provided delightful old-time music to which dancing was carried on till the small hours of the morning. Mr. Arthur Binnie, long a favourite M.C. at Towamba and neighbouring dances, was at his usual post and spared no effort to make the evening enjoyable. It was reminiscent of old times to see a large number of dancers take the floor for the varsoviana, a dance highly popular in days gone by but practically unknown to many dancers of recent times and only now beginning to creep back into the programs.
Messers Wal Green and Roger Doyle had charge of the ticket office and door keeping respectively and accounted for approximately 17, an excellent result for a wet night. The chocolate wheel conducted by Mr. Arthur Clements with the assistance of Messers Don McLeod, K. Longhurst and others, proved a ready attraction for loose silver and brought in about 7 and prizes are to be met out of this sum.
The ladies - those never failing workers without whom the most carefully planned function would fall flat - provided and dispensed a delectable supper that met with dancers' hearty appreciation and set the seal of satisfaction on the most pleasurable and successful event.
Towards the close of the dance, Mr. K. Longhurst, hospital secretary speaking on behalf of the board of directors thanked the public for the patronage accorded the ball and the chocolate wheel, also all supporters of the function, especially Mr. Wal Green, hon. sec. and his right hand man Mr. Arthur Clements - probably the two most disappointed men in Australia owing to the rain causing the postponement of the sports. The support given was deeply appreciated by the directors.
A Cinderella, fairly successful, was held on the following night.
The sports will be held at a date to be announced later and will probably be followed by a social.

Referring to the above article:
In our report, page 1, of the hospital ball at Towamba, it should have been mentioned that the tasteful supper room decorations were carried out by Mrs. J. McLeod assisted by Mrs. Ben Beasley, Mrs. E.I. Parker and Nurse Binnie. Wet weather affected the attendance at the Cinderella somewhat but all present and especially the children enjoyed themselves. Novelty dance for prizes donated by Mrs. J. McLeod, (box of stationary) and Miss W. McDonald (work basket) was won by Keith and Miss Merle McLeod. Since our report was in type the Hon. secretary, (Mr. Wal Green) has advised that though the balance sheet is not completed the hospital should benefit to the extent of 15 or 16. On behalf of the committee he tenders thanks to all who donated cash or goods, to the ladies who gave such generous support and to all others who helped in any way to make the function the success it was.


Jean McPaul Collection, Eden Killer Whale Museum
No date.

'Magnet' March 2, 1935
(Letter to the Editor)

Tenders were recently called for the supply of music for the ball in aid of the Pambula hospital held at Towamba on the 1st March. Included in the tenders was one from a returned soldier with a first class set of drums and violin and the best pianist available and rated first class as dance players. This tender for the ball music - piano, violin, bass drum and foot symbols - was 1/4/- but another tender at 1/10/- for two instruments was accepted. Although four out of the seven acting as committee were relations of the successful tenderer, voting was equal until the chairman cast his vote which was in favour of the highest tender being accepted. I consider this kind of tactics calls for an explanation. Thanking you in anticipation for the favour of insertion. Yours etc., A. E. L. Smith, late A.I.F. Towamba.
'Magnet' April 27, 1935
Mr. W. A. Green, Towamba, forwarded the sum of 9/15/9, as a net result from the second effort held at Towamba recently in aid of the hospital. The total sum raised at this centre recently for the hospital amounts to 25/1/2, and this, the board considers a most praiseworthy sum. It was unanimously agreed to write to Mr. Green expressing to him and his assistants the grateful thanks of the board for the very fine work for the hospital.

'Magnet' April 27, 1935
A very successful social was held in Towamba hall last Saturday night in aid of the local Red Cross branch. The object is to assist where necessary, local sick or disabled ex soldiers or their dependents.

Mr. H. Carragher, Messers H. Beasley, R. Doyle who acted as ticket seller, master of ceremonies and doorkeeper respectively are to be congratulated on the efficient manner in which they carried out their duties. Also Mrs. E. I. Parker who in addition in making a reduction in charges for the hall and supper room, cooked eighty pies and distributed them gratis. Mrs. Boller also worked very hard to make the function a success. A ten shilling note donated by Mrs. S. Binnie of 'Log Farm' and Mr. Boller of Towamba for a raffle, realised nineteen and sixpence at sixpence per head. Thanks are also due to Mrs. Molly and Marg McLeod who worked hard to collect members. Mrs. G. Beasley supplied dance music which was well up to standard. The office bearers of the branch wish to express their appreciation of the efforts of all who helped to make the function such a social and financial success.

'Magnet' May 18, 1935
The social held last Saturday night in aid of the Red Cross Society was one of the best attended and most enjoyable functions ever held in the local hall. Great credit is due to the organising secretary Mrs. Boller and Mr. Os. Smith. Music was supplied by Mrs. G. Beasley. Extras were played by Miss Von Smith (Piano), Mr. Os. Smith (Violin), Mr. R. Brownlie (accordion). Mr. Herb Beasley carried out the duties of MC during the evening. Quite a novelty repast was partaken of in the form of hot pies and tea. As the night was bitterly cold, it was greatly appreciated by all. This was the first appearance of meat pies at socials at this centre and the caterer, Mrs. E. I. Parker deserves credit for turning out such a splendid sample. Messers Hughie Carragher and Roger Doyle acted as doorkeepers. It is understood that the Society will benefit to the extent of 6 odd. Mr. Allen Roberts won the guessing competition.

'Magnet' July 27, 1935
Successful R. C. Ball
Not withstanding the widespread prevalence of the influenza epidemic the annual R.C. ball at Towamba on the night of Friday in last week, attracted a large attendance from all parts of the district and thanks to the unsparing activities of the honorary organising secretaries Mrs. J. C. Roberts and Miss Ruby Roberts assisted by an energetic committee and other helpers was one of the most successful social events of the season. As usual the floor was in excellent order and much appreciated music was supplied by Mrs. G. Beasley (piano), Mr. O. Smith (violin), and Jack Ireland (drums). Extras were contributed by Miss E. McMahon and Miss N. Phillips, Mr. A. Clements MC'd with his usual tact and ability and as doorkeepers and cash collectors Messers W. Green, Chas Roberts and Roger Doyle played a by no means unimportant part in helping to ensure for the function a financial success. A free spot waltz was won by Mr. J. Loughrey and partner and a Monte Carlo dance by Mr. Darcy Parker and Miss R. McLeod. The door takings were something over 16 and receipts from novelties etc., will bring the total to over 20. The supper provided by Mesdames Tasker, Towamba, was all that could be desired. Dancing continued by enthusiastic trippers on the light fantastic toe until well into the early hours of the morning. Many novelty dances were competed for.

The Cinderella on the following night was really a repetition of the Presbyterian Cinderella which was held last month. The children at both functions appeared in fancy dress and all taking part in the grand march under the supervision of Nurse Binnie who deserves great credit for the interest taken in the youngsters.
The fancy dresses worn by the children were beautiful and were the work of the respective mothers of the charming juveniles.
Those who participated in the grand march were: Violet Parker 'butterfly', Von Smith '1815', Joy Ramsay 'red and white pierrette', R. McLeod was 'Red Cross nurse', Marg McLeod 'lilac time', Maisy Parker 'summer', Gloria Beasley 'work bag', Betty Green 'for-get-me-not', Yvonne Smith 'fairy', Nita Clements 'Titania', Joan Green 'shamrock', Clair and Aileen Jones 'two little girls in blue', Gwen Parker 'butterfly', Moina South 'fairy', Gloria Clements 'red riding hood', Hazel Love 'back to crinoline days', Pat McLeod 'pierrette', Kelva Beasley 'pierrette', Irene Clements 'Judy', Max Ramsay 'Cowboy', Alvin Smith 'harlequin', Arthur Roberts 'hockey girl', Clive Clements 'clown', Gordon Clements 'black fellow', Nial Smith 'teddy bear', Colin Ramsay 'red indian', Colin Clements 'punch'. Donations were received as follows: Mr. Fisher, Pambula, tin of chocolates, Mr. E. Coorey, bottle of brilliantine and flap jack, Mr. C. S. Walker, pair of cut glass vases, Mr. R. I. Parker, cut glass powder bowl, Mrs. W. Roberts, glass dish and glass ink stand, Mrs. J. C. Roberts, box of powder, face cream, belt and men's sox, Miss Mary McDonald, a pair of men's sox and a three piece duchess set, Mr. Branson, Bega, powder puff and sachet, Palings Ltd., Sydney, half a dozen ash trays, Mr. Casey, ladies angel-skin vest.
The secretaries wish to thank all who gave donations and in any other way assisted to make the function such a success.
A guessing competition was won by Miss Bertha Doyle, travelling rug, Mrs. Dorron, second, bag of maize donated by Mr. Wal Green, Mr. Jos Williams, third, half cwt. of potatoes donated by Mr. R. Doyle.

'Magnet' September 21, 1935
The annual Presbyterian ball eventuated on the 11th instant. Despite a very wet night a fairly large crowd assembled. 18 odd being taken at the door which was in charge of Messers H. Robertson and V. Grant. The secretaries who had worked hard for the success of the ball must have been gratified with the result considering the unfavourable conditions. The ever popular Lochiel Orchestra supplied the music. Extras were given by Messers Roddam, (engineer in charge at Whipstick) Rixon and Goldberg. Mr. A. Binnie as M.C., carried out his duties in his usual capable manner. A rosette waltze was won by Mrs. Pat Hickie partnered by Mr. S. Robertson. A Monte Carlo dance was won by Mr. & Mrs. Ross Grant. The Cinderella which was to have been held on the 13th was postponed indefinately on account of the death of Mr. Cornell. We regret having to report the death of Mr. R. B. Cornell, our local storekeeper, on Friday last after a months' illness in Bombala hospital.

'Magnet' October 19, 1935
Church of England Ball
At Kiah Church of England ball held on Friday night in last week drew a large crowd of dancers from all district centres and they filled the hall to overflowing. The hall decorations of artistically arranged red and white streamers, coloured butterflies and greenery were most attractive. Dancing commenced at about 8.30 pm and continued till 3.00 in the morning while many dancers would willingly have kept going until sun up. Over 100 admission tickets were sold so door takings were well over 15. Messers W. Harris and R.J. Goward were in charge of the door and ticket window and Mr. Goward also regulated admission to the supper room. A delightful supper prepared by Kiah ladies was dispensed at 11.30. Bright music for the dancing was supplied by the Towamba Orchestra, Mrs. H. Beasley - piano, and Mr.J. McLeod - drums and good assistance in the matter of extras was given by Miss E. McMahon, Mr. J. Drayson and Mr. G. Whelan. A vocal item which received well merited applause was given by Mr. T. Bobbin who sang one of Jimmie Rogers' yodeling numbers. Mr. Jim McMahon Jnr., was M.C. and ran off several novelty dances, the winners of which were: The statue dance - Mr. V. Clements and Mrs. McMasters, Spot dance - Mr. Colin Switzer and Miss Zita Fantham, and Number dance - Mr. W. Cuzner, gents prize and Mrs. C. Hancock, ladies prize. A guessing competition was won by Mr. C. Tracey, (prize - bag of corn) 1st. Mr. "Toby" Jones, (prize, bag of potatoes), 2nd. Mr. J. Turnbull (prize, bedspread), 3rd. The local ladies had put in a lot of time decorating the supper tables and well deserved the comments of praise bestowed on them by those present. It is a great pity that Kiah hall is not larger - another twenty feet of dancing room would not be too much to accommodate the large attendances at the popular Kiah dances. All arrangements for the balls were well carried o
ut by Mrs. R.J. Goward (hon. sec) and a committee of ladies that have reason to be well satisfied with the result of the function. They wish to thank all who assisted by their presence and by supplying music or in any way, especially those of other denominations with special thanks to Mr. Jim McMahon Jnr., for all he did to make the function enjoyable.

'Magnet' October 26, 1935
A function worthy of inclusion in the calendar of annual affairs is the Towamba Red Cross Ball.
The branch held its first ball on Friday night in last week and a pleasing success was the result.
Neighbouring centres and Eden in particular were well represented and the attendance was 'just right' for sociability and comfort .
The music was provided by an orchestral trio consisting of Miss N. Phillipps (piano), Mr. Os Smith (violin), Mr. Jack Ireland (banjo, mandolin and drums).The duties of M.C., were carried out by Mr. I.A. Lee who as usual was in high good humour and with the forgoing combination plus a first class floor, dancers made the most of their time - especially the gentlemen, who being in the majority, had to hustle for partners. Extras were kindly played by Miss Heather Beasley.
Catering arrangements were in the capable hands of Mrs. W. Parker and assistants. Cakes bearing the decorative inscription "Towamba Red Cross Society" were an admired feature.
Prize events were won as follows: Spot waltz (prizes donated by Messers Keoh, Impey and J. Turnbull) Mr. & Mrs. Norman Ryan; Second Spot waltz (prizes donated by Mrs. E.I. Parker) Mr. Biggs and Miss Rene Kebby; Novelty dance (prize donated by Mr. E. Coorey and Mrs. Boller) Mr. E. Cropeley and Miss Merle McLeod; competition for bottle of wine (donated by Mr. George Impey), Mr. Jack Beasley.
The amount taken at the door by Messers E. Clements and D. Laing was supplemented by donations by Mr. C. Logan and Mrs. Lee, 5 shillings each, and proceeds of novelty dances making a total of 16. Expenses were considerably heavier than usual on account of catering and other expenses but the branch will be able to add the useful sum of about 6 to its funds.
Recognizing the worth of the Red Cross movement and its need of funds, the organizers of the function, Mr. Os. Smith and Mrs. B. Boller, were greatly appreciative of the public support accorded the Towamba branch effort.

'Magnet' December 14, 1935
On Friday night in last week Towamba was a Mecca for dancers from all surrounding centres and all present had a most enjoyable time. The hall was tastefully decorated by volunteer helpers and the secretaries Misses Elva and Merle McLeod. Chinese lanterns and streamers formed a fine setting for the gay evening frocks worn by the ladies. Mr. A. Binnie as M.C., did not allow one dull moment and the music of the Towamba Orchestra which on this occasion excelled itself was greatly appreciated by dancers. The orchestra - Mrs. Hampden Beasley (piano) and Mr. J. McLeod (drums) were relieved from time to time by extras played by Misses Heather Beasley, Rene Greer, J. Binnie, Josie Ryan and Eileen McMahon. Novelty dances were won by Mr. & Mrs. Jim Love (Spot Dance), Mr. W. McMahon and Mrs. Vin Ryan (Monte Carlo). Messers James Dickie and Roy Mitchell had charge of the financial end of proceedings and the door takings amounted to 20. The supper catered by Mesdames Alf and Harry Tasker was splendid and reflected great credit on the providers. Dancing continued till the early hours and the ball was voted one of the best held in Towamba for some time. A Cinderella was held the following night. Several car loads are expected up from Eden for the benefit dance on the twentieth instant.

'Magnet' June 6, 1936
The ball at Kiah on the night of Friday in last week, organised by Mrs. R. J. Goward, was in aid of the District Hospital at Pambula and proved to be a most enjoyable function. The door takings were £14/5/-. The ball was warmly welcomed by dancers who all regard the object as a worthy one and realise that Kiah is hard to beat for an enjoyable time. Eden was the best representative of outside places and supplied three or four big carloads of dancers. The dance floor was under the command of that capable M.C., Mr. Jim McMahon Jnr. One reason that Kiah dances are always so successful is that when Jim is in charge there is never a dull moment. Dances follow one another in quick succession. Mr. Jack McLeod and Mrs. Hampden Beasley of Towamba played for the ball and extras were supplied by Beryl Hartup, Mrs E.H.Harris, Mrs. R.J.Goward and Mrs. I.W.Ryan. Mr.Alf Switzer and Mr. R.J.Goward collected the shekels (in other words, looked after the door takings). The people of Kiah excelled themselves in the provision of supper; many of its patrons are disposed to believe that Kiah not only supplies the best dances but provides super-excellent cooks. Mr. Jack McMahon regulated the flow of supper-seekers to the daintily arranged tables. Roses red and roses golden were in profusion - whose garden they came from we'd like to know.
A Monte Carlo was won by Mr.Pat Whelan and his partner Miss Jean Bermel after a long contest with Mr. Colin Switzer and Miss Beryl Hartup. A Spot dance was won by Mr. Terry Goward and Mrs. Kebby.
Hall decorations consisted of multi-coloured streamers suspended from the ceiling. These created a colourful effect and were much admired. The floor was never fast, lack of pace being due to the sand carried in on the men's shoes. The hall is really too small for crowds that gather to dance at that centre and it is understood that there is a move afoot to rectify this defect. The dance lasted until after One of the members of the yacht 'Oima' which was in Twofold Bay on a trip between Geelong and Sydney was at the ball and appeared to be having a great time. The secretary wishes to thank all who helped to make the function such a success, especially the following who made donations; Griffith Bros., Sydney, Edwards & Co., Sydney, Mr.W.Hopkins, Eden, Mrs. T.P.Shelley, Kiah, Mrs. I.Thompson, Orbost, Mr. G. Strickland, Eden, Mr.G.D.Impey, Eden, Mr.R."Dick" Fantham, Kiah, Mr. J.Drayson, Eden and Ramsey Bros., Eden, Mr. Joe Dorron, Kiah and Mrs. Swires, Eden.

Rhonda Clements and Susan Mills
1956/7. Flower girls for the deb ball.
Photo courtesy Rhonda Clements
L-R: Barbara Sawers, Shirley Farrell, Loris Butcher,
Joan Tasker, Edna Love

Towamba Hall Deb Ball. c 1957
Photo courtesy Don Mills
Wendy and Darryl Goward. c 1950-57
Photo courtesy Don Mills
Back row L-R: Gail (Lucas), (Robyn Love? ) Rhonda (Butcher), (?Wayne Love), Gillian (?), Susan Mills, Kay (Tasker?), (Rhonda Clements), (?Maureen Tasker), Elaine Roberts, Verity Farrell, Kathleen Love (?), D??, Butcher, Zita Parker.
Photo courtesy E. Delainey
Gail Pritchard nee lucas. Deb flower girl. No date
Photo courtesy Gail Pritchard
Back row L-R: Kathleen Love, Heather Devlin,
Nancy Grant, Pauline Umback

Front L-R: Delma Sawers, Susan Love,
Kim Tindle, Sue Whitby, Diane Clements and
Lola Love
. Approx. 1964
Photo courtesy S. Love